React-native Development Could not connect to Development server (Android) workaround

Write at the front:Originally, I was having a blog Summary of the bug in RN development (continuous update) to summarize the various bugs encountered in react-native development and its Solution the solution. However, because Could not connect to

Class and use of processing time in iOS

Class and use of processing time in iOS1. NSDate This class is to generate a dateIf you use [NSDate Date] This most common method you can get the current time of the system (UTC time, regardless of your current time zone)Like what:NSDate *date =

Simple use of IOS block and __block and static modifier variables

Simple code Summary, the shortcomings of a lot of advice.//Simple to use-(void) blockone{intNumber= at; int(^blockone) (int) = ^(intnum2) { returnnumber*num2; }; NSLog (@"block%d for output", Blockone (2)); }-(void)

www read Android external music file

Demand analysisUsing the Everyplay (2121-1540 version) recording screen, after upgrading the SDK, encountered a problem, call Android native Mediaplay to play music, when the recording screen can not record to sound, so the solution is to play music

"Open source" a beautiful home-school interactive app to share-love the school push [you pay attention to, we just push] (continuous open source Update 2)

First, write in frontLove the school push like its name, is a campus information push communication platform, so many home-school interactive Software, you chose me, this is my lucky.From the first blog to write a blog to now, I once again to

JS Ios/iphone in Safari incompatible with date () issues in JavaScript

1 var New Date (' 2016-11-11 11:11:11 '); 2 document.write (date);Recently write a time to judge the script, you need to convert the fixed string time to a timestamp to compare, when doing the personal habit of using chrome as a debugging tool,After

The realization of functional programming in-ios && the concept of responsive programming

Brief introductionThis article mainly reviews the --ios functional programming && responsive programming concept , how to realize the process of functional programming step-by-step, to read the Masonry && SnapKit source code has certain help. Image

Categories for mobile apps

With the popularity of smartphones, mobile applications have become standard for almost every Internet product. Efficient development and low-cost on-line products in the fast-iterative Internet battlefield are the goals pursued by each application

IOS Runtime Runtime

The OBJC runtime makes C an object-oriented capability to create, inspect, modify, and alter classes, objects, and their methods while the program is running. (Runtime is written in C and assembly)Runtime system is a series of functions and data

Sqlmapper configuration file with XSD checksum mybatis (2)

Write the XSD file and see How to use the XSD file checksum and parse the Sqlmapper file, which is the implementation of the Doparsesqlmapperresourcewithschema () method.To achieve this function, there are two basic requirements:(1) Compatibility:

Android compilation error: Process ' command ' C:\Java\jdk1.8.0_51\bin\java.exe ' finished with Non-zero exit value 1 resolved!

Android Compilation error: Process ' command ' C:\Java\jdk1.8.0_51\bin\java.exe ' finished with Non-zero exit value 1 resolved! Just transferred from Eclipse to Android studio, the system default Hello World code project was built after

Resolution of string to float type distortion in iOS

Recently, in the process of doing the project, I stumbled across a problem, that is, the conversion of string and floating-point types. In the past, it was through [NSString stringwithformat:@ "%d", Goodcount] this way, and didn't care too much.

Sqlmapper configuration file with XSD checksum mybatis (1)

This article is based on the refactoring of Sqlsessionfactorybean and briefly reviews what it does: New Sqlsessionfactorybean, the initial code and mybatis-spring are the same; Reconstruct the Buildsqlsessionfactory () method, and

Android Camera Development Those pits

Copyright notice: This article by Swandre original article, reprint please indicate source:Article original link: Tengyun recently developed an Android

A brief analysis of TOP5 English Learning/Dictionary app industry

Review According to the download amount on the pea clip as shown, our group determined the domestic industry top5 are: Youdao dictionary (Shuai Responsible), PowerWord (Huang), Baidu Translation (Wwadriano responsible), hundred words chop (Jamo

Run-time Permissions for Android 6.0

Original DevelopmentAndroid 6.0, code-named Marshmallow, since its inception, its main features run-time permissions are very concerned. This feature not

CSS3 Box-shadow Properties Mouse Movement Add shadow effect

Text-shadow is to add a shadow effect to the text, and Box-shadow to add a perimeter shadow effect to the element block.Basic Syntax : {box-shadow:[inset] x-offset y-offset blur-radius Spread-radius Color}Object selector:{box-shadow:[projection mode]

This is the UK mobile card you really need-giffgaff

The first to study in the UK/life of children's shoes is always to choose which communication company and distress, O2 signal is good, but the package died expensive, 3 relatively affordable, but poor signal, sign mobile phone sign contract is not

Android Boot page Public method Leaderpager

Simpandroidfarme is a fast-growing brain-burning framework for Android's rapid development that aims to be modularCommonly used controls, easy for beginners to learn and use. We also welcome the veteran to enrich the project: Project addressThe boot

Full resolution of Android sensor development

Reprint Please specify source:, because there will be a recent development of intelligent hardware related requirements, so recently these days to share the blog has been roughly linked

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