A clear explanation of Dpi/screen-size on Android

Android defines four types of screen-size: Small Normal Large XLarge At the same time, six DPI levels are defined: LDPI (Low) ~120dpiMDPI (Medium) ~160dpiHDPI (High) ~240dpiXHDPI (Extra-high) ~320dpiXXHDPI

Android "Parasitic beast" vulnerability technical analysis

I. About the app's cache codeAndroid app apk file is a zip compressed file, the APK file contains the Classes.dex file equivalent to the app's executable file, when the app is running, the system will optimize the Classes.dex, generate the

Android OpenGL ES (vi)----into three dimensions create a projection matrix and a rotation matrix in your code

We are now ready to add a perspective projection to the code. The Android Matrix class prepares two methods for it------frustumm () and Perspectivem (). Unfortunately, Frustumm () has a flaw that affects certain types of projections, and

iOS animation programming 1-Affine transformations

Affine transformation essence is a matrix transformation, can be used to do translation, scaling, rotation and other operationsThese operations can be packaged into animations.The official document definition for 1.apple:Cgaffinetransform

Android and iOS, Audio interoperability Solutions

Long time not updated blog, from the company resigned years ago, this six months, has been to do some outsourcing app to feed themselves! is also to achieve their own years ago set goals! But also think that can not always do outsourcing it, so

Common API Usage Guidelines for IOS GCD

IOS GCD User GuideGrand Central Dispatch (GCD) is one of the techniques for performing tasks asynchronously. The code for thread management described in the application is generally implemented at the system level. Developers only need to define the

Efficient data structures in Android development

Android development, in JAVA2EE or Android common data structure has map,list,set, but Android as a mobile platform, some API (many are efficiency issues) is obviously not ideal, in the spirit of making better wheels, The Android team has written

iOS framework-using Address Book

One, why it is important to support Address Book: When developing iOS software, it is linked to the user's mobile life. Users go everywhere with mobile devices, which can be said that mobile devices and the user's personal life (from the calendar to

Android Studio Import Fresco Project compile error Unable to expand TAR ' imagepipeline\build\downloads\libjpeg-turbo-1.3.1.tar.gz ' solution

On GitHub on a fresco of the demo source clone to local (with the clone address: https://github.com/facebook/fresco.git), import this fresco project compiled report title the error shown. After the online search solution, only the following links to

"Go" Android Development Tour: Component life cycle

Component life cycle (i)IntroductionApplication components have a life cycle--the first time Android instantiates their response intent until the end of the instance is destroyed. During this time, they are sometimes active, sometimes inactive, and

Appcan Multiple list shopping cart add and Subtract quantity example

The HTML code is as follows: Lenovo notebook Spec.: y430p Integration value: 28800Number-+ For such multiple values to change multiple input, the value of this can be used to obtain the corresponding input.Add:$ (". Plus"). Click (function () {var

--@angularjs--Understanding $apply () and $digest () in angular

$apply () and $digest () are two core concepts in AngularJS, but sometimes they are confusing. To understand how AngularJS works, you first need to understand how $apply () and $digest () work. This article is intended to explain what $apply ()

The most popular Android components encyclopedia

With the release of the new version, Android has become increasingly powerful, with a number of popular applications, as well as the emergence of an excellent set of components.This article attempts to collect the currently popular components for

Multi-terminal real-time communication scheme of mobile phone based on XMPP protocol

I. Development background 1, international backgroundWith the rapid development of Internet technology, instant communication has become a widely used mode of communication. 1996 Mirabilis Company launched the world's first instant messaging system

Why is the image quality of the iphone better than Android?

There are a lot of comparisons between Android phones and iphones. We can't make a better conclusion, but we all know that the quality of the Android phone picture is worse than the iphone. Whether you're using Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram,

What the hell is application/vnd.android.package-archive?

In the reading group, PKU developed the Android code,Read the code updated after detecting the version before logging in. Found a place that did not understand.void Update () {Intent Intent = new Intent (Intent.action_view); Intent.setdataandtype

Use of the Android floating search box

IntroductionWe often need to provide search services in our applications, such as searching for contacts, searching for product information, and so on. We can customize our search box in our layouts to implement our search logic. But there is an

Android image processing bitmap (2)

Bitmap related1. Bitmap is more special because it can not be created and can only be aided by the bitmapfactory and according to the source of the image may be divided into the following situations:* PNG images such as: R.drawable.tianjinJava

Android system root and silent installation

Android system root and silent installation Silent installation, which refers to installation without any user intervention, directly to the default settings to install the app. because, It does not need user intervention, in many cases

Recommendations for Android program security

Recommendations for Android program securityTransferred from: http://geyubin.iteye.com/blog/1688583If you ensure that your program is more secure, you can improve the safety of your program by the following measures:1. Do not store sensitive data on

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