Nagios error return code of 255 is out of bounds

There is no problem when executing at the command line,#/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe-h Check_memoryOK 0.59GBut this problem is shown in the Nagios browser interface,The general solution is to examine two

App Stress test Finishing

Stress test Results :CRASH: Crash, application in use process, non-normal exitAnr:application Not RespondingMonkeyrunner APIsMonkeyrunner: Used to connect a device or simulatormonkeydevice: Provides installation, uninstall app, send simulation

Android easy to learn bitmap display pictures and cached images

Yesterday we learned how to connect to the network, today we will learn how to display the screen into the projectThe main use of today is the bitmap classBitmap is one of the most important classes of image processing in an Android system. It can

Android Development---Aidl

In Android development, multi-process communication is sometimes used, at which point the options are:1. Bundle: Inter-process communication between four components2. File sharing: For no concurrency scenarios3. Messager: Low concurrency for

Xposed Framework in Android---an analysis of the principle of a shelled artifact Zjdroid tool based on xposed

First, prefaceIn the previous article, we introduced how to use the xposed framework to modify geo-location information to carry out its own hidden functions, this article will continue to introduce the xposed framework of another function is to

Tomcat 5.5, 6, 7 versions of the Web-app standard

Just said last week that the company's project of Web. XML was unified, and by the way, the next version of the standard servlet version corresponding to each tomcat, as follows:The XSD version is preferred since JSP 2.0/servlets 2.4 (Eg:tomcat 5.5).

Android Library for Developers (2016 edition)

Reprint: Third-party library (translator note: including third-party SDK, open Source Library) in an amazing way to help Android development, with these other developers hard work of the results,

Android database read data display [5]

2016-12-1 Course ContentLearned about Android Database upgrade, downgrade, create yesterdayToday, read the data from the database table and display it on the phone screen.The following code is the code for

Android Client performance optimization (Meizu Senior engineer without reservation)

This article by the Meizu Technology Limited Company senior Android development Engineer Degao (embedded Penguin Circle Original team member) writes, is Degao in the embedded Penguin Circle published the first original article, unreservedly

Android ImageView Use posture correctly

Reprinted from Http:// aea773c1e815fdef910fba28d765940b&chksm= 84b3b1feb3c438e8372850a36bdcb87fdfb1ca793793a7c9598bcc792aabbb0f417b7a32c989&mpshare=1&scene=1& Srcid=1117pji4bqtwg94d2q3

Android SDK Mirror server resources

Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information Mirror server address:- Port: 80Beijing University mirror server address:-ipv4: 80-ipv4:

Use of sshd on Android

1. IntroductionFor some reason, I need to develop on Android, use the ADB more trouble, so I want to use sshd. The recommended software is OpenSSH, other options are dropbear, mosh.Of course there are other options, such as Termux, which are not

JavaScript apply and call, execution environment, garbage collection, closures

      " >         My JSP  ' test3.jsp '  starting page                                        -->                   This is my JSP page.    Execution Environment       " >         My JSP  ' test3.jsp '  starting page                               

. NET C # Apple message Push tool class

public class Appleapnsmessage {/////Apple Information Push certificate path (note Beta is not the same as the official release certificate)/// private static string Cerpath = configurationmanager.appsettings["Cerpath"]; ///Apple Push service

Running as a packaged application----xdebug-xrunjdwp:server=y,transport=dt_socket,address=8000,suspend=n

19.2 Running as a packaged applicationIf you use the Spring Boot Maven or Gradle plugins to create a executable jar you can run your application using java -jar . F or example:$ Java-jar Target/myproject-0.0.1-snapshot.jarIt is also possible to run

Easy to use milestones, Timeline <ios widgets >

Thank you very much, help my friends, thank you. The last time my good friend pointed out that I coded (jwtextfiled tool component) There are some non-standard problems, this time the attention increased.Dull Hair Address:

Android Database upgrade, downgrade, create (OnCreate () Onupgrade () Ondowngrade ())

The database version upgrades the management operations of the software.Our mobile phone will often receive the XXX software upgrade what the reminder, your software version updates, and your database corresponding version of the corresponding

Android Routing implementation

This article has authorized the public number: Yang (hongyangandroid) in the public platform original debut. Extra! I am participating in the CSDN2016 Year Blog Star Award, please give me a vote.Here is my address:

The fastest way to develop Android studio

OverviewNowadays, the development of more and more efficiency and rhythm, save time to do more things, in addition to the development of technical packaging, development tools, the use of skills is also very important, today, according to their own

Android Memory leak debug

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.Copyright NOTICE: This article for the brother even original article, without the Bo Master permission not reproduced.Android Memory Leak

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