Use and encapsulation of Android combat--OKHTTP3

This article covers the following topics: What is OKHTTP3? Demo of the OKHTTP3 Tool class (package based on the Okhttp tool class) OKHTTP3 Packaging for Tool classes Use the exact words of the author's project: HTTP and

The App page uses CSS's direction property to resolve the Select drop-down box right-aligned

The Direction property specifies the direction/writing direction of the text.Select LabelDivclass= "Mui-input-row mir"> labelstyle= "margin-left:5px;">Departmentlabel> Selectdir= "RTL"ID= "Dept"style= "width:50%; height:30px;"> Select>Div>The

Android Combat--Bmob of third-party services back-end cloud integration, user login, user registration, get user, user logoff (i)

Bmob of third-party services backend Cloud integration, user login, user registration, get user, user logoff (i)Bmob Introduction:Step One: Bmob integrationRegister a user in, create an app in the background of the website, go to the

Android Elite Biography Review--eighth: Activity and activity Call stack analysis

8.1 Activity 8.1.1 Origins 8.1.2 Activity Patterns 8.1.3 Life cycle about 8.2 activity task Stack 8.3 activitymanifest Boot mode 8.3.1 Standard 8.3.2 Singletop 8.3.3 Singletask

Android Combat--third-party service Bmob back-end Cloud answer system small Project (iv)

Third-party service Bmob back-end Cloud answer system small Project (iv)In advance: All operations here are implemented after integration of BMOBSDK, if Bmob still do not know, please follow my first article Bmob articleProject Significance:The

Write a SRPG game with cocos2d3.0-the implementation of the moving part

Determine the range of movement of a SRPG character,I'm using a rather silly method of poor lifting,In fact, the character can move the length of each point to determine whether you can move,Then, depending on the level of barriers to the influence

"I know bios"-UEFI AHCI Driver (5)-The first protocol finally started to install

"I know bios"-UEFI AHCI Driver (5)-The first protocol finally started to installLightseed4/28/2014The article focuses on each member of the Efi_driver_binding_protocol. It was the first UEFI protocol we met so I tried to make it as thin as I could.

Ubuntu 14.04 Setup Android development environment

Stretch tree template is really good long ...Cut a B C: Extend the number of A-1 to the root node, extend the number of b+1 to the right subtree of a, and then take Ch[ch[root][1][0]] away, and place it under the C node of the remaining tree.Flip a

Android Self-study note -16-task stack

Title Link: a Baka the code souvenir.There is a problem with the data, the input string length does not exceed 1000#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include

The true meaning of android:layout_weight

First declare that the property is valid only in LinearLayout. The reason why Android:layout_weight is controversial is that while setting this property, setting Android:layout_width to Wrap_content and match_parent can result in two diametrically

Cocos2d-x Learning (2): Action (delayed Action)

Most of the genie in the game is dynamic, so the category is an indispensable part of the game engine, today is a simple record of the Cocos2d-x commonly used category.   Cocos2d-x provides a lot of basic classification classes, mainly including two

Custom map example: Map World (2)

With the URL generation rules of Map Images, you can start to support custom map types. MapType is used in the Guide bee map package. The ICustomMapType interface is mainly used to support custom maps. The class MapType defines GENERIC_MAPTYPE_1,

Build ios xocde in cocos2d Environment

1): download the latest cocos2d-iphone version: this according to the version you can see and set, the newer the better hahaha !!!! (2) decompress the downloaded package and place it in the

Study Notes for cocos2d-x (11)-Coordinate System

Study Notes for cocos2d-x (11)-Coordinate SystemThere are four coordinates in the cocos2d-x:(1) screen Coordinate SystemIn windows, the default origin is in the upper left corner of the screen, and the X axis is right and the Y axis is down.(2) GL

Cocos2d-x beginner's Guide (4): two ways to generate an animation of an animation Frame

Method 1: use multiple sets of names to display different single-image png based on a certain rule, [Cpp]// Create a cacheCCSpriteFrameCache * cache = CCSpriteFrameCache: sharedSpriteFrameCache ();Char strPlist [64] = {0 };Char strPng [64] = {0

Cocos2d-x beginner's Guide (6): simulate a touch joystick as a virtual button

There are a lot of such methods. I have found one for you on the internet, but this is not complete yet. How can I determine whether the buttons are left or right. So I added some stupid methods. If you have any good methods, I 'd like to comment

Cocos2d-x Study Notes (20) -- box2d getting started

Cocos2d-x Study Notes (20) -- box2d getting startedBefore reading this article, you 'd better read the self-taught notes of the box2d physical engine I wrote. 1. Make some preparations to better understand the code.Step 1: Create a coco2d-win32

[Cocos2d-X (1.x 2.x) fixes] libcurl. a cannot be compiled through armv7s in iOS6 and cannot be

IOS6 and iPhone 5 have been released for a while, so for cocos2dx in yesterday released the latest support of the Cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.3 released version before running in iOS6 there will be two problems (Himi has been iphone5 real machine debugging

[Cocos2d-X case] MoonWarriors legend flight game preparation (1)

Preface has not written a blog for a long time, because recently in the study of cocos2d-x, a few days ago saw a cocos2d-html5 in the MoonWarriors, thinking can not use cocos2d-x for restructuring, on the one hand, you can practice this flight game

Cocos2d-iphone magic tower layer 20 Part 3

First, we need to add a direction controller. First, the Class header file Game01 defines four attributes [html] @ property (nonatomic, retain) CCSprite * btnup; @ property (nonatomic, retain) CCSprite * btndown; @ property (nonatomic, retain)

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