Two-dimensional code recognition of Android full compiler Zbar

Copyright NOTICE: Reprint must indicate this article transferred from Zhangjie's blog: Probably just do Android development time has done two-dimensional code scanning, then know less things, found out the zxing and

Brother: The social mini-game app will be the next gold mine!

"To seek the elder brother every day an original dry goods, the 45th article"There are many opportunities to move the Internet. The opportunity to do who first is greater, so it is important to seize the opportunity. Now the app market, the various

"ADO" 5, mobile phone attribution to query (Winfrom)

Using System.IO;There is a TXT file for the database mobile number, the format is: 13500000000-13560000000-China MobileSearch Result: Hunan Mobile [Shaoyang]Folder selection dialog box FolderBrowserDialog;String[] Directory.GetFiles (path, type,

Android Jni and NDK Learning (--JNI) instance two pass-through class objects

1 Application Layer is the invocation class for the JNI function, and its code is as follows:PackageCOM.SKYWANG.NDK;;ImportAndroid.os.Bundle;ImportAndroid.util.Log;PublicClass NdkparamExtendsActivity

6 ways to exit Android apps most gracefully

First, container-typeCreate a global container that stores all the activity and loops through the finish activity when exitingImport java.util.ArrayList;Import java.util.List;Import;Import Android.os.Bundle;public class

Introduction to the importance of Android version number and version number names

Reprint Please specify source, from ""When we first started to learn Android. There may not be much attention to the Versioncode and versionname located in the

How to fix Android Studio import Project Card dead

This is often the case when using Android Studio, where you import projects from GitHub or elsewhere, and Android studio renders the card dead! When you encounter this situation, you can look at the following situation, in accordance with the method

Fundamentals of Android main hot update technology

I. AndfixThe Andfix principle is the replacement of the method, replacing the bug with the method in the patch file.Note: Replacing the bug method with pointer substitution in the native layer has been achieved to fix the bug.The andfix uses the

CSS3 realize the mouse moved to the picture on the image of the larger (slowly, there is a transition effect, the process of amplification is animated transition, the transition time can be customized)

Reprinted from: 's Transform:scale () can be scaled or scaled down.CSS3 's transition allows the CSS property values to smoothly transition within a certain time interval. This effect can

MyBatis generator automatically generate Model,mapper and other files

MyBatis Generator IntroductionMyBatis Generator Chinese Document Generator (MBG) is a MyBatis code generator MyBatis and IBATIS. He can generate code for each version of MyBatis, and Ibatis 2.2.0 later code. He can

The pixel and DPR of mobile web development

DefinedPixels, also known as the picture element, is the basic unit of the image display, translated from English "Pixel", the pix is a common shorthand for the English word picture, and with the English word "elements" element, it gets pixel, so

mapping exceptions for entity classes and data tables (XXX is not mapping[])

when using The SSH Framework development process uses The tool class provided by the hibernate framework to interact with database data, and when performing a cmd operation, the following exception

Android 4.4 Full source code and sub-module source code download method

Blog "android source code download-using Git clone to implement a single folder download" introduced the use of Git clone method to download Android single folder source code, this article has four years of history, during which Google's source code

hadoop2.4 Support Snappy

We hadoop2,4 the cluster does not support snappy compression by default, but recently some business parties say that some of their data is snappy compressed (this part of the data is provided to them by another cluster is snappy compressed format)

JQuery ajax dynamic Append CREATE table incompatible IE8

Very many cases. With JS (jQuery1.10) Dynamic to create some styles, the dynamic interaction of the page is very convenientHowever, different browsers are not very compatible with dynamically generated, incompatible IE8 that are encountered here.

redirect in ASP. NET Web Application

In the process of developing ASP. NET MVC Web application, after developing the new system, we need to put the old system's URL redirect the new systemThere is a file 301redirectspages.config under the project system directory, which reads as

WINFORM Borderless form Shadow and move

Form Mobile API[DllImport ("User32.dll")]public static extern bool ReleaseCapture ();[DllImport ("User32.dll")]public static extern bool SendMessage (INTPTR hwnd, int wmsg, int wParam, int iparam);public const int wm_syscommand = 0x0112;public const

Read Chelshin: Shanghai auto show big explosion mobile video commercial plot

As one of the heavy International Auto Show, the Shanghai Auto Show has been formally closed on 28th, incomplete statistics, the exhibition during the reception of nearly 260,000 spectators, on-site car purchase and booking 16,000 vehicles, sales

Android App Stress test (i)---monkey introduction and basic use

Objective: a long time ago, I heard of monkey, but what is monkey to do, how to use it, we still have the simplest problem to start learning it;PS: my blog post format has changed, read a lot of blog post, found that this style reading is very

VIOS-based Virtual Ethernet implementation in the "go" Power System

Operation principle and configuration implementation of virtual Ethernet adapter based on VIOSThis article explains the working principle, basic configuration options and configuration steps of the VIOS-based virtual Ethernet adapter in the Power

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