Android Contacts Provider

public interface Basecolumns{public static final String _id = "_id";public static final String _count = "_count";} Protected interface Contactscolumns{public static final String display_name = contactnamecolumns.display_name_primary; Names in

How to convert int into byte[] in Android

/*** Convert the base data type to a byte array, and the method of reverse conversion* Only involves conversion operations, no validation for parameters* Applicable scope: RMS operation, network data transmission */Public class dataconvert{ /***

Big Clock's iOS Development Tour (2) ———— A simple word about the variable modifiers of the property in the Arc and non-arc modes in iOS

/***********************************  * author:[email protected] Big clock                                                                                        & nbsp                                 &NBS P &NBSP  * e-mail:[email protected]

COCOS2D-X3.3RC0 loading Android WebView

Code section excerpt from COCOS2D-X3.3RC0 is embedded in the Android WebView space via JNI and displays the Web page in Cocos2d-x. directly on the code. 1. Java Layer Code

Simple introduction and Create tabs for Android with fragment details

Fragment Essentials Fragment appears as part of the activity interface Multiple fragment can occur simultaneously in one activity, and a fragment may be used in multiple activity. During activity run, you can add, remove, or replace

android4.1 Jelly_bean:all WebView methods must being called on the same thread[problem solved]

11-06 18:29:15.582:w/webview (27807): Java.lang.throwable:a WebView method was called on thread ' Javabridge '. All WebView methods must is called on the same thread. (Expected Looper Looper (Main, Tid 1) {425f48a8} called on Looper (Javabridge, Tid

Android enables instant messaging based on TCP and UDP protocols, including Android and server-side

These days to learn the next in the Android to achieve instant communication method, at the beginning, naturally from the basic network protocol began to try, so that can maximize the private custom of their own applications, but also learn more

"Turn" the role and meaning of the digital signature of Android APK

1. What is a digital signature? A digital signature is a sign of your program as your own, and when someone sees the signature, they know it's relevant to you .2. Why digital signatures? The simplest and most straightforward answer: system

Vim copy, Paste, delete, undo, replace, cursor move, etc. usage

When I was in touch with Linux, I used the nano text editor, and personally felt that his greatest advantage was convenience and speed. Open files, modify files, to exit are very fast and simple. This is better than Vi,vim, but the nano can not


Tag: Command update error file nullCause analysis, Nginx does not support post.Workaround, Recompile Nagios1, VI/NAGIOS-4.0.8/CGI/CMD.CFind printf ("post' action= '%s ' >\n", command_cgi);Post modified to get2, re-make, do not need to installCopy

Android in Rssurfaceview

Rssurfaceview directly inherits from Surfaceview, and implements the Surfaceholder.callback callback interface. The parsing is as follows:1. Construction Method 1Public Rssurfaceview (Context context) { super (context); Init ();

[Android performance optimization] memory boost--how the app should manage memory

How the app should manage memoryAt all stages of software development, you should pay attention to your RAM consumption (that is, in the design phase of the software). There are many ways to use them to help you design and write more efficient

Android image processing: Identify image orientation and display

When you use ImageView to display images in Android, you find that the images are not positive, the direction is skewed, or the reverse is reversed.To solve this problem it is natural to think of two steps to go: 1, automatically identify

[Original]ffmpeg compiled Android hard decode support library Libstagefright

Recently spent a day to ffmpeg/tools/build_stagefright implementation success, mainly cross-compiling the need for a variety of dynamic library support is not linked, resulting in various error, basically the network asked questions I have met,

How "UML" looks at the UML diagram of Android

    There are many types of UML diagrams, only two of the most important and common-class and time series diagrams are discussed here. 1. Class Diagram through the class diagram, we can easily understand the code architecture, clarify the

Specifically explains the use of Asynctask in Android

There are two ways to implement the asynchronous task mechanism in Android, Handler and Asynctask.Handler mode needs to create a new thread for each task, after the completion of the task through the handler instance to the UI thread to send

Android DDMS connection to the real machine (root), with file explore to see the Data/data folder solution

Android DDMS connection to the real machine (root), with file explore to see the Data/data folder solutionThe problem is no permission, with 360 mobile phone helper or pea pod is also invisible. The easy way is to use the RE File manager (grant root

Android Custom Control Series II: Custom Switch button (i)

This time we're going to implement a complete, purely custom control, instead of taking control of the system like the previous combo control; The plan is divided into three parts: the basic part of the custom control, the handling of the touch

Try to use Uisearchdisplaycontroller and understanding of Apple's packaging habits for controls

This article reprinted to the previously done application, many have "search " This function, most of the cases I use only Uisearchbar and combined with UITableView to show the results of the

OpenBSD at Apple IBook G4

First of all, ibook G4 is an old book. The firmware used is open firmware, this and BIOS have some different, need to use CMD + ALT + O +f Enter.You need to set the self-launch using the following methodSetenv auto-boot? Truesetenv Boot-device

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