APP Today Extension Development considerations

From iOS 8, there's app Extension. The variety of extension has also been expanded to 19 kinds, the application is also very extensive, deserves the key attention.Extension can almost be seen as an embedded standalone app with independent Bundleid,

"Go" iOS static library a file making process

Original URL: New Cocoa Touch Static Library projectNew Project 2. Parameter settings for Xcode "Build Active Architecture only" is set to "NO" "iOS Deployment Target" is set to "iOS 7.0", which

Android Multimedia Framework Summary (20) Mediacodec status cycle and codec and input/output buffer process (with instance)

Reprint please the head source link and the tail two-dimensional code together reprint, this article from countercurrent fish yuiop: The previous sections are introduced CAMERA2 related,

IOS Data Encryption Scheme

Submit User's privacy dataBe sure to use the POST request to submit the user's privacy dataAll parameters of the GET request are exposed directly to the URLThe requested URL is typically recorded in the server's access logServer access logs are one

Android Handy and popular plugins and tools

1, GitHub, whether it is to do Android or other, as long as the development will be on the site, is also the celestial no wall off a few sites2, Stack OverFlow, this and the above, the foreign very famous question and answer website, in above

Android studio2.2 NDK Error: Format not a string literal and no format arguments!

NDK programming on Android Studio2.2, error when logging output to *char string:Error:format not a string literal and no format arguments [-werror=format-security]Code:Online said version is incompatible with the result! The following workarounds

Android Face questions and Answers

JavaWhat is 1.GC? Why do you have a GC? GC is the meaning of garbage collection (Gabage Collection), memory processing is where programmers are prone to problems, forgetting or wrong memory recycling can cause program or system instability or even

Android okhttp usage and analysis

In the field of Android development, many important issues have a good open source solution, such as network request OkHttp + Retrofit is simply the choice. "We don't have to reinvent the wheel to say that we don't need to know how to build a wheel

Create your own static library in iOS development. A, resource pool. Bundle,. Framework

First, what is the library libraries are actually a way of sharing code, primarily for code reuse and source hiding, usually in dynamic and static libraries.Static Library: A full copy of the link is made to the executable file, and multiple copies

iOS Development UI Chapter-Program startup principle and UIApplication

iOS Development UI Chapter-Program startup principle and UIApplicationFirst,UIApplication1. Brief introduction(1) The UIApplication object is a symbol of the application, and a UIApplication object represents an application.(2) Each application has

iOS Learning Note 08-quartz2d drawing

First, quartz2d simple introductionThe drawing framework commonly used in iOS is quartz2d,quartz2d is part of the core Graphics framework, and all of the Uikit components we use in our daily development are made up of core Graphics that are

Wemall Java-based T binding and processing of logic relationship codes between fragments and Viewpager in the App Store source code

Wemall Doraemon is the Android client program, the server uses Wemall Mall, do not make any changes to the original mall, only need to upload the interface file in the original mall directory to complete the server configuration, the client can be

Online search for the regular verification mailbox phone and other code

Package;Import Java.util.regex.Pattern;/*** Validator: Use regular expression to check the mailbox, mobile phone number, etc.** @author Liujiduo**/public class Validator {/*** Regular expression: Verify user name*/public static

Error in iOS: Mutating method sent to immutable object

Today I switch account login, access to user information, the program crashes, error: Mutating method sent to immutable objectWhen I set a global breakpoint to debug, this is to give us the method of error, and print the error messageThis is where

A good Android app starts with a project

1. Project structureThe current MVP model is becoming more and more popular. is used by default.If the project is relatively small: App--application Activity Fragment presenter, etc. top-level parent class Config--api, constant table,

Mobile Gesture Library Hammerjs 2.0.4 Official document translation

Hammerjs is an excellent, lightweight touchscreen device gesture library that has now been updated to version 2.04, with the 1.0 version somewhat Tianrang, after all, rewriting the event name and adding a number of methods that allow simultaneous

Angularjs and ionic frame construction WebApp

This article original copyright to Jane book author chatter Chatter all the chatter, reprint please contact the author to obtain authorization, and at the beginning of the article mark original author and source, show respect!Wen/chatter, chatter,

Android Permissions Daquan

Access Registration Properties Android.permission.ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES, read or write permission to enlist Check-in Database property sheet Get the wrong position Android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, through WiFi

"Original" mobile Web point 5 pixels secret

Recently chatting with a friend, friends confide in the work of some unhappy, said that they always like to compare with others, live more tired, this feeling most people experienced, often feel that their mentality is not good, it is not, this is

Android Elite Vivid Weapon reading Notes-chapter Iii: Android Studio Artifice

Android Elite Vivid Weapon reading Notes-chapter Iii: Android Studio Artifice This article is long, you can use the copyright notice below the table of contents, find interesting to read Directory 3.1 The use of Android

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