What is the difference between initializing the nsmutabledictionary in the loop and initializing the nsmutabledictionary outside of the loop, given the two ways iOS gives Nsmutabledictionary a loop assignment? (Resolved)

nsmutablearray * arrayname = [nsmutablearrayarray]; nsmutablearray * array = [nsmutablearrayarray];[Array removeallobjects]; for (int i =0; i; i++) {nsstring * str = [nsstringstringwithformat:@ "name%i", I];[Arraynameaddobject: str];}     // Way

It's hard to do unit testing on Android-part1

Original link: against Android Unit Tests Original Author: Matthew Dupree Development technology Front www.devtf.cn Translator: Chaossss Reviewer: tiiime Status: Complete As I said in the preface, the difficulty of

Android Development: The difference between Handler runnable and thread and the connection application--------------------read this article, from now on!

http://blog.csdn.net/yanzi1225627/article/details/8582081There are two ways to implement multithreading in Java, one is to inherit the thread class, one to implement the Runnable interface, and the thread class to be defined in the Java.lang package.

A brief discussion on application method in JS

As for the inheritance of objects, the general practice is to use the Copy method: Object.extendSee Protpotype.js's implementation method:Object.extend = function (destination, source) ... {For (property in source) ... {Destination[property] =

Cat learn iOS (51) Multi-threaded network GCD Download merged pictures _ use of queue groups


Cat Share, must boutiqueOriginal articles, welcome reprint. Reprint Please specify: Sanayu's BlogAddress: http://blog.csdn.net/u013357243?viewmode=contentsMerge picture (picture watermark) The first method effectRealize:Ideas:1. Download 2 pictures

Android SQLite, kopdb framework Learn to use

ObjectiveMy blog: http://mrfufufu.github.io/The database is used in recent projects because the amount of data previously required for local storage is not very large and sharedpreferences is sufficient to solve most of the data storage problems, so

iOS data type

Data type1.OBJECTIVE-C data types can be categorized as: Basic data types, object data types, and ID types.2. The basic data types are: int, float, double, and char type.3. The object type is the type of pointer declared by the class or protocol,

Window Move case

This is a simple case where a window pops up with jquery and can be moved. Untitled document php network frontend Close php network front end This is content Window Move case

Android Development Note: A detailed description of how data is stored

Whether it is God horse Platform, God Horse development environment, God horse software programs, data are the core. For the development platform, if the storage of data is well supported, then the development of the application will be greatly

Importing third-party class library projects in Android Studio project

Right-click->open Module Settings650) this.width=650; "Src=" http://upload-images.jianshu.io/upload_images/442955-961b776e5bd0de05.png?imageMogr2/ auto-orient/strip%7cimageview2/2/w/1240 "class=" Imagebubble-image "style=" height:auto;vertical-align:

Mobile Click event causes and workarounds for 300ms latency

This goes back to the beginning of 2007. Apple, on the eve of the launch of its first iPhone, encountered a problem-the site was designed for large-screen devices. So Apple's engineers made some promises to tackle the problem of the IPhone's small

Refer to _android, how to create a new interface, and to switch from the current interface to the newly created (another) interface

Reference Address: http://www.crifan.com/android_how_to_create_new_ui_and_switch_to_another_new_ui/To achieve this, in the Android ADT Development environment,Under the current interface, create a new interface and switch to the new interface from

Apple mobile device processor instruction set ARMV6, ARMV7, armv7s, and arm64

I. Summary In peacetime project development, may use the third party to provide the static library. A, if the. A provider technology is immature, problems can arise when using it, such as: Compile error on the real machine: No architectures to

Parcelable and serializable interface usage in Android

Turn from:Parcelable interface usage in Android1. parcelable InterfaceInterface for classes whose instances can is written to and restored from a Parcel. Classes implementing the Parcelable interface must also has a static field called CREATOR,

Android Fastboot[wiki Encyclopedia]

OverviewFastBoot is the This method that's Android uses to flash the Android build onto the target. If you really want the details, the FastBoot protocol specification are found in the Android source fastboot_protocol.txt. FastBoot abstracts the

Android Phone Mac OSX executes ADB shell hint device not found workaround

Some Android phones under Mac OS x execute ADB shell hint device not found, refer to the online workaround, take Samsung S3 as an example to detail the method below.Terminal command Line Input:#system_profiler spusbdatatypeusb:usb hi-speed Bus:

Android source code compilation error Resolution

Compilation environment: Ubuntu12.04 64-bitAndroid Source: Android 4.3The following questions are personally encountered by the author, through the online query integration.1.error while loading shared libraries:libz.so.1:cannot open Shared object

PHP Mobile Internet Development Notes (6)--mysql Database Basics Review [1]

First, the data type 1. Integral type Data type Storage space Description Range of values TINYINT 1 bytes A very small integer Signed Value: -128~127Unsigned value: 0~25

XML parsing of Android

The so-called sax, the Sax simple API for xml, is an easy API for parsing XML Files.The SAX parsing XML works by sequentially scanning the document, and when scanning to the beginning and end of the document, the element starts and ends, triggering

Android project: Proguard confuses Third-party jars.

Android project: Proguard confuses Third-party jars.time:2015-01-16 15:20 source: Network collation author: Zhao Hongxia click: 370 times1.Gson Confusion 123456##----------------------------------# # ########## Gson confusing ############---------

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