2014.7.23 cocos2d-x3.2 to Android

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The link here is that the project created on the cocos2d-3.2 can be debugged by visual gdb after the USB link to the real machine.

The overall project Baidu is relatively smooth. Here are a few of my questions.

  1. Application in Android directory:

  2. App_stl: = gnustl_staticapp_cppflags: =-frtti-dcc_enable_chipmunk_integration=1-dcocos2d_debug=1-std=c++11- Fsigned-charapp_platform: = Android-16app_optim: = Debugapp_abi: = Armeabi Armeabi-v7alocal_c_flags + =-gdwarf-3
  3. Android.mk

  4. local_path := $ (Call my-dir) include $ (clear_vars) $ (call import-add-path,$ (LOCAL_PATH) /.. /.. /COCOS2D) $ (call import-add-path,$ (local_path)/... /.. /cocos2d/external) $ (call import-add-path,$ (local_path)/... /.. /cocos2d/cocos) $ (call import-add-path,$ (local_path)/... /.. /cocos2d/cocos/editor-support) local_module := cocos2dcpp_sharedlocal_module_filename :=  libcocos2dcpplocal_src_files := hellocpp/main.cpp                    &NBSP, .... /.. /classes/appdelegate.cpp                    &NBSP, .... /.. /CLASSES/HELLOWORLDSCENE.CPP  &NBSP, .... /.. /classes/jui.cpplocal_c_includes := $ (Local_path)/. /.. /classeslocal_whole_static_libraries := cocos2dx_staticlocal_whole_static_libraries +=  Cocosdenshion_static# local_wholE_static_libraries += box2d_static# local_whole_static_libraries += cocosbuilder_ static# local_whole_static_libraries += spine_staticlocal_whole_static_libraries +=  Cocostudio_static# local_whole_static_libraries += cocos_network_staticlocal_whole_static_ libraries += cocos_extension_staticinclude $ (build_shared_library) $ (call import-module,.) $ (call import-module,audio/android) # $ (call import-module,box2d) # $ (call  Import-module,editor-support/cocosbuilder) # $ (call import-module,editor-support/spine) $ (call  Import-module,editor-support/cocostudio) # $ (call import-module,network) $ (call import-module, Extensions

Problems that arise. GDB needs debugging information during the compilation process. If you do not set the 1.2 then the APK is not with debugging information.

In the above, the Cocostudio module is opened.

Now the development process is. 1. Develop Win32 version 2. Configure the Android version information (primarily android.mk) Eclipse export apk 3. Debugging APK with Visual gdb in vs2012

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