Java/android Design Pattern Learning Note (---builder mode)

In this blog we introduce the builder pattern, the builder pattern, also known as the generator pattern, is one of the creative patterns, unlike the factory approach pattern and the abstract factory pattern, which are designed to achieve

Using Androidstudio for NDK development simple configuration

1. Preparatory workBefore we actually write the code, we need to do some preparatory work first: Download NDK Development Kit:Android official download page Configuring System Environment Variables After downloading the NDK

Android's sqllite operation

Layout file Created four keys, respectively, the corresponding additions and deletions to changeXML version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?>LinearLayoutxmlns:android= "Http://"Xmlns:tools=

Phone debug, open debug level

The real machine does not turn on the log switch by default, so if we use the real machine to do the program testing, we need to do the following several steps:***************************************************************************The following

ios--Docking SOAP Protocol interface

Recently in the docking SOAP protocol interface, respectively, using AFN and the system's own method for parsing. SOAP protocol specifically what is not elaborated, can be self-Baidu.Say something you need to be aware of:1,ios with the SOAP protocol

Android Development 60 Technical Experience Summary

Android Development 60 Technical Experience Summary, the following is the full text:1. All activity can inherit from Baseactivity, it is easy to unify style and deal with public events, build a dialog Unified builder, in case the overall change is

The Weather app for Android

Make a weather information APP that provides real-time weather updates by reading publicly released meteorological data to help users stay informed about the weather. By using the app, you can find the weather forecast in your location, or you can

iOS category and extension (Extension)-B

Apple's official documentationcategory is used very frequently in iOS development. Especially in the expansion of the system class, we can not inherit the system class, directly to the system class to add methods, the maximum extent of the objective-

PHP and JS to determine whether the phone or computer access

When users use mobile devices such as mobile phones to access the site, we can detect the user terminal type through the program, if it is a mobile phone user, then guide the user to the mobile site adapted to the mobile screen. This article will

Some specifics about IOS encryption

There are several IOS encryption algorithms, such as Md5,sha1,aes,base64 and RSA. 1. MD5:MD5 is message-digest algorithm 5 (Information-Digest algorithm 5), which is used to ensure complete and consistent information transmission. is one of the

Useful shortcuts for Android

The powerful Android StudioJune 2016Android Studio is the official tool for Android development these days. Being developed at the top of Project IntelliJ idea, takes to advantage (almost in its entirety) features of edition, DE Bugging, analysis,

iOS Waxpatch Hot Update principle


Here's how to quote someone else's article: Why do I need waxpatch In many cases, applications already in AppStore need urgent bug fixes, and some technical tools are needed

Androidasynctask Source Code Analysis (reprint)

Androidasynctask Source Code AnalysisReprint please indicate source:, this article from: "Zhang Hongyang's Blog"1. OverviewI believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with the asynctask, for

"Go" Windows Build eclipse+jdk+sdk Android

Original URL: related download(1) Java jdk Download:Go to this page: (or click to download directly) such as:Select the Download jdk to download

Ionic Framework for Android return key processing

In the Hybridapp Mobile cross-platform development, the Android platform will encounter some special and difficult to solve problems, these problems in the native application development is very easy, Android's return key processing is one of the

iOS Development-Location services and GEO fencing

First, get the user's locationUse the Corelocation framework.1. If your app is based on location to run correctly, you should include the Uirequireddevicecapabilities key in your info.plist. The App Store uses this information to prevent devices

Correct use of IOS macros (define) and constants (const)

In iOS development, macro definitions are often used, or some data types are modified with const, and often developers do not know how to use them correctly, resulting in the confusion of macros and const decorations in the project.Can you

Getting Started with Android studio (Installation--development debugging)

Written in the previous words: This article source : Target: Android studio novice –> Download installation configuration –> 0 Basics –> Basic use –> Debugging Skills –> Build Project

Blog Park Mobile client based on react-native implementation

Starting from the beginning of May, the middle out of intermittent spare time, based on React-native, in the blog Park existing open interface based on the realization of a blog Park mobile phone client. Because bloggers do not have an iOS

The system of Android instant communication based on XMPP protocol

Previously done a chat social software based on XMPP protocol, summed up a bit. Sent Out.Based on the open source Xmpp im protocol, the C/S architecture is designed to connect to the server with the TCP protocol via GPRS wireless network to erect

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