OS Development UI Chapter-ios some tips for using Xcode in development

First, the use of shortcut keysThe following shortcut keys are commonly used:NewShift + CMD + N New ProjectCMD + N New fileViewOption + cmd + ENTER to open assistant editorCMD + return display main windowcmd + 0 Navigation windowOption + cmd + 0

iOS development-ANPs push notifications

Push NotificationsNote: There's a difference between push notifications and nsnotification.Nsnotification is abstract, invisible.Push notifications are visible (can be seen with the naked eye)2 push notifications available in iOSLocal push

Using Appdelegate in Swift to invoke functions in the specified Viewcontroller

Then the previous blog said, after we have customized the Tableviewcell, we may need to click inside the cell button and other operations, such as click on the later to jump to other pages, this time, Because the jump action is implemented in the

iOS Development UI Chapter-uiwindow Brief Introduction

First, Brief introductionUIWindow is a special kind of uiview that usually has only one uiwindow in an app.After the iOS program starts, the first view control created is UIWindow, then the controller's view is created, the controller's view is

qf--strong references to iOS, weak references, and strong,retain,copy,weak,assignd relationships

Strong references and weak references:We already know that memory management in OC is done through "reference counters". The life cycle of an object depends on whether it is also referenced by another object (whether Retaincount=0). In some cases,

Android Java Class Authoring specification

This article is only my personal in the actual development of the habit of writing, of course, this way is also from a lot of official recommendations, so to a certain extent can be copied to apply. This article will not be updated regularly ~use a

iOS Development UI Chapter-quartz2d (custom Uiimageview control)

First, the realization of ideasThe biggest purpose of quartz2d is to customize the view (custom UI control) to customize the view when the system view does not meet our usage requirements. Using quartz2d to customize the view, you can start with the

Android Softinput Related

GetWindow (). Setsoftinputmode (WindowManager.LayoutParams.SOFT_INPUT_STATE_HIDDEN | WindowManager.LayoutParams.SOFT_INPUT_ADJUST_UNSPECIFIED) where parameters can be adjusted according to individual needs, the parameters are as

How do I recall the previous activity's OnCreate method by pressing the back key in Android to return to the previous activity?

It is not called by default. @Override Public void onbackpressed() {String titlestr = Edittitle.gettext (). toString (); String contentstr = Editcontent.gettext (). toString ();if(Title.equals (TITLESTR) && content.equals (CONTENTSTR)) {Super.

Using Android studio to prepare for JNI development under Windows

Because the company project needs, to carry out the development of JNI, ARR,ACR audio format conversion, later on the project code, now first test the codeOne of the references to http://blog.csdn.net/sodino/article/details/41946607 's writing, but

_01_android history and system architecture of 01_android application development environment

1.1 Android History and status Andy Rubin was founded 22 months later → (2005) Google acquired. Patrick Brady on Google I/O speech "Anatomy & Physiology of an Android" and presented the Android HAL architecture diagram. Android Version upgradeThe

Android Parse XML format string

The recent lab's Android app requires the ability to send internal mail.White is simply a database of additions and deletions processing.But one of the interesting parts of the middle is getting the list of recipients to handle.When the user logs in

Pro Android Learning Note (33): Menu (4): Alternative menu

What's alternative menu (Alternative menu)For example, activity displays a text file. If a user wants to edit a text file, activity does not provide editing power, but it can be provided by other activity or other apps. We store the relevant

MTP in Android detailed

MTP in Android detailedRecently for a long time did not take notes, and today mainly learn about MTP-related knowledge.MTP is full of media Transfer Protocol (Media Transfer Protocol), it is a set of Microsoft's proposed medium file Transfer

"iOS Dev-21" Uinavigationcontroller Navigation controller initialization, navigation controller stack push and pop jump understanding

(1) When the navigation controller initialization usually has a root view controller, the navigation controller is equivalent to a stack, which is installed in the view controller, the first to go in the bottom, the last to go in the top. At the top

Android Screen Toggle

One, the app is forbidden to switch between the screen and the insideThe above settings change the overall mobile phone screen switch, when the phone does not turn off the screen switch function, the system once triggered by the screen switch, the

[IOS] use signal to allow apps to crash gracefully

Preface Although people do not want to see the program crashes, but may crash is the reality of every application must face, since the collapse has occurred, can not stop, then we let it collapse also a point of light.The IOS SDK provides an

Developing Mac Apps with Swift (5)

Show insect DetailsOpen Masterviewcontroller.swift Add the following method: func selectedbugdoc() -> Scarybugdoc? { let Selectedrow = self. bugstableview.selectedrow; if selectedrow >= 0 && selectedrow Self. Bugs. Count { return

Share a problem with Android phone not being able to turn off

Some time ago developed a small screen of the function (as follows:), fruit for a period of time, the test staff said that our mobile phone sometimes does not boot: has been stopped at the start of the interface. I didn't know anything about it at

02_android Application Interface Programming _01_ View component

1. View components and container components Most of Android's UI components are placed in Android.widget and Android.view packages and their child packages, all UI components inherit the view class, and ViewGroup are used in containers for

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