Android Event Bus Otto usage instructions and source code parsing

first, Otto Brief introductionOtto is the library of square launch, address: Https://'s take a look at Otto's official introduction.An enhanced guava-based event bus with emphasis on Android support. Otto is a event bus

Android Studio shortcut keys (MAC)

CodeAlt+f7:find usageAlt+command+l: Formatting codeAlt+command+o: Optimize import (remove useless import)Command+o:override MethodsCommand+i:implement MethodsCommand+b:declaration View DefinitionsAlt+command+b:implementations view its

HTTPS theory Foundation and its best practices in Android

We know that HTTP requests are transmitted in plaintext, so-called plaintext refers to unencrypted information, which can be very dangerous if the HTTP request is intercepted by a hacker and contains sensitive data such as a bank card password. In

Android Gets the color of a point in a linear gradient

Android does provide a lot of very powerful tools for us, for example, we've often added gradient (gradients) to shape recently, like a linear gradient in my project,[HTML]View PlainCopy  XML version= "1.0" encoding="Utf-8"?> shape

Android Official Development Document Training Series Chinese version: Network management of network operation

Original address: lesson will learn how to have finer-grained control over the use of network resources. If your application often performs a large number of network

iOS development GET, POST request method: Nsurlsession

Nsurlsession, and Nsurlconnection are tied, and can support background related network operation of the new features; unlike Nsurlconnection, Nsurlsession replaced Nsurlconnection with Nsurlsession,

OC Basics for iOS Development-classes and objects

This series of articles is mainly from the individual in the learning forward education-Ouyangjian teacher's iOS development tutorial of the OC language teaching video notes, while watching video, while recording course knowledge points. We

IOS wait condition met and then down execution but not master card thread Nsrunloop

when we need to wait for an asynchronous result to execute the code down, write the callback is cumbersome, the function is relatively simple, you can insert the following red part of the code. -(Ibaction) Start: (ID) sender{pagestillloading =

An analysis of the realization of Android music idioms

an analysis of the realization of Android music idiomsBelow isThe catalogue works as follows:specific implementations and issues encountered in the process of writingThe first step: Build a database, such as a large number of data, you can use the

Android Development Note (104) Message Push SDK

Push integration common concept push: from the server to send messages to the client app in real time, which is push, push can be used to send system notifications, send referral information, send chat messages and so on.Aliases: Used to give mobile

iOS gets the name and version number of the current app-by

Nsdictionary *infodictionary = [[NSBundle mainbundle] infodictionary]; Cfshow (infodictionary); App Name NSString *app_name = [infodictionary objectforkey:@"Cfbundledisplayname"]; //App version NSString *app_version = [infodictionary

How jquery appends elements (the difference between append prepend after before)

The append () method inserts the content at the end of the selected element.The prepend () method inserts the content at the beginning of the selected element. The After () method inserts content after the selected element.The before () method

ios-round corner setting performance optimization

Check out some of the corners of the performance optimization of the post, summarized under the record.First of all:Dsimageviewround How to useiOS pictures high performance setting filletIn general, we set the rounded corners in the iOS development

Three ways to parse XML in Android

There are three ways to parse XML in Android: SAX (Simple API XML), DOM (Document objrect Model), and the recommended pull parsing method for Android. Suppose you want to parse a person.xml document zhangsan 21

iOS Development Network-building a local server

iOS Development Network-building a local serverA simple explanationdescription : Download the relevant software in advance, and the installation directory is best installed in the full English path. If the path has a Chinese name, there may be some

Android uses an XML serializer to generate an XML file

In the article "Android Generate XML File" to write XML format file in the form of a stream, but there is a certain problem, that is, in the text message content can not appear in <> and other parentheses, this article uses the XML serializer to

Django Learning Note II: A project to build multiple app projects

Django allows multiple apps to exist in a project, such as a large portal that can contain forums, news, and so on, each of which is called an app, and can be understood as a separate, small project that is ultimately integrated in a portal to be

A few words implement navigation bar transparent gradient –ios

First, let's look at the effect.At first when we had just set a picture as its head view, it was like this First of all, we need to make the nav bar transparent. So first we need to know that setting Navigationbar's

Get iOS system version

How to obtain system information for iOS devices [Uidevice Currentdevice]Get system Information for iphone using [Uidevice Currentdevice] with the following information:[[Uidevice Currentdevice] systemName]: System name, such as iphone OS[[Uidevice

Android Deep Explore (Volume 1) HAL and Driver Development chapter sixth the first Linux driver: Count the number of words

Android Deep Explore (Vol. 1) Hal with driver developmentSixth Chapter First Linux drivers: Count the number of wordsThe function of counting the number of words is encapsulated in the Linux driver.Linux drivers work and access is one of the Linux

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