Linux IPC sockets

Sockets are abstractions of communication endpointsCreate a socket#include int sockets (intint int) protocol); return value: Success file (socket) descriptor, failed -1Domain: The Protocol field, also known as the Protocol Family (family). Common

Linux under PWN from getting started to giving up

Introduction to Linux under PWN from getting started to abandoning 0x0PWN, in the security realm, is the shell that obtains the target host by means of binary/system call.Although the web system in the Internet occupies a relatively large component,

Linux Common commands

1. Review the ProcessPs-ef | grep keyword/* keyword for service name */NETSTAT-UNLTP | grep keyword/* keyword is a service name or a port */2. Kill the ProcessKILL-9 Process Number/* Operation be cautious */3. Paging to view filesCat file name |

Linux Permissions Related Operations command

Here are a series of procedures for creating users, setting user passwords, and viewing file permissions to set permissions for users.#查看当前用户的信息[[Email Protected]_64_7_centos tmp]# IDUid=0 (Root) gid=0 (root) groups=0 (root)#查看是否存在test用户, and user

2017-2018-1 20179202 "Linux kernel Fundamentals and analysis" 12th week assignment

C Language implementation of Linux network sniffer one, knowledge preparation1. In general, all machines on the network can "listen" to the traffic that passes through, but will not respond to packets that do not belong to them. If a workstation's

Linux Common commands

switching machine, restart, logoff shutdown-h now #立即关机reboot #重启exit #注销当前用户上传下载文件, these two commands need to be installed, not brought to the command #yum-y install Lrzsz#rz and sz can only manipulate files, cannot manipulate folder RZ #上传sz

Linux Find File Lookup command with grep file Content Lookup command

When using Linux, file lookups are often required. The commands you find are primarily find and grep. Two commands are of a district.  The Difference : (1) The Find command is based on the attributes of the file , such as file name, file size, owner,

Linux view the number of connections for a port

One, see which IP connection nativeNetstat-anSecond, view the number of TCP connections1) Count 80 port connectionsgrep " the WC -L2) Count httpd protocol connectionsPS grep WC -L3) The statistics are connected, the status is "establishedgrep WC

Learn Linux notes 20170913

[Email protected] ~]# Mysql-urootMariaDB [(None)]> SHOW DATABASES;MariaDB [(none)]> QUITTo change the password for the database account:mysqladmin [-u user name] [-p[old password]] password ' new password 'Import/Restore to database:MySQL [-u user

Linux System Programming Summary (1)

A process concept 1. Process generationOperation runs a program that produces at least one process 2.Linux Create Process struct TASK_STRUCT{Process Number (PID)Parent process Number (PPID)Run address spaceA set of register valuesProcess status....};

20179203 "Linux kernel Fundamentals and analysis" 12th Week work

RETURN-TO-LIBC Attack experiment First, the experimental descriptionBuffer overflow Common attack method is to use Shellcode address to overwrite the return address of the vulnerability program, so that the vulnerability program to execute

That's how Linux should learn--command set 4

1.touch command for creating blank files and modifying file time: (Touch [Options] [file])There are three kinds of times for files in Linux:Change Time (mtime): Content modification time (not including permissions)Change Permissions (CTime): Change

Linux awk command Details

IntroductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file line-by-row, using spaces as

Linux system monitoring: Record user operation track, who moved server

1. PrefaceWe are in the actual work, have encountered the wrong operation, mistakenly deleted, mistakenly modified configuration files and so on events. For a company without a fortress machine, it is very difficult to find out who has done the

Linux basic commands in a detailed

1 Traversing a directoryAbbreviation of Cd:change Dicrectory. Or./represents the current directory,.. Or.. /represents the previous table of contents, CD-Represents the last directory entered.2 List of files and directoriesLs:list, the file under

20179223 "Linux kernel Fundamentals and analysis" 12th Week study notes

RETURN-TO-LIBC attack Experiment One, experimental description 缓冲区溢出的常用攻击方法是用 shellcode 的地址来覆盖漏洞程序的返回地址,使得漏洞程序去执行存放在栈中 shellcode。为了阻止这种类型的攻击,一些操作系统使得系统管理员具有使栈不可执行的能力。这样的话,一旦程序执行存放在栈中的 shellcode 就会崩溃,从而阻止了攻击。 不幸的是上面的保护方式并不是完全有效的,现在存在一种缓冲区溢出的变体攻击,

One Linux command per day: crontab command

The previous day learned that the at command is for routine scheduled tasks that run only once, and that the Linux system is controlled by the cron (Crond) system service. Linux systems have a lot of planned work on them, so this system service is

Tomcat cannot access Chinese path or Chinese files under Linux

Problem Description: Tomcat published in the Linux environment contains the Chinese name of the page and file, browser access to the newspaper 404, Non-Chinese page no problem; I published the prototype for RP design, which contains a large number

Linux IPV6 Address configuration

Add IPV6 AddressIp-6 addr Add / dev Ip-6 addr Add 2001:0db8:0:f101::1/64 dev eth0Ifconfig inet6 Add /Ifconfig eth0 inet6 Add 2001:0db8:0:f101::1/64Add a default routeIp-6 route add / via Ip-6 route add default via 2001:0db8:0:f101::1Route-a Inet6

How to generate a core dump file under Linux (fix segment fault segment error)

C programs under Linux often cause segment fault (segment error) due to memory access, and if the function of core dump is open, a file called core will be generated when running our executable program. We can then use GDB to tune the core file to

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