Eclipse+cdt+gdb Debugging Android NDK Program

Eclipse+cdt+gdb Debugging Android NDK ProgramFirst introduce the development environment, in this environment, the UP master guarantee is no problem. Ubuntu 11.10 Eclipse 3.7 (Indego) for Java JDK 6 Android SDK 2.2 Andrid

TONCAT-OPENSSL bidirectional authentication Configuration (IOS)

OpenSSL generates certificatesTo build several files and folders under the directory to generate the certificate, there are./democa/./democa/newcerts/./democa/private/./democa/index.txt (empty file, which writes data records when a certificate is

iOS date format Yyyy-mm-dd

See the sample code to show the date format, do not conform to localization habits, view the Help document, modified into the usual date format, records for later search;NSDate *now = [NSDate Date];NSDateFormatter *DF = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init]

Android Universal-image-loader Framework Learning

I. Universal-image-loader Overview:Android-universal-image-loader is an open-source picture loading framework, the purpose of this project is to provide a reusable instrument for asynchronous image loading, caching and display.Features of the Open

iOS Development--swift & Classic Syntax 26) syntax correction

Multiple improvementsThe new Apple programming language Swift is a big update, and developers can use Swift to write better, more secure applications. The new Swift programming language fixes many requests made by developers. In addition, Apple has

Application for iOS

1.application Boot Path1Supporting Files--->main.m2 intMainintargcChar*argv[])3 {4 @autoreleasepool {5 /*6 argc: Number of parameters passed in by the system or user7 argv: Actual parameters passed in by the system or user8 9

Call wrapper based on c++11

To apply AOP in C + + is not as convenient as in other interpreter-based languages, as a static language, if you create a wrapper for a function or class method, embedding the pre-call code and the code after the call in the wrapper can also achieve

android-version control git and SVN

android-version control git and svn One version controlVersioning is a software engineering technique that ensures that the same projects that are edited by different people are updated during development.History of the two-version

AutoMapper Getting started

What is AutoMapper? Why do you use AutoMapper? How do I use AutoMapper? Where do I configure the automapper? How do I test my mappings? What is AutoMapper? AutoMapper is an object-to-object mapping relationship, and object-

The ultimate solution for the ADB to connect to Android phones under Linux

Turn from:, the process of doing Android development, encountered the Linux under the ADB can not identify the problem of Android devices, just started on the internet Google, found to be under

Android enables mobile phone orientation recognition

//自定义导航图标private BitmapDescriptor mIconLocation;//自定义传感器implements SensorEventListenerprivate MyOrientationListener myOrientationListener;//把监听的x方向的值存储到这里private float mCurrentX; //initialize icon miconlocation = Bit

Dark Horse programmer iOS Foundation eighth day

Reshape variable modifier change storage space for shaping variable short int a=4 short 2 byte%hdint 4 byte%d long 8 byte%ld long long 8 byte%lld shaping variable modifier Storage space for non-shaping variables int short long longlong change the

The corresponding relationship between Android system name, version, API level

Found on the official website, the specific address is:Http:// Code name Version API Level Lollipop 5.1 API level 22 Lollipop 5.0 could not being instantiated

This issue was encountered after updating studio because of a style.xml error in the values directory of studio.The error Style.xml file is as follows: resources > style name= " Apptheme " parent=

Android Intent Delivery List<object>

How intent in Android delivers Arraylist?hashmapIntent can pass list, list and so on, but I didn't find an object. So there's no list> type,You can do this here.Intent Intent = new intent ();Intent.putextra ("List", new arraylist ());Intent Intent =

Tips for mobile phone development: JavaScript and CSS function code sharing

1. Viewport:The visible area. For the desktop browser, we all know exactly what viewport is, and that is to go out all the toolbars, the status bar, the scroll bar, and so on to look at the page area,This is a truly effective area. Because the

From a weak reference to the crash talk weak assign strong application Scenario "iOS development tutorial"

From a weak reference to the crash talk weak assign strong application scenario Method One of the definitions in. h:@property(nonatomic,assign)NSArray*dataSource;Define method Two@property(nonatomic,strong)NSArray*dataSource;How to implement in. m-

iOS development in-depth coordinate system frame, bounds, center, transform different and connected

In doubt, please add QQ exchange Group: 390438081My qq:604886384 (indicated): niuting8231.1 Frame PropertyA. What is frameType: CGRect Structural Body (size Origin)Role: the position of the left vertex of the view in the coordinate system of the

Android custom view, drawing with Ontouchevent event (one)

Drawing construction methodsCustom view needs to inherit the view class, overriding two construction methodsUsed in the code new view object, Initialize public MyView (context Context) {super (context); init ();} General add Construction---"view put

Android system Download management Downloadmanager feature introduction and use Example article mainly unifies the source code to introduce the Android system Download Management Downloadmanager the powerful function and the use .This is a series of blogs that have been written

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