Call up the local app with a URI

1. Configure in the Android local app manifest file Attention:The schema must all be lowercase letters.

Optimized cache files such as Android COCOS2DX engine prv.ccz/plist/so, hands-on Ida teaches you reverse project Decompile apk Library and other files

I saw a really awesome 3D dynamic weather forecast on Android play a while ago, and it was very cool. Apart hands Dex2jar.bat/apktool found out that it didn'tWhat eggs are used, see the native field in the core to decisively abandon the treatment,

Most detailed iOS app release App Store listing process

On-shelf iOS requires a paid developer account, not yet a single application or loan.Application Developer Account IntroductionThe listing process is divided into seven steps, step by step.Look at this process carefully, less go a lot of detours, do

[Android] Android5.0 implementation of Silent answer call function

Tag: Cal problem run DBR SSI exe EXE event putCause: Android was able to listen silently via aidl. But after 5.0 has been blocked by Google. This is the only way we can achieve this. How to resolve:try { runtime.getruntime (). EXEC

"Bit operation" "BFS" mobile toys

1054: [HAOI2008] Mobile Toys time limit:10 Sec Memory limit:162 MBsubmit:2246 solved:1246[Submit] [Status] [Discuss] Description in a 4*4 box placed a number of the same toys, someone wants to put these toys back into his ideal state, the

MVC public class App_Code does not recognize

. Net MVC needs to write public classes when you right-click the Add App_Code folder, new class--right-click Class-Properties, build operation, select CompileThe. NET MVC project itself is an application, so there is no need to specifically name the

Recommended automated testing tools for five Android apps

Today, automated testing has been applied to daily tests. This is not surprising, as automated testing saves time during testing and avoids test errors and omissions that include human factors.There are many options for automated test tools. Some

Android SQLite Detailed

In the development of the project, we will use the database more or less. In Android, we generally use SQLite, because Android in the Android.database.sqlite package encapsulates many of the SQLite operating APIs. I wrote a demo to summarize the use

Android Dynamic Reverse analysis tool zjdroid--shelling artifact

Project address: Root Phone2, need to install xposed Framework through xposed installer (;I. Introduction of ZJDROID ToolsZjdroid is a dynamic inverse

iOS Learning (3)

4. What is the problem with this notation: @property (copy) Nsmutablearray *array;Two problems:1, add, delete, change the elements in the array, the program will be unable to find the corresponding method and crash. Since copy is an immutable

Vue uses Axios to make AJAX requests

After vue2.0, the Vue-resource is not updated, but it is recommended to use Axios1. Installing Axios$ NPM Install AxiosOr$ Bower Install Axios2. Introduction of Axios in the file to be used from ' Axios '3. Make a request using AxiosYou can axios

Better implementation of the JS array connection, the use of knowledge apply.

One of the most recently done Wanda's energy management platform used data connections, and didn't want to write a a.concat (b) directly. Today in the Nuggets saw an optimized scheme. This is the case: A.push.apply (A, b), where a, B is two arrays

Android Legacy HTTP request Get----POST method to submit data (including garbled issues)

1. Imitate the login page display (using the traditional method is process-oriented)Using the HttpClient API provided by Apache is an object-oriented(The bottom of the article contains the source of the connection, including the use of the async

Spring Official document Translation--15.4 processor mapping (Handler mappings)

15.4 Processor Mapping (Handler mappings) Note: The following translates Handler into a processorIn spring's earlier version number, the user also had to define the processor mappings in the context of the Web application to configure the

Javaweb determine whether the current request is a mobile device access method

Because the mobile and PC side is slightly different, I think it is best to be in a unified judgment, and do not change the original code, this can reduce the number of bugs to a certain extent. My idea is to first determine whether the current

Android cannot locate symbol ' sigemptyset ' problem solved

The device is Android 4.1 tablet, support ARMEABI-V7A and MIPS, in order to be able to use the Poco C + + lib, with CMake compiled the Poco MIPS architecture Lib, but in the Android studio quote runtimeCannot locate symbol ' Sigemptyset 'Google down,

Web Mobile-compatible

Mobile summary and phone compatibility issues H5 page window automatically adjusts to device width and prevents users from zooming the page(The UC browser of some Android phones can be zoomed out after writing)Ignore numbers in a page as phone

60 Seconds Verification Code Countdown JS code JS style code box up and down randomly move (timer) JS in the method of getting elements JS form submission

60 Seconds Verification Code Countdown JS codeJS Style #ff0000; The style code in//JS does not allow "-" connectors, "-" after the first letter to uppercase, "-" omitted not

Phone Address Book Recovery

Some time ago my brother back up the phone address Book backup is the XLS table format, and now import does not go in, with a variety of software is wrong.I exported it as a vcard (suffix is vcf), opened in text format and looked under. A vcard is

"direct fetch with のandroid common code module parsing and sharing" のnotification and Notificationmanager

This article source code is hosted in, Welcome forkThe Android project is doing much more. Will find that the original very many basic things are able to reuse, this series introduced some of their own

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