How to call the local Android app via HTML page

How do you use HTML Web pages and local apps to pass data? After research, found that there are methods, summed up a bit, roughly a few ways First, open the Android local app via HTML page1. First, write a simple HTML pageHTML> Head>

Android Rookie's growth note (--surfaceview) use

The previous drawing is in the custom view, but the view's drawing mechanism has the following drawbacks:1, view lacks double buffering mechanism.2. When the program needs to update the image on the view, the program must redraw the entire picture

CentOS6.5 system mounts NTFS-partitioned removable hard disks

CentOS6.5 system mounts NTFS-partitioned removable hard disksAs an IT worker, you can't avoid using a Linux system, I'm using a CentOS6.5 x86_64 bit version, but there's no way to insert an NTFS removable hard drive. The following three steps enable

Ubuntu 14.04 Android using maven one use example engineering

The previous article describes the development of ant under the SDK, which is based on the attempt to develop with Maven.Maven-android-plugin need to be used here.This article mainly refers to the official document:

"Android Advanced" Why do you create activity base classes and what are the common methods in the activity base class?

Now also is just basically completed their first business project, in the process of development, referring to a lot of people's code style, but with the accumulation of work experience, and finally began to slowly understand the importance of

What is a mobile camera ISO?

What to say about ISO is also about the traditional film camera,ISOKnown as light sensitivity, it is the international standard for measuring the photographic speed of films used in traditional cameras, and its values reflect the speed of

Several ways of traditional enterprises entering mobile internet

Several ways of traditional enterprises entering mobile internet 2013-07-11 17:22 Source: Small Saber Blog 1 Total Reviews Share ArticlesA-  A+ Paper/knife HorseAccording to the relevant agencies statistics, China Mobile Internet shows a surge in

Implementation of Android plug-in based on PhoneGap2.9 framework

 The PhoneGap platform provides plug-in functionality that enables developers to encapsulate heavyweight functionality in native code-developed plug-ins and expose interfaces to Javascript,javascript invoke plug-in functionality to interact with

IOS Base64 transcoding (using the IOS7 system comes with a coded library and GMTBase64 two different ways)

Demo: system provides a Base64 transcoding method in IOS7Examples are as follows: nsdata* origindata = [originstrdatausingencoding:nsasciistringencoding]; nsstring* encoderesult =

Compile Android-4.3.1_r source code and swipe to your own Galaxy Nexus I9250 on the real machine

compile Android-4.3.1_r source code and swipe to your own Galaxy Nexus I9250 on the real machineRain Date: 2014-04-30The purpose of compiling the source code is to modify the source code, and then can also run on the corresponding phone, only in

Developing Android from scratch 2048 (four) score, reset, end

The main content of this article is based on the previous article, adding a score calculation (including the current score and the highest score), the game end of the judgment and the game interface reset the three parts of the function. first, the

C + + developing Android NDK development environment in Android and Windows

1. NDK (Native development Kit)1.1 NDK IntroductionThe Android NDK is a set of tools that allow developers to develop their Android apps using native code, such as C + +, and through this tool, we can compile native code that can be run directly on

Ios-plist file des encryption

Reprint please indicate source:, thank you.These days have been doing a knowledge question and answer project, because the preliminary project topic is relatively small, so the title is written in the

50 Mount exFAT format mobile HDD/u disk under Ubuntu

The exFAT file format is the only file format that can be used under OSX, Win7, and Ubuntu systems, which can be supported by OSX and Win7 native, and supports files above 4G, but Ubuntu cannot directly support exFAT due to copyright issues, So when

50 Android Development Tips (20 using MVP mode)

I. Introduction of the MVPAs UI creation technology becomes more and more powerful, the UI layer is performing more and more responsibilities.     In order to better subdivide the view and model functions, let view focus on processing data

Android Development Point drip--some basic but useful knowledge (2)

1.onItemLongClick and Onitemclick event interceptionWhen you need to get an entry for a ListView in both long press events (Onitemlongclick) and click events (Onitemclick), justreturn to True in the Onitemlongclick event trigger function.2.

sdut2408 Pick apples (greedy + backpack) Shandong Province third ACM provincial race

This article originates from: instructions: Three kinds of apples, each have corresponding size,value, give you a backpack space, to maximize the value.The key to this topic is the very large backpack spaceBased on

IOS7 Mpmovieplayerviewcontroller Horizontal Screen display

When using Mpmovieplayerviewcontroller in an application, it is sometimes necessary to keep the application in a vertical state while the video player is displayed as a horizontal screen. If you use a forced horizontal screen, the application will

Android Environment Configuration 2

The currently configured environment is the 42 development environment for Android. Currently developed using ADT packages.1. Download files (ADT bundle for Windows-adt bundled packages)Http:// Download SDK

2014 Jinshan Network intern recruitment--android Pen Test

What are the methods for starting and stopping a service on an Android system, using pseudo-code, and how do these methods lead to a different life cycle of the service?Two, enter a positive integer X, increment in 2*x,4*x,8*x, when greater than 1000

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