Vim vim cursor move copy and paste

1. VimGeneration: For Linux file editing, originally VI, and then for its function expansion, created VIMInstallation of VimYum Install vim2. Movement of the cursorThe most used is the direction key on the top and bottom around, and home, END

Red rice 1 Line Brush Save Brick tutorial V5 version (mobile Unicom applicable, line brush package permanently effective)

Red rice 1 Line Brush Save Brick tutorial V5 version (mobile Unicom applicable, line brush package permanently effective)The original is from:, added some of his own experience.(I saved a red-rice

Android Black Technology Series--analyzing the Protocol encryption principle of a live app and invoking encryption method to construct protocol parameters

First, prefaceWith the broadcast technology hot, all the Live app, the early live app's various request protocol parameter information did not do any encryption measures, but slowly someone began to use the back door began to brush powder attention

Androidstudio related GitHub

1, the premise:1. GitHub account and password GitHub official website: Download the GIT client client: New project: Wheelview_source_analysis3. Set up github account,

Android Black Technology Series--the signature verification problem of a blasting application

First, prefaceIn the previous article said that Android security and decryption are mutually reinforcing, in order to prevent being cracked, many applications do some protection strategy, but the protection strategy is also hierarchical, the general

Android Black Tech series--wireshark and fiddler analysis of TLS protocol package data in Android (with case samples)

First, prefaceIn a previous article has introduced a network access software hack tutorial, at that time the breach is the application itself is a loophole, that is, the log information is not closed, we crawl the log to obtain key information to

Windows installs Ubuntu desktop operating system to mobile hard drive and error resolution

Tools used: U disk one (usb3.0, you understand), mobile hard disk (I This is the notebook taken out of the mechanical hard drive mounted on the box)First step: Download the Ubuntu system ISO image fileDownload the Ubuntu system ISO image file, as I

12) 10 minutes to learn the simple data transmission of ANDROID--APP communication transmission message

Inter-Program communication is one of the best features of Android programs. When a feature already exists in another app and is not a core feature of the program, there is absolutely no need to re-write it.This section describes some common ways to

Csapp Reading notes--eighth. Abnormal control Flow

Eighth. Exception Control Flow OverviewThe control transfer sequence is called the control flow. So far, we've learned two ways to change the flow of control:1) Jump and branch;2) Call and return.However, the above method can only control the

A detailed description of the performance analysis tools commonly used by Android: GPU Rendering mode, TraceView, Systrace, Hirearchyviewer

This article will focus on several commonly used Android performance analysis tools:One, Logcat logSelect Tag=activitymanager, you can roughly know the interface displaying time consumption. When we open an activity, log prints a string of logs as

Go Android Learning route Summary, Absolute Dry

First, prefaceUnconsciously I have been doing a few years of development, by remembering just came out of work when I feel I can be a good, now think back up feeling well ignorant. The more you know, the less you will find.If your knowledge is a

IOS Force Quit Program app code

1, the first PO codeExit Program 1 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 UIAlertView* alert = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:self.exitapplication message:@""delegate:selfcancelButtonTitle:self.exityes

Example of hello for Android driver development

Android Driver Development Hello Instance:  driver section modified:   KERNEL/ARCH/ARM/CONFIGS/MSM8909-1GB_W100_HD720P-PERF_ Defconfigmodified:   kernel/arch/arm/configs/msm8909-1gb_w100_hd720p_defconfigmodified:   kernel/drivers

Mobile WAP mobile web HTML5 via special Links: Call, send SMS, email detailed tutorials

Recently, the joy in the search for mobile phone web call system text messages to send text messages to share and send information. Look for a lap, found, here to share, record a bit!If you need to make calls in a mobile browser, call SMS, send an

iOS RSA verification Encryption decryption

About the public key and private key generation, there are many local production methods on the Internet, I encountered the problem is that in line with the production of 7 files, local use no problem, but with the background interaction is

UWP apps get all kinds of systems, user information (2)-Store authorization information, retail demo mode information, ad ID, EAS device information, hardware identification information, mobile network information

Original: UWP apps get all kinds of systems, user information (2)-Store authorization information, retail demo mode information, ad ID, EAS device information, hardware identification information, mobile network informationIn application development,

Object/relational Mapping Mathematical relation opposite to object

Hibernate ORM is the de facto persistent storage engine of the object Relational mapping frameworkHttp:// MappingWorking with both object-oriented

Appium Python Automation Test series Appium (iv)

? 4.1 Interface KnowledgeIn the previous installation of Appium said we have two ways to install, there are two kinds of results, one is interface, one is no interface, first we first talk about the interface, and what the interface has.First look

Correct use of the Android profiling tool--traceview

TraceView interfaceNow take a look at the entire interface diagram, the entire interface consists of two parts, the above is the process you test the execution of each thread, each line Chengjian line; The following is the value of each indicator

IOS Automation Environment Building--macaca

Macaca-java for iOS Automated Environment setupBasic principle Analysis:, Environment construction1, install eclipse; -----Java Development Debugging Tool: Https:// Debugging

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