IOS Platform Development OpenGL ES Program considerations

I recently went from OpenGL ES development of the Android platform to OpenGL ES Development on the iOS platform, so there are some differences in development due to the different platforms, and again the points to note.1. First, you need to

iOS pull-down refresh

UITableView: drop-down refresh and pull-up load more-Cdiggertime 2013-11-24 02:00:00 Blog Park essence Area Original ThemeUITableView"Reprint Please specify the source"This article describes the

springmvc_@requestmapping casing insensitive Case insensitive

Http:// following four URLs can point to the same controller

Android---Click Back key two times to exit the program---Two Level interface exit program

Method One: Realize the way, by recording the key time to calculate the timing difference realization:Import;import android.os.bundle;import android.view.keyevent;import android.widget.Toast; public class Mainactivity extends

Android Learning route Summary, Absolute Dry

Reprint Please specify source:, prefaceUnconsciously I have been doing a few years of development, by remembering just came out of work when I feel I can be a good, now think back

The manual root method for Samsung phones

Now a lot of one-click Root tool, but still have a lot of Samsung phones can not be fully automatic root, at this time, we can choose to use the manual root, this article on the manual root of some methods to introduce some.General Method:1, the

A brief talk on Android Application Protection (ii): Anti-analysis Methods and tools

This article is translated from foreign literature, the original link please see the article at the bottomAs mentioned before, application developers are pinning their application's security on some mechanism in order to protect their applications

Android Learning Route

First stage: Java Object-oriented programming1.Java basic data types and expressions, branching loops.Use of 2.String and stringbuffer, regular expressions.3. Object-oriented abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, classes and objects,

Introduction to several common multi-channel (batch) packaging methods for Android

Multi-channel packaging, mainly in order to count the number of packages on different channels, the more channels, we need to hit the number of packages, this time, we can not use simple manual packaging to a one of the generation of different

Self-study ios-get current time

NSDate * senddate=[nsdate Date]; NSDateFormatter *dateformatter=[[NSDateFormatter alloc] init]; [Dateformatter Setdateformat: @" YYYYMMDD " ]; * locationstring=[dateformatter stringfromdate:senddate]; NSLog (@ "locationstring:%@",

Essential knowledge of mobile terminal development

Mobile device users more and more, the daily activation of Android phone has more than 1.3 million units, so we face the mobile Terminal WebApp also began to follow. This paper mainly introduces the relevant knowledge and experience of webapp

Android Performance Tuning Exercise: Over-drawing

Exercise: over drawingTurn on "Debug GPU over Drawing" in developer optionsJudging criteriaColorless: Not over-drawn, that is, only onceBlue: one-times over-drawnGreen: Twice times over-drawnLight red:

Android Fragment life cycle

In Android 3.0, Fragment as an important component, was added in, this class in; , you can directly inherit fragment to create a fragment class,Of course fragment can also be compatible in the lower version, including a

IOS Get memory size usage (progress bar display)

First, get the device memory size method//return storage memory consumption ratio-(NSString *) getfreediskspacerate{floatTotalspace; floatTotalfreespace=0. F; Nserror*error =Nil; Nsarray*paths =nssearchpathfordirectoriesindomains

Introduction of official Android documents

Written in front of the words: Touch Android Time is not short, listened to the video, read the book, hit the code, wrote a blog, did the demo ... But there is a long way to go to make a good app (even if it's a good feature). So I was going to go

Hybrid app Development mode, ios/android and JavaScript call each other way

Mutual invocation of ios:objective-c and JavaScriptPrior to IOS7, the IOS SDK did not have the native API to provide JS calls to native code. But a delegate method of UIWebView allows us to make sure that JS needs to be called when it notifies

Android Common Regular Tool class

This class provides regular validation functions commonly used in daily development, such as: mailboxes, cell phone numbers, phone numbers, ID numbers, dates, numbers, decimals, URLs, IP addresses, and so on. Using the matches method of the pattern

iOS Network data parsing

During the development of iOS, the transmission process of network data is usually: the client sends the request to the server, the server receives the network request sent by the client and returns the corresponding data. At this point the client

iOS Development HTTP protocol Related knowledge Summary

HTTP principle What is a URL Several common protocols in URLs What is the HTTP protocol What does HTTP do? Why to use the HTTP protocol Introduction to the communication process of HTPP protocol HTTP request

Remote push for iOS development

1. Principle of implementationThe principle of remote push:The provider in the figure refers to the iOS program's server, APNs refers to the Apple server. The process is this, first, the application of the server to send messages, the purpose of the

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