Four ways Android updates the UI

ObjectiveBelieve that beginners Android development friends, should encounter a problem, we opened a thread, in this thread we have to update the UI operation, perhaps in the TextView display a line of text, perhaps changed the ImageView display of

The pull parser in android resolves an XML file case

First of allPrepare an XML file for parsing, where we assume that the file name to parse is Person.xml, and the specific contents of the file are:persons> person id="23"> name>limingname> age>23age> person>persons>Next write a

Android's Volley

Brief introduction:Volley is a network communication library on Google I/O 2013 on an Android platform that is officially released by Google.Previous network requests, consider opening threads, memory leaks, performance, and so on complex issues.

Android V7 Compatibility Pack Recyclerview use (iv)--click event Handling in different ways

top three articlesuse of the Android V7 Compatibility Pack Recyclerview (iii)--use of the layout manageruse of the Android V7 Compatibility Pack Recyclerview (ii)use of the Android V7 Compatibility Pack Recyclerview (i)This paper introduces the use

Print object properties When using description to print objects in the "Swift" iOS development

When we print objects in iOS development, we directly output the object address, which is not convenient for us to develop. When we can use description to print objects, the properties of the output objectYou can rewrite it directly in OC. The

Android Combat--Weather forecast (Api+json analysis)

Learning Android For some time, should improve their actual combat ability, do some simple demo. Below we introduce how to use the network API to realize the weather forecast function, mainly involves how to use the API to obtain the network data,

Android Photos rotate and save

/*** Read Picture properties: Angle of rotation *@paramPath Image Absolute path *@returndegree angle of rotation*/ Public intreadpicturedegree (String path) {intdegree = 0; Try{exifinterface Exifinterface=Newexifinterface (path); intOrientation =

Mobile-side events common functions to organize backups

The Tap event Tap event is equivalent to the click Effect in a PC browser, although the Click event is still available on a touchscreen device, but on many devices, click has some latency, and if you want to quickly respond to a "click" event, you

IOS UI Advanced Network Programming (HTTP protocol)

The concept of the HTTP protocolHTTP protocol, Hyper text Transfer Protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a transport protocol used to transmit hypertext to a local browser from a World Wide Web server, HTTP is an application-layer protocol,

Definition and use of the Serializable interface in "Android" Android

1 , what does serialization do? This is simply to preserve the state of various objects in memory (i.e., instance variables, not methods), and to read the saved object state again. Although you can save object states in a variety of ways, Java

Android Network programming Series A transport layer of the TCP/IP protocol family


This reference article is mainly used for the diffusion of knowledge points in subsequent articles, in this special backup and diffusion learning Exchange.There are TCP protocols and UDP protocols in the transport layer.1.UDP IntroductionUDP is a

3.IOS get phone with screen properties

Before the second, add a content. Uidevice is not available for specific device models. To get the device model, such as (iphone 4s, iphone5), this way. 1. Introduce the header file. #include #include 2. Get model              //phone model.

Summary of performance optimizations during Android app development

A mobile phone application from the development process is to do a good performance optimization, so as to allow users to improve the experience, if we open an application lag, not smooth, it will affect the user's attitude to the application,

Android's hottest rapid development framework Xutils

recently searched some framework for beginners to learn, compared a bit xutils is currently more active on Git a framework, is based on the development of afinal, more than afinal stability improved a lot, the following is the introduction: Xutils

Execute a terminal command from a Cocoa app

Http:// the spirit of sharing ... this was a method I use frequently to run shell scripts. You can add a script to your product bundle (in the copy phase of the "build")

Android Custom View implementation picture upload progress display (imitation QQ)

First look at the effect we want to achieve such as (QQ chat in the effect of sending pictures):And look at the effect we've achieved:The implementation of the principle is very simple, first we upload a picture need a progress value progress,

Mac below Xcode+ndk7 Configure COCOS2DX & box2d for game tutorials across iOS and Android platforms

This tutorial shows you how to use Cocos2d-x and box2d to make a demo, and this demo can run both on iOS and Android platforms. Before you continue reading, it is recommended that you read the previous tutorial first.First, follow the previous

iOS development Language Swift entry---extensions

iOS development language Swift Getting started serial-extensionsAn extension is the addition of a new feature (functionality) to an existing class, struct, or enumeration type. This includes the ability to extend a type without having permission to

Domestic handset high price to raise the grade? Beyond the Apple is wishful

Domestic mobile phone out of the high price, hardware up, but the software is still in place, the so-called depth optimization of Android, but in the interface UI modification changes, the core code is not changed, and the Android architecture

Android gesture Password


Recently saw Mu class nets a teacher's video, about the gesture password research, very good, but did not upload the source code, There is the calculation of the rotation angle of the individual feeling is not very good, so the source codes are as

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