Android Photo + square cut--with code and effect diagram

This article links link Http:// OriginsTo develop an Avatar upload module, the

An inquiry into Android single-case mode

The singleton mode can be very simple, all it takes is one class to complete (see this chapter poor UML diagram). However, if the "number of objects created and when to create" the two points, the singleton pattern can be quite complex, more complex

ios-Modify afnetworking source file to receive Text/plain method

ios-Modify afnetworking source file to receive Text/plain methodwhen using afnetworking of the when you may encounter the following Error :{Status code:200, headers {"Content-length" = 14;"Content-type" = "text/plain;charset=utf-8";Date = "Thu, 10:37

Android soft and hard integration design and framework: Hal&framework &native Service &APP&HTML5 architecture design and real-combat development

Mastering all the technologies of Android from the bottom up to the framework integration technology to the top app development and HTML5;A thorough baptism of Android architecture, thought and combat technology;Complete mastery of Andorid HAL,

Android Smart pointer android architecture analysis (i)

Liu HaoBlog: Http:// version: 4.4.2In the C + + language, pointer manipulation is the easiest place to do things, and there are several common pointer manipulation errors:1. Defines a pointer, but does not initialize

Android's UI Adaptive Solution

1. Overviewas an Android developer, the biggest headache is getting the programs you've developed to appear as consistent as possible on different terminals (of course, if you want to take advantage of the big screen). On a global scale, Android has

How to build a webserver in Android

For object-oriented programming languages, inheritance and polymorphism are the two most basic concepts. Hibernate's inheritance mapping can understand the inheritance relationships between persisted classes. For example: the relationship between

Android ZIP file encryption decompression and progress bar implementation

ZIP file decompression can use the Java Zip Library, but there is no implementation of the encryption file decompression function, here can be implemented using ZIP4J. Detailed can be seen in this article, "Android Zip compressed file encryption and

Stanford iOS Development Lesson Five (Part II)

Reprint please indicate the source PonyFive code examplesThe above mentioned knowledge points are covered in this example. In addition, I'm just here to analyze some important code,

Android Tool Class Dateutil

Some date-related functions that may be used in the development process are extracted as tool classes for your reference:/** * Date manipulation tool class. * * @author Shimiso */public class Dateutil {private static final String FORMAT =

[Unity3d] Homemade unityforandroid qr code scan plugin

A week or so eventually the two-dimensional code generation and scanning function to achieve, finally can ease the breath, from the beginning of the doubts why the different scan the client why sweep out the effect of different? Universal scanner

(ext.) IOS ASI HTTP Framework Detailed

(ext.) IOS ASI HTTP Framework DetailedThe ASIHTTPRequest Cfnetwork API is encapsulated and very simple to use, written in objective-c, and can be used in Mac OS x systems and iOS applications. ASIHTTPRequest applies to basic HTTP requests, and to

Qt on android:http download and JSON parsing

Baidu provides a query IP attribution to the open interface, when you enter an IP address in the search box to search, will open by the ip138 provided by the Baidu box application, you can directly enter the IP address within the box query. I looked

Android Learning note _78_ using soft references and weak references in Android development to prevent memory overflow

In effective Java 2nd Edition, 6th, "eliminate outdated object references," mentions that while Java has a garbage collection mechanism, you should be wary of memory leaks if you are managing memory yourself, such as Object pooling, Outdated objects

WebService called C # written in Android (with source code)

This article is available because the project uses Android to invoke WebService written in C #. In the process of learning, found in C # directly call WebService more convenient, directly add a reference, you can directly use the WebService as an

Manage SMS in Android

In order to see the code convenient, while on the internet Google data, while looking at the Android Java source code.Accidentally found a class, originally Android will all the text messages are stored in the

Qt on Android:android SDK installation

I previously introduced the installation of the QT on Android development environment under windows in the article "Getting Started with Qt 5.2 for Android in Windows", skipping the install of the Android SDK, and actually there are some friends who

[Android_exception] Checked and Runtime Exception differences

A very important feature in Java is the exception, which means that the program is allowed to produce exceptions. While learning Java, we only know the exception, but may not really understand the different kinds of exception differences. first of

Deep copy and shallow copy of iOS development (mutablecopy and copy)

Before reading this article, we first understand the difference between copy and retain, if there is an incorrect place, we would like to advise you:The difference between copy and retain:copy is to create a new object, retain is to create a pointer,

iOS system sound

#import #import @interface Playsound:nsobject{ systemsoundid sound ; the system sound ID value range is:1000-2000}-(ID) initsystemshake;-(ID) initsystemsoundwithname: (nsstring *) soundname soundtype: (nsstring *) Soundtype;-(void) play;@end#import

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