Android Best performance Practice (i)--manage memory properly

A lot of friends have asked me how to write high-performance applications, how to avoid the application of oom, or when the program memory consumption is too high, how to troubleshoot. Indeed, a good application, not only to perform well,

Android-httpurlconnection automatically Manage cookies

Volley so easy to use the framework does not have a built-in cookie processing, own one!public class Mobcookiemanager {//reprint please indicate source: Mobcookiemanager () {}/** *

make iOS Enterprise page download

Sometimes when we download an Apple app, it's not downloaded from AppStore. But downloaded from xx online. So how do we put the Apple App IPA file on its own website and then download it for the user. This does not need to wait for a slow audit

Detailed explanations of various Android resources

1, character arrayUse the string array resource tag definition, in include some tags array element tags.For exampleXML version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?>MercuryValuesEarthMarsThe code that references the string array in code such as the following:

Android edittext Input Max-value prompt function

Public classLengthfilterImplementsInputfilter { PublicLengthfilter (intmax) {Mmax=Max; } @Override PublicCharsequence Filter (charsequence source,intStartintend, spanned dest,intDStart,intdend) { intKeep = Mmax-(Dest.length ()-(DEnd-DStart)

Android Kernel development: Add new apps to the source tree

This article is the 12th article in the "Android Kernel development" series, the previous article describes how to remove the factory app from the source code, this article on this basis, the detailed introduction of how to add a new app in the

PHP or JS Judge site visitors from the phone or PC-side source code

Many times can also be judged by logic programs, such as PHP, JS is commonly used to identify the two common methods of accessing device types.The principle is to identify the access client http_user_agent, and then perform keyword matching to

iOS timestamp string nsdate conversion demo

1 in the project we often have to do time format conversion, the following is my encapsulated nsdate+timecategory, hope to help everyone.#import @interface nsdate (timecategory)/** * String goto nsdate * * @param thetime string time * @par AM

Mac OS uses the LSUSB command and connects unknown Android devices

today on a Mac connected to an Android device found not connected, ADB devices see the device, so want to use the LSUSB command to see, the results found that the MAC did not have this command, so the internet search, found the following command

Thumbnail image of Android Image browser

Recently in self-learning Android, try to implement the image browser that is present on the general phone, starting with the thumbnail image.Direct, this is the Google phone comes with photos picture browser.By looking at the data, we understand

[Oracle]-Create DB on Oracle 12c for application

let ' s say we is going to develop a application for a bank, or any other enterprise, this application need a DB. And we decide to choose Oracle 12c. Then we make a plan: Application is to Wbbank, so name is Wbbank Application DB is

Android Core Basic Learning process

First day:ADB command:ADB devices List of all devicesADB shell mounts to Linux space and can execute Linux commandsADB install xxx.apk If multiple devices adb install-s device nameADB push pushes files to the phoneADB pull pulled the file out of the

Android Obfuscation Code Rollup

In order to prevent others from being robbed of their own work, confusing code can be effectively prevented by anti-compilation, following the confusion summarized in the following code steps:1. You may have noticed that a new item will be seen

Android Abstract Layout--include, merge, viewstub

in the layout optimization, Androi of the official mention of the three layout , , , and introduced the advantages of each of the three layouts, the following is a brief talk about their advantages, And how to use it, write down the right to take

Android components and UI Framework Daquan

  Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system (plus one?). )。 With the release of the new version, Android has become increasingly powerful, with a number of popular applications, as well as the emergence of an excellent set of

Transparency gradients, rotate animations, zoom animations, comment animations for Android animations

This is one of the little things I did when I was learning Android. The rotation, panning, zooming, and transparency of the image can be achieved.First, we're going to create an Android project.Add your own pictures to your drawable-mdpiThen in the

Mobile developers, it's time to use HTML5!

Html5 shouted for many years, and has not yet been used on a large scale. Still remember 2012 to participate in the HTML5 Dream Factory (now called the Iweb Summit) went to a lot of people, then naïve thought, Html5 really began to pop up, so in the

Jspatch Dynamic Update App

jspatch, you can use JavaScript to invoke any Objective-c native interface to get scripting language capabilities by simply introducing a minimal engine into your project: dynamically update the app and replace the project native code to fix the Bug.

iOS Learning Note-viewcontroller/life cycle

Viewcontroller is an important part of the iOS application and is an important bridge between application data and views, Viewcontroller managing many views in your app. Many native Viewcontroller are available in the iOS SDK to support standard

[PHP] AES encryption----php Server and Android client

This article takes 128-bit AES-CBC mode encryption and decryption1. First install the MCrypt on the Server:sudo apt-get install php5-mcrypt php5-devsudo php5enmod mcryptsudo service apache2 restart2.PHP service-side AES Encryption Class codeClass

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