Running as a packaged application----xdebug-xrunjdwp:server=y,transport=dt_socket,address=8000,suspend=n

19.2 Running as a packaged applicationIf you use the Spring Boot Maven or Gradle plugins to create a executable jar you can run your application using java -jar . F or example:$ Java-jar Target/myproject-0.0.1-snapshot.jarIt is also possible to run

Ios-json parsing accuracy loss processing (NSString, Double, Float)

Processing price in the development of the problem, the background often return to float type, printing or turning into nsstring will have the problem of precision loss, so use the system's own nsdecimalnumber to do processing, can solve the problem:

Android Routing implementation

This article has authorized the public number: Yang (hongyangandroid) in the public platform original debut. Extra! I am participating in the CSDN2016 Year Blog Star Award, please give me a vote.Here is my address:

Android custom Control (ii) Bitmapshader, shapedrawable, Shape

In the first blog, I have summarized some common methods, this article mainly introduces Bitmapshader bitmap rendering, Composeshader combined rendering, and then see how xfermode is actually applied. However, this article is only to rewrite OnDraw

The fastest way to develop Android studio

OverviewNowadays, the development of more and more efficiency and rhythm, save time to do more things, in addition to the development of technical packaging, development tools, the use of skills is also very important, today, according to their own

Android Debug DAFA Custom IDE Default signature file

Copyright NOTICE: Reprint must indicate this article transferred from Zhangjie's blog: Android Debug DAFA Custom IDE Default signature file, do you bother debugging a third-party SDK when the debug signature and

Android Memory leak debug

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.Copyright NOTICE: This article for the brother even original article, without the Bo Master permission not reproduced.Android Memory Leak

Jni_android in the project call. So dynamic Library implementation

Transferred from: Create a project in eclipse: Testjni2. Create a new Class:TestJNI.javaPackage Com.wwj.jni;public class Testjni {public native Boolean Init (); public native int Add (int x, int y); public

Android uses shape to draw lines

Note: Android3.0 above system starts to support hardware acceleration feature hardwareaccelerated, which is enabled by default. When one of your activity uses the "dashed" effect, you must set the Hardware acceleration propertyof the activity in the

Android Development Common Tool class

From introduced in the summary of Android development commonly used tool classes, most of the same applies to Java.Currently includes Httputils, Downloadmanagerpro, Safe.ijiami,

Android Code writing specification

1. resource file naming rules2. Class name file naming conventions3. Enumerate as few as possible4.public method, important logic, main class struct must be commented, other parts can be customized annotation5. The submission code must describe the

Selector of Android Style

In the daily development, there will inevitably be such a situation, for a button, TextView ... Setting a change in the color of a click may be a change in the background background, or it may be a change in the color of the font, simply say: By

Mosquitto Build Android Push Service (ii) Mosquitto cluster building

article steel to:1. Double-server Setup2. Multi-server SetupOne, Mosquitto distributed cluster deploymentIf you need to do a large amount of concurrency when you need to consider doing cluster processing, but I found in the data is not much, so I

Introduction to the Android program directory and UI

Directory Structure of Android programs       SRC: Source code organization and Management directory. Gen: The automatically generated directory generates some important files, such as, which are not normally

Several multi-threaded implementations in Android

There are several ways to do this:1) activity.runonuithread (Runnable)2) (Runnable); View.postdelay (Runnable, long)3) Handler4) AsynctaskAndroid is a single-threaded model, which means that Android UI operations are not thread-safe and

Overview of the Multi-threading implementation approach for Android development

One, single-threading modelWhen a program starts for the first time, Android initiates a corresponding main thread, which is primarily responsible for handling UI-related events such as user keystroke events, user-touching screen events, and screen

HTML5 Mobile Development Road (Wuyi)--jquerymobile improve page access speed

This paper is the official HTML5 training course for Brother Lian it education organization, mainly introduces: HTML5 Mobile Development Road (Wuyi)--jquerymobile improve page access speedWhen using jquery Mobile for development, you can choose a

HTML5 Mobile Development Road (Wuyi)--jquerymobile improve page access speed

This paper is the official HTML5 training course for Brother Lian it education organization, mainly introduces: HTML5 Mobile Development Road (Wuyi)--jquerymobile improve page access speedWhen using jquery Mobile for development, you can choose a

iOS calculates the last date distance now, such as xx hours ago, xx minutes ago, etc.

/** *  计算上次日期距离现在多久 * *  @param lastTime    上次日期(需要和格式对应) *  @param format1     上次日期格式 *  @param currentTime 最近日期(需要和格式对应) *  @param format2     最近日期格式 * *  @return xx分钟前、xx小时前、xx天前 */+ (NSString *)timeIntervalFromLastTime:(NSString *)lastTime       

When Android Studio uses the source code to report the red warning everywhere, the operation is correct.

Reprint Address:[Abstract: Being as on the open, encountered that topic, opened all the Java source files, the right side of the red, find no to the class, to no way, because it is not the face hit

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