[Android Studio] How Android Studio Prompts for function usage

Eclipse has a very good function, that is, when your code calls an Android API, the mouse moves to the corresponding function or method, it will automatically have a hangingThe floating window prompts the description of the function (which contains

iOS Development UI Chapter-quartz2d use (Stationery stripe)

First, the preamble procedureCreate a new project and implement the following lines of code in the main controller file to easily tile the picture in the view.1 #import "YYViewController.h" 2 3 @interface Yyviewcontroller () 4 5 @end 6 7

Android Custom Controls

Reprinted from: http://blog.163.com/[email protected]/blog/static/103242241201382210910473/To develop a custom control: 1, understand how view works 2, write subclass 3 Inheriting from view, add property 4 for Custom view class, draw control 5,

iOS Dev Basics Fragmentation-navigation

1:ios Development Basics-Fragmentation 1The interchange of A:nsstring and NsintegerB:objective-c in the collection can not be stored in the basic type, such as int string float, and so on, only to convert them into objects to be stored, that is,

iOS Development UI Chapter-quartz2d (custom Uiimageview control)

First, the realization of ideasThe biggest purpose of quartz2d is to customize the view (custom UI control) to customize the view when the system view does not meet our usage requirements. Using quartz2d to customize the view, you can start with the

"Go" Android common ADB Command summary

Original address: http://testerhome.com/topics/2565For mobile Android testing, the ADB command is a very important point, you must memorize the usual ADB commands in the heart, will be a great convenience for Android testing, many of the commands

iOS HTML5 setting PHONEGAP development environment

How to build an iOS platform PhoneGap development environment (PHONEGAP2.5)(2013-03-13 14:44:51) Label:C=blog&q=it&by=tag "target=" _blank ">it Because in the near future in the HTML5-based cross-platform transplant,

iOS Development Memo: Attribute list file Data persistence

Original: http://www.cnblogs.com/wzk89/p/3939782.htmlA property list file is an XML file that can be converted from one property list file to another, such as arrays and dictionaries in the foundation framework.Nsarray class commonly read and write

[Transfer]ios certificate (. p12) and description file (. mobileprovision) Application

Reproduced in: http://ask.dcloud.net.cn/article/152There are two types of certificates and profiles for iOS: Certificate Type Usage Scenarios Develop (development) certificates and profiles For

A summary of where OnCreate is executed by SQLite's storage location on the phone

Reprint please indicate the source, thank you: http://blog.csdn.net/harryweasley/article/details/46467495As we all know, Android in order to operate the database, generally inherit the Sqliteopenhelper class, and implement his three functions.As

Android adb shell command Daquan

1. Display all Android platforms in the system:Android list targets2. Display all AVD (simulator) in the system:Android List AVD3. Create an AVD (simulator):Android Create AVD--name name--target platform number4. Start the emulator:EMULATOR-AVD name-

Dual-line redundancy and load balancing with PBR, SLA, and Eem on Cisco IOS

Background:With the information office becoming more and more popular, people's office relies on the Internet more and more, it, the network in the enterprise's influence is more and more big. Therefore, the reliability of the enterprise network

Analysis and resolution of memory leaks caused by using handler in Android

What is a memory leak?Java uses the forward graph mechanism to automatically check objects in memory through GC (when the check is determined by the virtual machine), and if the GC discovers that one or a group of objects is unreachable, the object

Get APK basic info in Android

A packagemanager can get all the packet node information:1, base class for all nodes: Packageiteminfo;2,packageinfo:package's comprehensive information, consistent with all information in the Androidmanifest.xml;3,applicationinfo: Associated

"Android Development" it fragment development 1

   Always know that fragment is very powerful. But has not been to study, now some spare time, so went to learn a brief introduction of fragment. I will also write down their learning process, assuming that there is no shortage of places to hope

"We all love Paul Hegarty." Stanford IOS8 public class personal note multithreading multithreading

There are many queues in iOS, just like the queues in our data structures, where the queue concept is first-in-one. Each method (including closures) is organized in these different queues, and each queue has its own thread to run these queues, which

Mobile Gesture Library Hammerjs 2.0.4 Official document translation

Hammerjs is an excellent, lightweight touchscreen device gesture library that has now been updated to version 2.04, with the 1.0 version somewhat Tianrang, after all, rewriting the event name and adding a number of methods that allow simultaneous

"Go" Android Development Tour: Application Basics and Components

To prepare for the following examples, this and the next few will describe the principles and terminology of Android applications, something that developers of Android must understand and understand deeply. The topics in this article are as follows:

ActionScript uses copy movie Duplicatemovieclip with mouse drag to follow StartDrag to make mouse move effect

The basic usage of ActionScript2.0 was described last time in "ActionScript" ActionScript2.0 HelloWorld (click to open link).This preparation is intended to use the copy movie Duplicatemovieclip with the mouse drag following startdrag to make the

Android face Test is not just an interview is a good learning

The following questions are found in the online summary, thank you for sharing! Hope, our common progress, find their favorite company,:1.android DVM Process and Linux this process. Whether the application is on the same concept:Answer: DVM is a

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