Linux Learning Notes (14) DF command, du command, disk partition

First, DF#查看文件系统的使用情况The Tmpfs end of the first column of the file system is a temporary file system, with the default file units being kbdf -hAutomatically adapts to file size unitsFreeYou can see how swap is useddf -iView the usage of each

Set-e and Set-o in Linux Pipefail

1, SET-E"Exit immediately if a simple command exits with a Non-zero status."In the code that appears after "Set-e", once the return value is nonzero, the entire script exits immediately.2, Set-o Pipefail"If set, the return value of a pipeline is the

08-linux Basics (vi)-file types, file extensions, and file permissions basics for files and directory properties and permissions

I. Types of files in LinuxIn a Linux system, it can be said that everything (including directories, ordinary files, device files, etc.) are files. The file type contains common files, directories, character device files, device files, symbolic link

Linux Common commands

Common commandsLS Display files and directories -L Display file details (some Linux can be shortened to ll, you can add alias ll= ' Ls-l ' in ~/.BASHRC, and use the source ~/.BASHRC in effect configuration) -A View all files (including

Common commands for Linux system monitoring

Brief introductionLists the operating system level monitoring commonly used several methods, it is recommended to collect the useCpuThe top command can be used to monitor the overall load of the system, including CPU, memory usage, and real-time

Linux operation Koriyuki ansible automated operations management tools

Original link: Introduction: Ansible is a simple and efficient automated operation and maintenance management tool, developed in Python, can be used in large quantities to manage n

Some of the commands commonly used in Linux work (continuous updates) are commonly used

1. View the list of services that are open at run Level 3:Chkconfig--list|grep 3:on2. Find a file of a certain type and calculate the total size.Find/-name *.conf-exec wc-c {} \;|awk ' {print $} ' |awk ' {sum+=$1} END {print ' sum= ', sum} 'Find

Linux Regular expressions

First, the Linux text Lookup commandBefore talking about Linux regular expressions, there is one thing that needs to be explained in advance that there are three commands commonly used to find text files under Linux:1.grep: The oldest text-matching

Linux-ubuntu Study-Second article

10.grep is a powerful text search tool in Linux systems. The main purpose is to search for key instructions, data, regular expressions, and so on.11. Open the soft keyboard: ctrl+alt+t, input onboard, if not installed this soft keyboard program,

Sublime remote connection to a Linux server

Sublime is a powerful editor that embodies its powerful plugins.To implement sublime remote connection to a Linux server, you need to use plug-in SFTP.A. Plug-in installationInstalling plug-ins with the package controlPress Ctrl+shift+p to bring up

Linux System operation test questions section

1 displays all files or directories that start with 1, end with a lowercase letter, and have at least one number in the middle of the/var directory ls-d/var/l*[0-9]*[[:lower:]] 2 displays files or directories that start with any digit in the/etc

Linux Learning Notes (ix) find, filename suffix

OneThere are many ways to find files in Linux, such as which, Whereis, and locate, which have been used before.If you do not have locate installed, you need to runyum install -y mlocateInstallationThe first time the data file does not exist,Enter

Learn Linux commands for beginners

1. Powerful and usable shellShell: command-line tool. Bash: A terminal used by many mainstream Linux systems (Bourne-again Shell).2. View Help CommandsLong format: Man--help; short format man-hView command details: Man [command]For example, man man

Linux Study notes second week fourth class (February 1)

2.18 Special Permissions Set_uidPermission S,set_uid, in addition to the owner of the user, the execution of an instantaneous temporary owner rights;The file to be satisfied is a binary executable file;User password file/etc/shadowFile plus Set_uid

Linux Find File Lookup command with grep file Content Lookup command

When using Linux, file lookups are often required. The commands you find are primarily find and grep. Two commands are of a district.  The Difference : (1) The Find command is based on the attributes of the file , such as file name, file size, owner,

Linux PXE Auto-Deploy operating system

Server Setup Environment:SERVER1:ETH0: RHEL 5.8First, install the necessary packagesmount/dev/hdc/mnt/iso/Yum-y install vsftpd tftp tftp-server syslinux DHCPSecond, configure the DHCP server, note 1Echo ' Ddns-update-style

Linux Learning Chat (iii)--SVN usage and cut and close versions

Linux Learning Chat (iii)--SVN usage and cut and close versions(Reproduced please attach this article link--linhxx)SVN is an integral part of the project, with many people collaborating on projects, project versioning, and more. Although many

Installing Nginx on "Linux" Linux

This article describes the Linux environment installation Nginx, the Linux system used here is CentOS 7.2.1. Download Nginx from Nginx website. The version used here is: Upload the downloaded nginx to Linux, take the/opt/nginx directory as

Linux kernel space and user space

In this paper, we introduce 32-bit systems as an example of kernel space (kernel spaces) and user space.kernel space and user spaceFor a 32-bit operating system, its addressing space (virtual address space, or called linear address space) is 4G (2

Xi. Linux and Windows Interop files, user profile and password profiles, user group management, user management

11. Linux and Windows interoperability files, user profiles and password profiles, user group management, user managementOne, Linux and Windows inter-pass filesInstall package: Yum install-y Lrzsz (XSHELL,SECURECRT support, putty not supported)After

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