Empire CMS Mobile version maker + Empire PC jump to Phone + redirect

Learning Links:The Empire CMS7.2 version multi-terminal access feature using the Graphics tutorial:http://bbs.phome.net/showthread-13-329096-0.htmlEmpire CMS PC station URL jump to the URL of the phone station the original

Video tags play videos only sound without screen & video tag play in iOS9 is not valid

Video tags define videos, such as movie clips or other video streams. Currently the video tag only supports videos in mp4,webmail,ogg format.Compatibility: IE8 and earlier versions do not support video tags. Other modern browsers are supported.Each

Dynamic font-size on the mobile side

/*** Created by Shimin on 2017/8/18.*/Calculate DPR!Function (Win, Lib) { VarTimer Doc = win.Document Docelem =Doc.DocumentElement, Vpmeta =Doc.Queryselector (' Meta[name= ' viewport "]), Flexmeta =Doc.Queryselector (' meta[name= ' flexible "]),

Android: Illustration of four startup modes and actual application scenarios

Multiple activities are included in a project, and the task stack is used to store the created activity instances, which is a "LIFO" stack structure. Give me a chestnut, if we start the same activity many times. The system creates multiple instances

Anroid solve Xiaomi and Meizu can't debug on Mac

The first of these methods 1.mac-> about the system report->usb->copy manufacturer id** 2.cmd->echo "0x2a45" >> ~/.android/adb_usb.ini 3.ADB Kill-serverADB start-serverADB devices Another method first step: View USB device

android4.42-settings Bluetooth module for source Code analysis overall implementation (total)

This article for Bo Master Original, reproduced please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/zrf1335348191/article/details/50995466Bluetooth related code has been described in another two articles, you need to be able to viewandroid4.42-settings

Implementation of Android Network cache

In the development group, a number of students asked about the Internet cache problem in Android. In fact, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS, the general idea of caching is the same, the following is a general introduction to the cache in

Android View System (eight) parsing view's layout and draw process from source code

Related articlesAndroid View System (i) Views coordinate systemAndroid View System (ii) six ways to implement view swipeAndroid View System (iii) property animationAndroid View System (iv) parsing from source code scrollerAndroid View System (v) the

Android 0 Basics Section 31st: Almost no, but to understand the absolutelayout absolute layout

Prior to the basic study of Android development commonly used in four kinds of layout, the reason is to put absolutelayout in the back to learn, because in the actual development is rarely used, and in the high version has commented to delete is not

IOS Runtime app: associating objects

Before you begin, it is recommended that you read the basics of iOS Runtime: iOS Essentials: RuntimeThere is a package in the interview, encountered such a question: "How to add a property to Nsarray (cannot use inheritance)", the package

The use of iOS enumeration

1. What is an enumeration?An enumeration is actually a collection of integral constants, and the simplest example is the one that represents the week sun, MON, TUE, WED, THU, Fri,sat, is an enumeration.Use of enumerations in 2.iOSIn the OBJC can be

Cordova development environment to build and create the first app

Organize your records use Cordova to create an app app and deploy it to your Android mobile device on a detailed process, as follows:First, the pre-installation environment1. Installing the JDK (Java SDK)2. Installing Gradle3. Install the Android

In the source code to modify the Android boot screen and animation "Turn"

This article was reproduced from: http://blog.csdn.net/dddxxxx/article/details/54343976Reference article: http://blog.csdn.net/a345017062/article/details/6222962, http://bbs.gfan.com/android-146253-1-1.html.Android system boot display is divided

Android System Boot Logo modification "turn"

This article was reproduced from: http://blog.csdn.net/yandongqiangZHRJ/article/details/8585273See a number of changes in the logo of the blog, but not very clear, here personally sent through their own hands modified after the verification

Android 0 Basics 29th: Use tablelayout form layout

Original: Android 0 Basics 29th: Getting the most out of tablelayout table layoutsThe linear layout and relative layout, while the linear layout is convenient, is difficult to meet if the control needs to be arranged neatly, and it is cumbersome to

Android 0 Basics 30th: Two minutes master Framelayout frame layout

Original: Android 0 Basics 30th: Two minutes master Framelayout frame layoutBefore learning the linear layout, relative layout, and table layout, this issue is to learn the fourth layout of--framelayout frame layout.I. Understanding FramelayoutFrame

Android 0 Basics Section 31st: Almost no, but to understand the absolutelayout absolute layout

Original: Android 0 basic Introductory section 31st: almost no but to understand the absolutelayout absolute layoutPrior to the basic study of Android development commonly used in four kinds of layout, the reason is to put absolutelayout in the back

Android 0 Basics Section 32nd: New GridLayout Grid layout

Original: Android 0 basic Introductory section 32nd: New GridLayout Grid layoutThe main study in this issue is the grid layout is the new Android 4.0 layout, and the previous Tablelayout table layout is a bit similar, but he has a lot of former

Using MSXSL.exe to bypass AppLocker application control policies


1. Need to use Microsoft Tools Msxsl.exe,msxsl.exe is a program that Microsoft uses to process XSL under command line, so through him we can execute JavaScript and execute system commands, which

Android you have to look at the naming conventions

There are four types of identifier naming methods: Camel (Camel) nomenclature: Except for the first word, the first letter of all the remaining words is capitalized, such as: FooBar; Pascal nomenclature: The first letter of all words

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