Fragment of "Android development" and acitvity communication

In the previous article we talked about the frequent use of functions related to fragment, since fragment is called "small activity". Now let's talk about how fragment communicates with Acitivity. Suppose the last article still does not understand.

"iOS Dev-34" self-release pool @autoreleasepool usage precautions and ARC mechanism-interview required content

Self-release Pool @autorelease interview frequency may be the release is also high.(1) After you alloc an object (such as P1) in the active release Pool @autoreleasepool{}. [P1 autorelease] is still required, but this statement is different from [P1

FFmpeg on Android Output slide screen problem processing

FFmpeg a problem with a flower screen on some machines.The original code such as the following:while (Av_read_frame (Formatctx, &packet) >=0 &&!_stop && null!=window && binit) {//are This a packet from the video stream?if

AOSP android7.1.1-r16 Source Code compilation

Compiling the Environment configuration Ubuntu17.04 Installing OPENJDK (7/8/9) sudo apt-get install OPENJDK-8-JDK Install Git sudo apt-get install gitgit config--global "

Use Ant packaged Android app to explain--ant usage resolution

The use of Ant packaged Android application specific explanation describes the process of using ant packaging, but the very many steps do not explain why, this article will be understood from the ant aspect, the next one from the APK generation

iOS four ways to store data and pros and cons

iOS has four ways to use data storage frequently:First method: Store configuration information with NsuserdefaultsNsuserdefaults is designed to store configuration information for devices and applications. It returns the default, and most frequently

"Android Studio Discovery Trail Series" VI: Android Studio joins dependencies

Guo XiaoxingWeibo: Guo Xiaoxing's Sina WeiboEmail:[email protected]Blog: of "Android Studio Discovery Road Series" chaptersOne of the "Android Studio Discovery Trail Series":

IOS http (upload and download)

Tag: File path cannot err res loaddata omd usr URL downloadHttpTool.h#importtypedefvoid(^Httptoolprogressblock) (CGFloat progress); typedefvoid(^httptoolcompletionblock) (Nserror *error);@interfaceHttptool:nsobject-(void) Uploaddata: (NSData *) Data

Android ImageView does not display JPEG images and how to reference picture resources in Android Studio

Android ImageView does not display JPEG picturesToday in writing a small instance, ImageView in the XML set is invisible, in the code needs to be set to Setvisibility (view.visible), but the picture is not displayed, Images that are converted to PNG

Android Learning record 04--binding form

1 Writing the Hellobindservice method,2 Writing the Bindserviceactivity method,3 then run, result--A. Click "Bind Service"B. Click "Unbind Service"C. After unbinding, click Get Service data to prompt to bind the serviceD. Click "Bind Service", then

Call up the local app with a URI

1. Configure in the Android local app manifest file Attention:The schema must all be lowercase letters.

Optimized cache files such as Android COCOS2DX engine prv.ccz/plist/so, hands-on Ida teaches you reverse project Decompile apk Library and other files

I saw a really awesome 3D dynamic weather forecast on Android play a while ago, and it was very cool. Apart hands Dex2jar.bat/apktool found out that it didn'tWhat eggs are used, see the native field in the core to decisively abandon the treatment,

NPM I macaca-android-g failed to install successfully, run script prompt after successful installation app-debug.apk no problem

Transfer from Https://, the Macaca team upgraded macaca-android2.0.2 and app-inspector1.2.28, resulting in various issues after the upgradeSee Https:// let me summarize the

Automatically generate Dao.Model.Mapping related files using Mybatis-gererator

One. Use Mybatis-gererator to automatically generate Dao.Model.Mapping-related files in MyEclipse using MAVEN projects1. About Mybatis-generator download can go to this address: Find a download profile

XML file parsing "Android 7"--pull parsing

Pull parsing Pull-easier to use than DOM and saxPull parsing related classes/interfacesParsing xml--Package: ORG.XMLPULL.VL Xmlpullfactory Class: Parser factory class for creating parser objects Xmlpullparser class: Parser class for

Android Development Change screen orientation

In some scenarios, we need to change the screen direction of the mobile phone, here is a sample I wrote.XML Paging File: Relativelayout xmlns:android="Http://" xmlns:tools="Http://"

Recommended automated testing tools for five Android apps

Today, automated testing has been applied to daily tests. This is not surprising, as automated testing saves time during testing and avoids test errors and omissions that include human factors.There are many options for automated test tools. Some

Android Dynamic Reverse analysis tool zjdroid--shelling artifact

Project address: Root Phone2, need to install xposed Framework through xposed installer (;I. Introduction of ZJDROID ToolsZjdroid is a dynamic inverse

How to get the music list for IOS-music player

Method One:The method is to get the path of the music by getting to the sandbox path (use this method to put the music into the Sandbox) Nsfilemanager *manager = [nsfilemanager defaultmanager]; NSString *documents = [nshomedirectory ()

Android 2048 game implementation

Android 2048 mini-game complete implementation: gridlayout layout (android 4.0 and above).Once did a 2048 algorithm problem, learned a few days android, think can achieve an android Version. And I wrote A.Included in Something:GridLayout

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