Official UNITY4.6.2 released with support for 64-bit iOS

Unity4.6.2 is nowOfficially released and available for download, this is the first official version of unity to support 64-bit iOS, with the latest il2cpp technology. download please visit:Http:// is an innovative

Meaning of assign, copy, retain and other keywords in ios

Assign: Simple assignment, do not change index count copy: Creates an object with an index count of 1, and then releases the old object retain: Frees the old object, assigns the value of the old object to the input object, and then increases the

Add and customize a view of the Xamarin iOS tutorial

Xamarin iOS Tutorial Add and customize view Xamarin iOS user interface--viewIn the iphone or ipad, the user sees the view. Views are an important component of the user interface. For example, when you want to enable a user to implement text input,

Append and extend in the Python list

Recently, when reading the source code of Scrapy, I saw the use of the list method append and extend. Look at the junior, still a little confused. Then look for some information to distinguish it. The answer in StackOverflow is this: Append: Append

Android Network programming Series A transport layer of the TCP/IP protocol family

This reference article is mainly used for the diffusion of knowledge points in subsequent articles, in this special backup and diffusion learning Exchange.There are TCP protocols and UDP protocols in the transport layer.1.UDP IntroductionUDP is a

An in-depth understanding of pendingintent in Android

pendingintent literal meaning: waiting, intent not determined.To get a Pendingintent object that uses a static method of the getActivity(Context, int, Intent, int) getBroadcast(Context, int, Intent, int) method class, getService(Context, int,

About Android confusing files Project.Properties and proguard-project.txt detailed

Have not understood the specific role of some files in the development of Android, and later used, the specific study, a reference to the information on the Internet, the final summary, easy to view later!The old version of a file,

Optimization Tips for Android

Efficient Use of threads1. Cancel actions in some threads in the backgroundWe know that all of the actions in the app run are done by default in the main thread (UI thread), so that the app's responsiveness is affected. can cause the program to

iOS Series tutorial Textkit Implementation of text-to-picture mixed reading PostScript

iOS Series tutorial Textkit Implementation of text-to-picture mixed reading PostScriptThe first two days to see Sohu home Mingo wrote "Textkit realize the picture and text mixed row" Tonight home to see the next API found a more trickery

[Android Studio] How Android Studio Prompts for function usage

Eclipse has a very good function, that is, when your code calls an Android API, the mouse moves to the corresponding function or method, it will automatically have a hangingThe floating window prompts the description of the function (which contains

An explanation of XML tools properties in Android

First PartIn Android development, when writing layout code, the IDE can see the layout Preview.However, some effects must be run before they can be seen, like this: TextView does not set any characters in the XML, but instead sets the text in the

Androidのlistview Sliding list items (click events and slide events coexist)-Bvin

Return Script BlackstoneHere exactly in the project there is such a BT demand, such as the ListView item can respond to click events can also respond to item's left and right sliding events, two events can be independent of each other.I heard that

iOS Development UI Chapter-quartz2d use (Stationery stripe)

First, the preamble procedureCreate a new project and implement the following lines of code in the main controller file to easily tile the picture in the view.1 #import "YYViewController.h" 2 3 @interface Yyviewcontroller () 4 5 @end 6 7

Android Custom Controls

Reprinted from:[email protected]/blog/static/103242241201382210910473/To develop a custom control: 1, understand how view works 2, write subclass 3 Inheriting from view, add property 4 for Custom view class, draw control 5,

Google Developing for Android Learning summary

avoid using memory in loopsIt is also understood that to create as few objects as possible in the loop, the custom control avoids frequently creating paint objects inside the OnDraw. avoid memory allocations whenever possibleObject cache:constants

[Transfer]ios certificate (. p12) and description file (. mobileprovision) Application

Reproduced in: are two types of certificates and profiles for iOS: Certificate Type Usage Scenarios Develop (development) certificates and profiles For

App adaptation Ios8,iphone6 and plus screenshot brief description

This article reprinted to on September 25 to get the iP6 and IP6 plus the real machine, just do the work of adaptation app

"android layout" set android:gravity and Android:layout_gravity properties in your program

The Android:gravity and Android:layout_gravity properties may often be used for UI Layouts.On the difference between the two properties, there are many people on the internet has been explained, this way to briefly say. (information from the Network)

One of the iOS design patterns (mvc mode, Singleton Mode)


In the original text, see: Http:// translated by @krq_tiger (, If you find any translation errors, please contact me thank you.  iOS  Design patterns-you may have heard the word,

Android's file Structure

First look at the entire project directory, each directory has a specific role, the following: SRC directory, where the source code files are Stored. Gen directory, the file generated automatically by the ADT Plugin. Assets

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