Linux Beginner-MARIADB Graphics Management Chapter

Linux Beginner-MARIADB Graphics Management ChapterMARIADB not only has the text management method, but also has the tool's graphical management way. Its graphical management tool is "phpMyAdmin". This software can be downloaded in the "phpMyAdmin"

How to install packages under Linux system (top)

Three ways to install packages1.RPM Tools2.yum tool (can install dependent packages automatically)3. Source code PackageIntroduction and use of RPM tools1. First mount the optical drive:which-2.20-7.el7.x86_64.rpm

Linux view CPU and memory usage

During system maintenance, it may be necessary to review the CPU usage at any time, and to analyze the system condition according to the corresponding information. In CentOS, you can view CPU usage by using the top command. After running the top

Linux MAN Syntax structure description

I. The content structure of the man Manual (the format of the manual page):Title Meaning:Name and purpose of the name Command (summary)Synopsis command Syntax (abstract)Description Full DescriptionEnvironment variables used by the environment

Use of the Linux date

Help information for the date command[Email protected] source]# date--helpUsage: date [options] ... [+ format]Or: Date [-u|--utc|--universal] [MMDDHHMM[[CC]YY][.SS]]Displays the current time in the given format, or sets the system date.-D,--date=

Linux Notes -020-zip compression tool, tar Pack and pack and compress

Zip compression toolSupport compression directory, do not delete the original file after compressionPreparatory work:Install the ZIP package and unzip package with the Yum-y install zip unzip and copy the large files to the Aminglinux directoryZip 1.

Linux awk Usage

AWKawk: Report Generator, formatted text outputGawk: Mode scan and processing languageBasic syntax:Options: OptionProgram:awk's languageVar=value: Assigning a value to VarFile: Parameterawk [Options] ' program ' var=value file ...awk [Options]-F

Linux Learning Notes

[Email protected] ~]# su-test[email protected] ~]$ sudo su-[Email protected] ~]# WhoAmIchattr +i File # can only view files and cannot perform other actions on filesChattr-i filechattr +a File # can only view and append content, no other

Description of the unzip command in Linux gzip and unzip

Linux commonly used compression commands have gzip and zip, two kinds of compression package end different: Zip Compressed after the file is *.zip, and gzip compressed file *.gz; The corresponding decompression command is gunzip and unzipgzip

Linux Engineer Technology

01. Command alias function, set a permanent valid command aliasThe role of aliases: Create a shorter, better-written command word for a lengthy command line that requires frequent use# VIM/ETC/BASHRCAlias aliases = ' Actual command line '02. Red Hat

Linux standard input and output

A Brief introductionSdtin, stdout, stderr are referred to as standard inputs, standard outputs, and standard error outputs, which are declared as follows:/* Standard streams. */extern FILE *stdin;  /* standard input stream. */extern FILE *stdout;  /*

Linux Deployment Network System

Basic EnvironmentInstalling the Epel source[Email protected] ~]# yum-y install Epel-releaseDisable firewall[Email protected] ~]# Systemctl stop Firewalld[Email protected] ~]# systemctl disable FIREWALLDTurn off SELinuxTemporarily closed:Setenforce

Linux Beginner-Link aggregation for NIC

Linux Beginner-Link aggregation for NICNetwork card link aggregation is to connect a number of network cards, when a NIC damage, the network can still run normally, can effectively prevent damage caused by network card loss, but also improve network

The Find command in Linux

1. Use the name option: The file name option is the most common option for the Find command, either by using the option alone or with other options. You can use a file name pattern to match files, remembering to enclose the filename pattern in

Linux Common Commands 3:pwd

about PWD CommandsIn Linux, use the PWD command to view the full path to the current working directory. Simply put, you will have a current working directory every time you operate in a terminal.When unsure of the current location, PWD is used to

Linux Beginner-selinux article

Linux Beginner-selinux articleSELinux is a mandatory access control (MAC) security system, the most outstanding new security system in the history of Linux. For the Linux security module, the SELinux function is the most comprehensive, the test is

Linux Beginner-System log (ii)

Linux Beginner-System log (ii)Previously introduced in (a) to the different host log synchronization method, on one host can see the log of another host. Some additional information about the system log is described here.1, the Log collection

Conceptual Knowledge Summary of Linux

1. Differences between local variables and global variables A local variable can have the same name as a global variable, but a local variable masks a global variable . To use global variables, you need to use::. Referencing variables in a

Linux/dev Directory detailed

Under Linux, the/dev directory is important and the various devices are below. Here's a brief summary:DEV is the acronym for Devices. /dev This directory is important to all users. Because this directory contains all the external devices used in the

Linux awk Command Details

IntroductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file line-by-row, using spaces as

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