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Reprint please indicate source:, this article from: "Zhang Hongyang's Blog"Most of the content in this article is translated from: have

Android uses the Get and post methods of the HTTP protocol!!!

Just a few days ago, I studied the Get and post requests for the HTTP protocol inside Android:Android has httpclient can be used to access the interface of the Web page, the following to introduce the use of HttpClient interface,1.GET:/** * GET

SHARESDK [iOS FAQ] about using QQ to do third-party login issues!

Note:QQ itself does not have authorization function, so want to use QQ to do third-party login must through the QQ space to achieve! The first step: integration of the SHARESDK (the same steps as integration sharing, if it has been integrated

Collect money bags for Android games (homemade)

I am interested in this piece of the game, just to learn Android, so I learned to do the next Android gameSOURCE LocationLink: Password: g58eThis article is my own study and record, like people can read, write bad don'

Android Multi-resolution self-adaptation summary

This week's work adjusts to the multi-resolution adaptive adaptation of Android projects. Therefore, the knowledge in this area is constantly trying to learn. The Android project must develop a programming habit when it first starts, and all

Does not require any permissions to get the unique ID of an Android device

This question comes from is there a unique Android device ID?I've sorted out the answer to this question, including adding another article as a complement to the problem.Questions raised by the author:Does the Android device have a unique ID? If so,

Image blur for Android picture processing

This article will give you an introduction to the high-efficiency approach to Android image processing, we have the need to refer to the time.First of all, I want to explain the effect of this example (I will not make a GIF, if anyone would, I would

Build an Android development environment When writing this article, the latest version of the Android SDK is 2.1. Now, let's look at how to build an Android 2.1 development environment under the Windows

Android Development Tutorial: Android Invoke Activity simple method

It's a lot of trouble to call another apk in an apk without looking at the school's instructional video, and sometimes it's scary to meet them, but after watching the Android development tutorial video, I think it's a simple thing to do. So write a

Optimization of network performance for the Android introductory development tutorial

when I was developing my Android at the Wheat College, the Android development teacher at Wheat College said that the Android development process often involved performance optimization, which should be optimized from the basic, network, testing and

Android--coredump parsing

Writing is not easy, reprint need to indicate the source: This article from the "Jscese" blog!Coredump file generationThe previous Android--coredump configuration records the environment

IOS6 and above automatic rotation, manual forced rotation scheme and layout adaptation

1. Layout Adaptation MethodThis article does not discuss which layout is best, using the masonry pure code layout adaptation. (Masonry bottom is AutoLayout's Nslayoutconstraint)2. IOS Direction Enumeration ClassThree-dimensional device direction

iOS nsscanner scan string to get the appropriate string

For example, extracting numbers from a string-(int) findnumfromstr{NSString *originalstring = @ "a1b2c3d4e5f6g7h8i9j";Intermediatensmutablestring *numberstring = [[[[Nsmutablestring alloc] init] autorelease];NSString *tempstr;Nsscanner *scanner =

My Android Step-by-step tour------>android single quote problem in string resource Error:apostrophe not preceded by solution

Just in string string resource file, wrote a single quotation mark, an error, the wrong code is as followsError:apostrophe not preceded by \ (in Ouyangpeng ' s blog)The resource files are as follows: ouyangpeng ' s Blog

iOS animations, nice clocks

1. Ultimately2. Realization of Ideas The default is to rotate around the center point in iOS, because the anchor point defaults to the midpoint of the layer, and you need to change the position of the layer's anchor point to go around the

Understanding the Sensor module in the phone: gravity sensing/light sensing/electronic compass/Gyroscope module function

In the JS in the Deviceorientation event to write flip phone screen Demo,iphone and colleague's Android can, on my cool pie F1 not.Remember before also played the gravity induction game, so the Internet to check the cool big God F1 Sensor module

Special character conversions for URLs in iOS

URL Special character processingIn general, when we call WebView, as long as the WebView pass a URL, in the Web page can display information. But when we pass URLs that are troublesome or with characters, we need to escape special characters when we

Properties of the Android app Resource family (Attribute) resource

Transferred from: Android Anroidattribute Custom Component Properties Properties (Attribute) resource: is part of the entire Android app resource. In fact, it's a bunch of online descriptions of

Android ADB common directives

The Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a versatile tool that can help you manage the state of your device or Emulator.You can join ADB in the following ways: Run the shell command on the device To manage the emulator or device via port

MQTT protocol iOS 1 after porting

MQTTClient.h#import @protocol mqttdelegate /** * @brief Connection Server * * @param [in] N/A * @param [out] N/A * @return void * @note */-(void) didconnect: (nsuinteger) code;/** * @brief disconnected from server * * @param [in] N /a * @param

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