Get started with Android-basics

strings.xml– text resources. colors.xml– color resource. dimens.xml– size resource. arrays.xml– array Resource. styles.xml–-like resource. #RGB – Use 0~9, a~f to set the color of the red green blue, a total of 256

Android's hottest rapid development framework Xutils

recently searched some framework for beginners to learn, compared a bit xutils is currently more active on Git a framework, is based on the development of afinal, more than afinal stability improved a lot, the following is the introduction: Xutils

What happens when A Tablespace/database was Kept in Begin Backup Mode (Doc ID 469950.1)

GoalThis document explains in detail on what happens when a tablespace/datafile was kept in hot backup/begin backup mode.SolutionTo perform online/hot backup We had to put the tablespace in begin backup mode followed by copying the datafiles And

Android five big layout files

Android in order to accommodate a variety of layout formats, provides a 5 format of layout:LinearLayout (linear layout) Framelayout (frame layout) Relativelayout (relative layout) Tablelayout (table layout) Absolutelayout ( Absolute Layout ). In the

Run native executable in Android App

Run native executable in Android appdemo†Here's demo application called "Run Native Exe" to: Run local UNIX commands Run native executable downloaded from the Web package:nativeexe-0.2.apkSource code:on Github (ADT project)To

Timed tasks in iOS

Nstimer can set tasks that are scheduled to be performed in the app. Instead, use Setkeepalivetimeout:handler: You can set up timed tasks when the app is running in the background.NstimerBelow is Nstimer's head file, which introduces

iOS Learning Note--objective-c Protocol, code block, category

OverviewOBJC's syntax is primarily designed based on Smalltalk, with a number of additional features added in addition to the general object-oriented features, which will focus on some of the commonly used syntax features in OBJC. Of course,

Facebook launches Android image loading library-fresco

Reproduced Original link: Introducing fresco:a new Image Library for Android Author: Tyrone Nicholas Translator: Zhaokaiqiang Reviewer: chaossss Reviewer: bboyfeiyu Reviewer: billionwang Status: Complete

Domestic handset high price to raise the grade? Beyond the Apple is wishful

Domestic mobile phone out of the high price, hardware up, but the software is still in place, the so-called depth optimization of Android, but in the interface UI modification changes, the core code is not changed, and the Android architecture

Android Achartengine Learning

I. General introduction ofAchartengineachartengine : Each chart requires a dataset (dataset) and a renderer set (Renderer);-- Data set : Also made up of many data-- renderer : Also made up of different sub-renderers-- get activity or component : the

iOS rookie notes (3)--Stanford Open Class (1)

First, iOS four layer structure1. Core OSDarwin, rewritten with FreeBSD and Mach, is an open source, POSIX-compliant UNIX core. This layer includes or provides some basic features of the entire iphone OS, such as: Hardware driver, memory management,

"Media app: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Road Series" bis: Vitamio API: Core class

Guo JiaEmail: [Email protected]Blog:"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Trail Series" Chapter Index"Media app: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Road

iOS Development-JSON parsing

JSON parsingWhat is JSONJSON is a lightweight data format that is typically used for data interactionData returned by the server to the client, usually in JSON format or XML format (except for file downloads)The format of JSON is much like the

Android String.xml Display Special symbols

In the project to display special symbols in the string.xml, such as the @ colon, and so on, direct write certainly not. Only consider using ASCII code for display:@ No. & #064;: No. & #058;Spaces & #160;The following are common ASCII decimal

iOS concurrent programming


iOS has three multithreaded programming techniques, namely: (i) nsthread (ii) Cocoa nsoperation (iii) GCD (full name: Grand Central Dispatch) These three ways of programming from top to bottom, the level of abstraction is from low to high, The

IOS phone serial number phone name version and so on Get

nsstring* identifiernumber = [[Uidevice Currentdevice].identifierforvendor uuidstring];NSLog (@ "Mobile serial number:%@", identifiernumber);Phone aliases: User-defined namesnsstring* userphonename = [[Uidevice currentdevice] name];NSLog (@ "phone

The top navigation bar of the "Amazeui" mobile page and the side navigation bars Offcanvas

Top navigation bar If you look closely at the current page, it is too common. This component can also be implemented in the front-end framework of the AMAZEUI with the help of a mobile-phone page. At the same time, you can add a trigger side

Using PHP Message Queuing for Android and Web communication

The requirements description is Simple: Android sends data to a web Page.System: Ubuntu 14.04 + apache2 + php5 + Android 4.4The idea is that the socket + message Queue + server sends events, The following tutorial steps for Android, server-side,

Android SDK updates mirror server resources online

The Android SDK updates the mirror server resources online:Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information Mirror server address: 80 Beijing University mirror Server address: IPv4: http://ubuntu.buct.

Android gesture Password


Recently saw Mu class nets a teacher's video, about the gesture password research, very good, but did not upload the source code, There is the calculation of the rotation angle of the individual feeling is not very good, so the source codes are as

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