Android Java Class Authoring specification

This article is only my personal in the actual development of the habit of writing, of course, this way is also from a lot of official recommendations, so to a certain extent can be copied to apply. This article will not be updated regularly ~use a

_01_android history and system architecture of 01_android application development environment

1.1 Android History and status Andy Rubin was founded 22 months later → (2005) Google acquired. Patrick Brady on Google I/O speech "Anatomy & Physiology of an Android" and presented the Android HAL architecture diagram. Android Version upgradeThe

Android Parse XML format string

The recent lab's Android app requires the ability to send internal mail.White is simply a database of additions and deletions processing.But one of the interesting parts of the middle is getting the list of recipients to handle.When the user logs in

Pro Android Learning Note (33): Menu (4): Alternative menu

What's alternative menu (Alternative menu)For example, activity displays a text file. If a user wants to edit a text file, activity does not provide editing power, but it can be provided by other activity or other apps. We store the relevant

MTP in Android detailed

MTP in Android detailedRecently for a long time did not take notes, and today mainly learn about MTP-related knowledge.MTP is full of media Transfer Protocol (Media Transfer Protocol), it is a set of Microsoft's proposed medium file Transfer

A summary of various jar descriptions commonly used by Google apps (Ii.)

Google albums uses the jar description:1.Android Audio The boost library is a portable, source-code C + + library that is backed up as a standard library and is one of the engines of

Android Screen Toggle

One, the app is forbidden to switch between the screen and the insideThe above settings change the overall mobile phone screen switch, when the phone does not turn off the screen switch function, the system once triggered by the screen switch, the

[IOS] use signal to allow apps to crash gracefully

Preface Although people do not want to see the program crashes, but may crash is the reality of every application must face, since the collapse has occurred, can not stop, then we let it collapse also a point of light.The IOS SDK provides an

Android performance Optimization paradigm (RPM)

This article transferred from: the beginning of the 2015 New Year, Google released a feature on Android performance optimization, with 16 short videos, each 3-5 minutes, to help developers create

Returns the and of the largest interconnected subarray in a two-dimensional integer array

Design ideas:First, the value of the integer in the two-dimensional array is found, and then find each positive integer up or down plus a positive negative number. After deciding whether to connect, the small negative number is excluded, and finally

Eclipse, it's time to say goodbye.--android Studio most fully resolved

Source: Eclipse_xu's Blog Welcome to share the original to Bole headlinesLast year's Google conference, Google brought us a small toy--android Studio, said it is a toy, because it does compare dishes, the interface is outdated, the operation is not

Share a problem with Android phone not being able to turn off

Some time ago developed a small screen of the function (as follows:), fruit for a period of time, the test staff said that our mobile phone sometimes does not boot: has been stopped at the start of the interface. I didn't know anything about it at

Android four components of content Provider

ContentProvider: content Provider1. Provides a unified interface for storing and reading data2, using ContentProvider, the application can realize data sharing3, many of the data built into Android are used in the form of ContentProvider for

Installation and encountering pits for Android Studio 1.1

Google's Android Studio out of 1.0 stable version also has a long time, has been like JetBrains company's IDE, different languages of the IDE operating habits are more unified.And Android Studio is based on IntelliJ Idea's community version of the

iOS development Language Swift entry---subscript script

iOS development language Swift Getting started serial-subscript scriptSubscript scripts can be defined in the classes (class), struct (structure), and enumeration (enumeration) targets, which can be thought of as shortcuts to accessing objects,

STRUTS2 GET request, response, interact with Android client (file passed to client)

Using STRUTS2 as a server framework, interacting with Android clients requires a request, response object.There are two ways to get request and response in Struts2.The first: static methods using ServletactioncontextSTRUTS2 uses the

Android APK self-protection technology-integrity check

About The technology that prevents Android APK from being recompiled we've talked about four of them before. Shell-Adding technologyModify bytecode at run timePseudo-Encryptionagainst Jd-gui If you don't understand, you can check out the top four

IOS Get Base Address

#import #import #import void (*old_sub_acf0) (void); void New_ Sub_acf0 (void) { //old_sub_acf0 (); NSLog (@ "iosre:anti-anti-debugging");}    %ctor{ @autoreleasepool { unsigned long _sub_acf0 =

Android Open source Framework Universal-image-loader Learn two--lrumemorycache source reading

 Universal-image-loader's Memory cache policy1. Use only strong reference caching Lrumemorycache (This class is the default memory cache class for the open source framework, which caches the strong references of bitmap) 2. A cache

IOS Data Persistence Nsuserdefaults

Original blog, reproduced please data persistence storage of iOS is divided into many kinds Normal file, plist Nsuserdefaults CoreData KeyChain This article explains the use of

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