Implementation of Redux and React-redux (iii): the principle of middleware and the realization of Applymiddleware and thunk

Now our redux and react-redux have basically realized, in Redux, trigger a action,reducer immediately can calculate the corresponding state, if I want to let reducer calculate the state after a while? How do we implement an asynchronous action?

Unity adds friend League stats (Android and iOS supported)

(1) First of all, to apply for registration of a developer account on the Friends Alliance website (if not). Link address: then go to your Account Personal Admin Center page, click on the "Add App" button, if you have not yet

Two packages for Axios in Vue project

Recently when using the Vue refactoring Company M station, Axios was used to request data, and as a result of the project, the Axios was encapsulated two times, click into Axios //引入axiosimport axios from ‘axios‘let cancel ,promiseArr =

"Xiaomi Open Source monitoring System" Open-falcon

1) Advantages• Powerful and flexible data acquisition: Auto discovery, support for falcon-agent, SNMP, support user proactive push, user-defined plug-in support, OPENTSDB data model like (timestamp, endpoint, metric, Key-value tags) • Horizontal

Attempt to invoke virtual method ' void (Boolean) ' on a null object R Eference

Summary of Workarounds for "Android" Getactionbar () nullSetcontentview (R.layout.activity_main); ActionBar = Getsupportactionbar ();Actionbar.sethomebuttonenabled (TRUE);Actionbar.setdisplayshowhomeenabled

Linux self-study note--tcp Wrapper

Tcp_wrapper : The TCP wrapper, a free software developed by Wieste Venema designed to provide firewall services to Unix/linux servers, enables system administrators to record and control wrappers support for TCP-based service or daemon access.

Appium Mobile Automation Test (i)--mac installation Appium

First, Appium installation1. Direct installation : Appium official website Download: Mac system upgraded to Sierra, unable to install non-approved software, must restore "any source", Run

iOS signature mechanism parsing

Recently encountered a signature problem, take the opportunity to study the iOS signature related knowledge points. It is summarized as follows: (The research process refers to this man's blog.) Very comprehensive, this article also has some

ANDROID2017 Latest questions (3-5 years experience personal interview experience)

2017 Latest Android Face questionsHello everyone, tell us about your interview experience, as well as the face of the question before the first to say a few off-topic.Contact Android has been 3 years, in the work of difficult problems are always on

iOS scale conversion 1mm equals how many pixels understand

Tag: Is the IMG demo conversion sqrt a wide high height postJust see a scale article, realize the mobile phone screen painting scale.Then there is a question: how does the actual 1mm (1 mm) length compare to cell phone pixels?Looked at the demo code,

App Local Service security test

First, the Safety Test Basic classification: 1, the system security system strengthens the security reinforcement: for example Linux shuts down the Telnet port, Modify the SSH port to detect unnecessary services (need to uninstall a ping)--to ensure

How spring loads the XML configuration file ApplicationContext

We all know that Java reads ordinary files through basic I/O InputStream, OutStream, Reader, Writer and so on. In the spring framework, how does it identify the XML configuration file?This depends on the two interfaces of the IOC container

Merge the STM32 IAP hex file with the app hex file into a hex file

Recently, the company's products need to increase the remote upgrade function, the boot loader program is written and handed to the production department when they feedback each product process needs to brush write two times (a boot loader an app),

Eclipse Error: Attribute "xmlns" was already specified for element "Web-app".

Reason:The project name for the existing Web project was modified in Eclipse, and then the error occurs.Attribute "xmlns" was already specified for element "Web-app".Check the Web. xml file:xmlns= "Http://" xmlns:web= "Http:

Final Edition--read the app feature manual

love to read the app function manual OneIntroductionThe following is the final version of the function manual. New features:1, WiFi Transmission book2, book Friends jump3. Open inside the website4. Set--About love Read5. Set-->txt text text page

Android Soft keyboard display and hide, so the operation is right

First, prefaceIf there is a need to use the input, there will usually be a need to automatically eject or close the soft keyboard needs. Opening Ming Yi, this article will talk about pop-up and the soft keyboard to close some of the details, will

Interview 5: Implement a function that replaces a space in a string with "%20". For example, when the string is we are Happy. The string after substitution is we%20are%20happy.

Implement a function that replaces a space in a string with "%20". For example, when the string is we are Happy. The string after substitution is we%20are%20happy.Note that the time complexity is O (n), which is replaced by a backward forward.

Rokua P2690 pick up apples

P2690 Pick up applesTopic BackgroundUsacoTitle DescriptionFew people know that cows love apples. Farmer John has two apple trees on his farm (numbered 1 and 2), and each tree is covered with apples. Bessie could not pluck the apples from the tree,

Android gets timestamp converted from server to month day

Transform with Java-related classes. The code is as follows:Calendar calendar = calendar.getinstance (); + ); // MSS is the timestamp obtained from the server New SimpleDateFormat ("yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss"); =

Vue+vuex+axios+echarts draw a dynamic updated map of China

I. Build the project and install the plugin# 安装vue-clinpm install vue-cli -g# 初始化项目vue init webpack china-map# 切到目录下cd china-map# 安装项目依赖npm install# 安装 vuexnpm install vuex --save# 安装 axiosnpm install axios --save# 安装 EChartsnpm install echarts

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