More than 80-year-old self-taught programming development hand Tour attended the Apple Developer Conference

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More than 80-year-old self-taught programming development hand Tour attended the Apple Developer Conference

I believe you see this title when the expression is this:Yes, you are right, a more than 80-year-old Japanese grandmother-Shozo Masako Wakamiya from more than 60 years old to the computer, to participate in the Apple Developers Conference, and then

Android sharedpreferences Saving and Reading objects

Sharedpreferences Saving and Reading objects1. First to serialize the object (the following is a sample of the serialized entity class, which makes it inconvenient to post all the code for the entity Class)public class Loginresult extends Baseresult

Android 0 Basics 29th: Use tablelayout form layout

The linear layout and relative layout, while the linear layout is convenient, is difficult to meet if the control needs to be arranged neatly, and it is cumbersome to use relative layout, which provides table layout for this Android system.I.

Mobile-side, mobile-side development considerations:

1. Meta tag useThe 1th meta tag indicates that the width of the document is forced to remain 1:1 with the width of the device, and the maximum width of the document is 1.0, and the user is not allowed to click on the screen to enlarge;The 2nd meta

Differences between append () and prepend (), after () and before () in jquery

differences between append () and Preappend (), after () and before () in jqueryappend () and prepend ()Ifdiv class=‘a‘> // div class=‘b‘>bdiv>div>Use$(‘.a‘).append($(‘.c‘));This will be the case:div class=‘a‘> // div class=‘b‘>bdiv> div class=‘c‘

"Android Studio Useful Guide" 4.27 using demo mode

This article is excerpted from the 4th chapter of the Android Studio Useful Guide, section 27th, Author: Bi XiaobongNow the book has been uploaded to Baidu reading, Baidu Search [Anroid Studio useful Guide] will be able to find a book.What is demo

The importance of reading source code: such as Chef's choice of ingredients, playing kitchen utensils-How to view Java, Android source code in eclipse

First of all, a lot of people say, don't look at the source code in the JDK is not called learning java. Obviously that's for sure. For example: a real chef needs to choose and process the ingredients. To the final cooking, plate forming, and even

Android Studio files and code templates, and the problem of Chinese error

Android Studio files and code templates, and the problem of Chinese errorHan Mengfei SandAuthor:han_meng_fei_shaEmail: [Email protected]e-mail:313134555 @qq. comAndroid Studio after the Chinese, error.Unable to find resource for bundle Java Util

A collection of mobile-adaptive methods

Transferred from: Simple Rough TypeZoom Mode:   The above is through the CSS Properties Zoom page, the design width of 640 (the following design draft size is 640), so the advantage is directly in accordance

Android Development Learn cheats notes (19)

Yell at. It took 2 days. Finally made a similar to the Bluetooth Serial assistant function of the small program, in fact, is also the requirements of the internship company--there is a Bluetooth wireless scanning gun, the terminal can be connected

IOS Code Signing: A detailed explanation

Original link Address: code signing code signature developed by the iphone ensures that the code is real and clearly identifies the source of the code. Apple requires all applications

Android 0 Basics Section 28th: Easy to master relativelayout relative layout

In the previous three period we have detailed analysis of LinearLayout, LinearLayout is also a more of the layout we use. However, in the actual development of the use of LinearLayout is far from enough, we have to learn relativelayout together this

Fiddler grab the HTTPS packet on Android Real computer

Today's Android apps almost always work with the web, so when it comes to analyzing an apk, it can be a great help to the process and logic of the parser if it catches the packets it sends out.For HTTP packets, there are a number of methods of

Android real-Machine debug access to local server (localhost) solutions

The Android system takes itself as a localhost! when connecting to LocalHost is his own.Embarrassed, here fainted for a long time only to discover.The online introduction of the simulator is connected to the local server, I try to change the link to

Android 0 Basics Section 24th: Customizing View simple use

When we meet the needs of Android-native components in our development, we should customize the view to meet these special component requirements.I. OverviewMany of the first Android developers, for Android Custom view may be more fear, but this is

The scene design of Loadrunner11 's mobile terminal performance test

Test step Scene Design (Controller) into the manual sceneOnce the script is ready, the scene can be designed and executed, and from the Vugen, see:Enter after the first for the target scene, choose the second more flexible manual scene, my target

IOS-summarized under Swift using GCD multithreading (ii) GCD and Dispatchqueue


1. PrefaceThere are two techniques for processing multi-core concurrency in iOS: ' Grand Central Dispatch ' (hereinafter referred to as ' GCD ') and ' nsoperationqueue ' frameworks. iOS developed by the old drivers in the program development process

Deep understanding of this, call, bind, apply

First of all, look at one of NetEase's interview questions:varA ={A:"haha", Geta:function () {Console.log ( This. a); } }varb ={A:"Hello" }varGeta =A.geta;varGetA2 =Geta.bind (a); function run (FN) {fn ();}//Output separatelyA.geta

Android 0 Basics Section 22nd: ImageView's properties and methods Daquan

By learning from previous installments, TextView controls and their child controls are basically learning to complete, and you can display some text or buttons on the Android screen, so from the beginning of the current session, learn how to do a

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