Android Practice--http client programming GET request

Android Http Client Programming getSpeaking of HTTP programming, do not remember the GET and post two request methods, this article with simple and clear steps and instructions, the use of Android in the common HTTP programming methods, to the first

Android Learning Activity

Life cycle of ActivityLike J2me's MIDlet, in Android, the lifecycle of Activity is delegated to the system for unified management. Unlike MIDlet, all Activity that is installed on Android is equal.The state of Activity and the transition between

Some common tools for IOS development toolsHomeBrew: An excellent package management tool on OS X.Source ControlGit: Distributed version control system and source management system, the advantages are: fast and easy to use. For beginners, you can

The difference between AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory and Application.startuppath in C #

Gets the base directory of the program.System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectoryGets the full path of the module.System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess (). Mainmodule.filenameGets and sets the fully qualified directory of the current

Mobile Web site, set Deny computer access

Recently, have been using Jquery-mobile + MVC to do mobile web, some experience, experienceHere's how to deny a computer access to a mobile websiteThe browser of the computer, not the same as the browser core of the phone, this is my idea of setting

Android Tour 14 XML file parsing in Android

As we do about the Android project, it will certainly involve parsing the XML file, and let us introduce the parsing of the XML file, including DOM, SAX, pull, and the dom4j and jdom we used before:XML file to parse: person.xmlzhangsan25lisi23 To

Data encryption transfer between Android and PHP

Data encryption transfer between Android and PHP [code] [Java] Code1 MCrypt =NewMCrypt ();2/*Encrypt*/3 String encrypted = Mcrypt.bytestohex (Mcrypt.encrypt ("Text to Encrypt") );4/*Decrypt*/5 String decrypted =NewString (Mcrypt.decrypt (encrypted));

Android User interface Exhaustive tutorial example

Android User interface Exhaustive tutorial example 1.Alarmmanager Tutorial instance of Android user interface SummaryHttp:// 2.Examples of text editing tutorials for Android user interface

Android Network Programming API packet-related interface API

Android Network Programming related packages : 9 packets, 20 interfaces, 103 classes, 6 enumerations, 14 exceptions;-- Java Package : Package (6 interfaces, 34 classes, 2 enumerations, 12 exceptions);-- Android pack : Packets (1

How to call the local Android app via HTML page

How do you use HTML Web pages and local apps to pass data? After research, found that there are methods, summed up a bit, roughly a few ways First, open the Android local app via HTML page1. First, write a simple HTML pageHTML> Head>

Android Rookie's growth note (--surfaceview) use

The previous drawing is in the custom view, but the view's drawing mechanism has the following drawbacks:1, view lacks double buffering mechanism.2. When the program needs to update the image on the view, the program must redraw the entire picture

On the callback method of Android event listener

Http:// The Android Event listener acts as an interface to the view class, which contains a number of callback methods, such as: OnClick (); Onlongclick (); Onfocuschange (); OnKey (); OnTouch () ;

Android Online Upgrade related notes one (resolution server version compared to current version)

Approximate process: The Android client accesses an XML file on the server that encapsulates information such as the version number, compares the version on the server to the current version,If it is lower than the server version, download the new

"Android Advanced" Why do you create activity base classes and what are the common methods in the activity base class?

Now also is just basically completed their first business project, in the process of development, referring to a lot of people's code style, but with the accumulation of work experience, and finally began to slowly understand the importance of

Android Network Programming record

Brief introductionRead in-depth understanding of Android network programming feels good, today on the Android network programming to make a point record.ContentAndroid Web-based technology and programming practices Points Defined

What is a mobile camera ISO?

What to say about ISO is also about the traditional film camera,ISOKnown as light sensitivity, it is the international standard for measuring the photographic speed of films used in traditional cameras, and its values reflect the speed of

Use internal ( and Hide (@hide) api[1th, Introduction]

This article translated from has two types of APIs that are not available in the SDK.The first class is the API that is located in package

Learn iOS development from scratch (v): iOS controls (2), Slider

Here you continue to learn about other iOS controls, the controls you'll use this time with sliders, and, of course, some control labels that you've used before.This time we're not building a new project, and of course if you're willing to recreate

Android Note: Arrays in Java

The byte stream obtained by the socket communication used in the process of communicating with the embedded device is typically converted to a byte array, and an array of bytes needs to be split according to the protocol. For regular repeated splits

Ios-plist file des encryption

Reprint please indicate source:, thank you.These days have been doing a knowledge question and answer project, because the preliminary project topic is relatively small, so the title is written in the

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