Android design mode--strategy mode

1. Definition:The strategy Pattern defines a family of algorithms,encapsulates each one,and makes them interchangeable. Strategy lets the algorithm vary independently from clients.Define a series of algorithms (these algorithms achieve the same work,

iOS development--Data Persistence OC & (iv) Preferences

Preference settingsFirst, Brief introductionMany iOS apps support preferences such as saving usernames, passwords, font size, and more, and iOS offers a standard set of solutions to add preferences to your appEach app has a Nsuserdefaults instance

Improved Android SDK Manager download speed method in eclipse

Locate the Hosts file in the Windows-system32-drivers-ect directoryOpen the Hosts file (you can open it with Notepad) and fill in the following file:

"Go" Android permissions list

Access Registration Properties Android.permission.ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES, read or write permission to enlist Check-in Database property sheet Get the wrong position Android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, through WiFi

Several simple and efficient array sorting methods for iOS

The first, using the sortedarrayusingcomparator of an array, calls Nscomparator, Obj1, and Obj2 objects in the arrayNscomparator cmptr = ^ (ID obj1, id obj2) {if ([Obj1 integervalue] > [obj2 integervalue]) {Return (Nscomparisonresult)

Mobile-Default META tags

Add this sentence to the of the Web page, so that the width of the Web page automatically adapts to the width of the phone screen. Where: Width=device-width: Indicates that the width is the width of the device screen initial-scale=1.0: Represents

Session ID not updated (AppScan scan results)

Recent job requirements address the vulnerability of the Web-based project, which is a appscan tool for scanning the vulnerability, in which this article is about the issue of session identity not being updated. Let's share this piece of

Android SOAP protocol with WebService

Today accidentally heard the SOAP protocol data transmission, nothing to see, simple internet search, summed up as follows:First, soap and HTTP, sockets are a data transfer protocol, not that WebService must use the SOAP protocol, but the main

Android's HttpURLConnection

1.HttpURLConnection Connection URL1) Create a URL objectURL url = new URL (;2) Get web page data from the network using HttpURLConnection objectsHttpURLConnection conn = (httpurlconnection) url.openconnection ();3) Set the

IIS7.5 APPCMD simple usage and examples

1 adding applications to the poolAppcmd.exe add apppool/ "v4.0"/managedpipelinemode: "Integrated"2 add site, specify site name, bind, physical pathAppcmd.exe add Site/name: ""/id:1/bindings:http/*:81

iOS Development note 4:http network communication and network programming

This article summarizes the methods used for HTTP communication and data upload and download in iOS development. There are third-party class libraries commonly used in network programming afnetworking or IOS7 start a new nsurlsession, and

Installation notes for Appache, etc. x64

Installation of a appache. Download the Appache installation package. ######################################################1. Use cmd to Apache24\bin, under this directory;2. Enter Httpd.exe-k install, installing the Appache service.3. Configure,

Installation notes for Appache, etc. x32

One: appache2.4.10 x32################################Download the appache2.4.10 x32 installation package in advance1.HTTPD.EXE-K installation of the Install Appache service, enter the bin directory of the extracted Appache and run the first command.

XENAPP 6.5 performs photoshop CS5 color display error issues

XENAPP 6.5 performs photoshop CS5 color display error issuesFirst, the question1. When performing Photoshop CS5 on the XenApp desktop (CS4 also has the same problem), the actual color of the picture is significantly different from the display color.

iOS Development-HTTP Terminator "ASI"

AsiFull name is ASIHTTPRequest, nickname "http Terminator", the function is very powerfulHigh operational efficiency based on the underlying cfnetwork frameworkUnfortunately the author has already stopped updating, there are some potential bugs no

Recent summary--android system time acquisition and AVD simulation GPS related debugging

GPS Application debuggingRecently when debugging GPS applications on the AVD, get location information, but often in debug loc is null, because first need to manually add GPS information in the AVD, there are two ways to manually add1, under Eclipse,

Android Combat Simple Tutorial-first shot (spinner control details)

This tutorial is simple and practical, people like the words can pay attention to me, thank you!A drop-down list box is a common graphical component that can effectively save screen space compared to other selection components and can be implemented

PHP gets IP based on IP to get city information to determine whether mobile phone login

function GetIP () {$realip = ";$unknown = ' unknown ';if (Isset ($_server)) {if (Isset ($_server[' http_x_forwarded_for ')) &&!empty ($_server[' http_x_forwarded_for ']) && STRCASECMP ($_server[' http_x_forwarded_for '), $unknown)) {$arr = Explode ('

Love your App for a single page

APP single page Showsimple, Big on App page650) this.width=650; "src=" auto-orient/strip%7cimageview2/2/w/1240 "class=" imagebubble-image "style="

Cracked Telecom light cat (personal Real Experience)

How to crack Telecom light cat?This is my real project experience.We develop a website for company a, and the database to be connected is on a Host B in a company's Lan.(question one: Why do you want to connect to Host B in the lan, not even the

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