IOS htttp Network Request cookie Read and write (nshttpcookiestorage)

When you visit a website, Nsurlrequest will help you to take the initiative to record the cookies you visit, if the cookie exists, it will be shared in the Nshttpcookiestorage container, when you visit the site next time, Nsurlrequest will take the

iOS development-The UIView attribute hidden, opaque, alpha, opacity differences

iOS Development-UIView properties hidden, opaque, alpha, opacity the alpha LCD is made up of pixel dots, each pixel can display a color value composed of the Rgba color space. A is a representation of the transparency Alpha,uiview Alpha is a

App Test Point classification

Software Permissions1) risk of deduction: including sending text messages, making calls, connecting networks, etc.2) Privacy disclosure risk: including access to mobile phone information, access to contact information, etc.3) The input validity

Teach you how to do mobile app testing

1. Security testing (permission)1) Software permissions: including sending messages, making calls, linking networks, accessing mobile phone information, contact information, and so on.2) data is stored, transmitted, etc. locally3) input validation,

Idea Run code error (7,8) ***app is already defined as Object App object app extends application {wrong solution (graphic)

Not much to say, directly on the dry goods! problem PhenomenonError (7,8) is already defined as Object App Object APP extends Application    Cause of the problemYou're amplifying your authority.HELO is Alreay defined as Object helopublic

Some common iOS interview questions to see the difference between iOS beginner and senior engineer at a Glance

ObjectiveThere are some general questions in the interview questions that are usually asked. When interviewing an iOS candidate, the entry point is important, and different pointcuts lead to different results, and there is no suitable entry point or

IOS-Reverse-objective-c code file notation

Class-dump can be very convenient to export the program header file, not only to let the attackers understand the program structure to facilitate the reverse, but also to hurry to catch up with the progress of the imperfect program written to the

Android System porting: Driver Chapter

"Lead" in the Android system porting, there is a very important part of the work is to migrate the driver for the hardware device on the new platform. Because Android is built based on the Linux kernel kernel, the porting driver is actually based on

Mobile-H5 active page optimization scheme

BackgroundProject : Mobile H5 e-commerce ProjectPain point : Slow!!!Initial Scenario : The most basic picture lazy loading, static resources put into cdn,predns and so on have been done. But it's still slow, where's the slow?obvious reason : due to

iOS pass JSON string there's an equal sign in front of you.

Let me ask you a question.Backstage let me take the request parameter into a body into a JSON string into the body passed to him, of course, the header is set, set up in advance,But then it became known that the essence of turning entities into JSON

The difference between Android development Getx,getrawx,getwidth,gettranslationx, etc.

Reprint Please specify source: time no blog, the recent work is really busy, just finished a TV project development, for the first development of TV project I said: Mobile phone development is

Mobile App Special test

Mobile app testing-Special testTransferred from:'re doing a manual.Functional TestingAfter that, we also developed someAutomated TestingUse cases, and have donePerformance TestingAfter that, the

WebService error The client found that the response content type is "Application/json;charset=utf-8", but should be "text/xml".

Console docking WebService normal, same method in Web project escalation error:The client Discovery response content type is "Application/json;charset=utf-8", but should be "text/xml".The request failed with the error message:--{"Code": "03010250002"

Android Studio often uses the manual

Use small operations frequently Word selection Files that show recent action changes File Lookup Operation Record Move Line Find method call at Methods of follow-up Show the

Ios-git Branch (Distributed version control system)

Objective Almost all version control systems support branching in some way. Using branching means that you can separate your work from the development line to avoid affecting the development line. In many version control systems, this is a

Android Audio and Video de-echo, noise reduction (Android voice capture and Echo Cancellation) (RPM)

Long time no article, in fact, is to record their own development in the Android growth process. Talking about the audio and video this piece, for the novice just contact this piece, it is very very disgusting ~ I myself get this piece is also from

Proficient in Python crawlers from scrapy to mobile apps (end-of-text benefits)

I can hear people screaming: "What is, a dedicated platform for mobile apps, and what does it have to do with scrapy?" "Then, seeing is believing." You may also be impressed by the scenes that were presented to a person (friend, manager,

Ball Quest 3D (Secret Balls 3D) Apple Edition Download | iOS Downloads | iphone version Download | Game Download | Mobile Games Free Download | Free Download for Android | Android version free download-Casual puzzle Puzzles Physics mini-game

Ball Quest 3D (Secret Balls 3D) mobile game releasedthe Ball Quest 3D " is a casual type of game, simple manipulation, unique physical effects, test the player's thinking and understanding ability, many levels, you bring more complex challenges,

Comparison between mobile and PC-side of license plate recognition

License plate recognition is widely used in all aspects, there is a license plate is the application of the car park in the entrance has ever noticed that camera? In the automotive aftermarket, safe city, smart parking and many other industries have

Android memory Optimizer 1 Memory Detection Tool 1 Memory monitor detects a leak

Some of the theoretical aspects of performance optimization, mainly to review, with the theory, Comrade Xiaoping said again, practice is the only standard to test the truth, for memory leaks, now through the Android Studio self-brought tool memory

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