Nagios sends alerts via email

In addition to its rich monitoring capabilities, Nagios has a very powerful alarm function. For the alarm, commonly used is nothing more than mail and SMS alarm two ways, this article is mainly written in Nagios Mail alarm work.Configuration of mail

[Android] The connection to ADB are down, and a severe error have occured


one. ADB server didn ' t ACKWhen you finish configuring the Android environment, when you execute the first program, you encounter an error such as the following:ADB server didn ' t ACK * Failed to start daemon *It may be that the port5037 is

Android WiFi usage Record

Recently in the development of the WiFi part of doing Android, the connected tool class referenced the tool class of this article.Http:// of the problems encountered in development, where some of the

Windows7 Build Xmapp+wordpress

ObjectiveIn order to learn automation, search for information on the Internet to learn a bit in the local installation Xmapp, build PHP environment, native deployment WordPress This open source projectContentThis is mainly divided into the following

Common Android Vulnerabilities


Common Android VulnerabilitiesVulnerability Name: Log Sensitive information disclosureVulnerability Description: The user's sensitive information is printed during the program's operation, causing the leakSuggested amendments: Log of privacy

"Android Development experience" Implementation of "Sonic Communication/verification" for mobile devices--sinvoice Open Source project Introduction (III)


Reprint Please specify Source: first two articles describe the principles of sonic verification/communication and the implementation of sound playback, which will be the most important. is also the most

Java Online Edit Template code Editor compatible mobile Tablet PC Freemaker static engine website source

Java Enterprise website both front and back of the source has a static template engine, code generator greatly improve the development efficiencyFront Desk: Support three sets of templates, can be switched in the backgroundSystem Introduction: 1.

JavaScript Libraries in A TypeScript application, revisited

If you haven ' t already gotten involved with it, you'll probably know that TypeScript is becoming increasingly. Being able to use a superset the JavaScript in a typed language the compiles down to JavaScript is a great thing. However,if you ' ve

The difference between IOS load and initialize

Maybe some of them are unclear about the difference between load and initialize, so here's a quick look:Let's start with the + Initialize method: Apple officially has a description of this method: This method is called before the class is

How to use the JavaMail program in Android development

JavaMail is a programming interface for developers to handle e-mail. It is the API that Sun releases to handle email. It is easy to perform some common mail transfer. We can develop an application similar to Microsoft Outlook based on JavaMail.

What Android developers should know about Kotlin

This article is from my translation of the Infoq Chinese station, the original address is: developers face a dilemma with language restrictions.As we all know, the current Android

Correct use of IOS macros (define) and constants (const)

In iOS development, it is often used to define macros, or to modify some data types with const, and often developers do not know how to use them correctly, resulting in the confusion of macros and const decorations in the project.Can you tell the

Spring's applicationcontext.xml configuration sessionfactory throw exception

                    org.hibernate.dialect.MySQL5Dialect          TRUE          TRUE             //************************************************************************************************************* ************The above

Configure your ant script under Eclipse to voluntarily pack your signed Android APK

Although eclipse is rarely used, it is still used in old projects. A troublesome thing is when you have a signature bag. Very inconvenient. Configure ant under the record below and take the initiative to pack the process with the signature apk as a

BZOJ3640:JC's Little Apple

DescriptionLet's continue the story of JC and Dzy."You are my little ya little Apple, how to love you are not too much!" ”"Light the fire of my life, fire fire! ”JC came to City B after a hard slog, but Dzy stole his little Apple because of his

Android first line of code learning Note Five---implicit itent activities to start other programs

With implicit itent, not only can you start your own program activities, but you can also start the activities of other programs, which makes it possible to share functionality between multiple Android applications, such as when you need to display

IOS Lzma class compression algorithm uses

LZMA (abbreviated Lempel-ziv-markov chain-algorithm) is a data compression algorithm developed since 2001 and is used to 7-zip the 7z format in the Archive tool and the XZ format under Unix-like. It uses a dictionary encoding mechanism similar to

ios--Settings for global breakpoints

Posted @ 2016-09-27 15:33 yards feng woBreakpoint debugging, is the most commonly used the simplest kind of debugging, can step by step tracking program execution process, get the value of the variable, quickly find the cause of the error.Stealing a

If iOS app publishing failed due to IPV6, is it a weird azure?

IPV6 has been more and more widely supported, especially when Apple enforces that iOS (specifically iOS 9 and later) applications must support IPV6 (officially announced) and will further promote the use of IPV6.However, the application of Apple as

Mobile summary and mobile compatibility issues

(The UC browser of some Android phones can be zoomed out after writing)Ignore numbers in a page as phone numbers (it's obvious that numbers are sometimes treated as phone numbers on iOS)Ignore the recognition of email addresses in the Android

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