Android TCP/IP Literacy tutorial

TCP/IP is the communication protocol of the Internet. A communication protocol is a description of the rules that a computer must obey, and the computer can communicate only if the rules are followed. Both the browser and the server

----exception Handling for iOS development

This article reprinted to from: big Talk:The exception handling notation for Object-c languages is similar to C + + and Java.

(turn) Use Point nine PNG technology under Android platform

"Point Nine" is a special image form in the application software development of Andriod platform, the file extension is:. 9.pngThe smartphone has the function of the automatic horizontal screen, the same interface will change the direction of the

Android native app, web app, hybrid app pros and cons analysis

Several projects have been developed recently, involving several development models of Android. For the original ecological development, Web application development and Mixed mode development, I think that is not what is the best, which is the worst,

Android UI threads and non-UI threads

UI threading and Android's single-threaded model principlesWhen the app starts, the system creates a main thread (main thread).This main thread is responsible for distributing events to the UI component (including drawing events), and also in this

Welcome to Swift (initial translation and annotations of Apple's official Swift document 17)---108~115 page (chapter II)

Range Operators (range operator)There are two range operators in Swift, both of which are an abbreviation for a numeric range expression.Closed range Operator (closed interval range operator)The Closed interval range operator (a...b) definition

The relationship between delegate and protocol in iOS

the relationship between delegate and protocol in iOSCategory: IOS development2014-02-12 10:47 277 People read Comments (0) favorite reports Delegateiosprocotolcategoryobject-cJust beginning to touch iOS, the two concepts of delegate, protocol

Android Wear Android wearable device application development platform

Android Wear was released on March 19, 2014 and has Moto 360 and LG Watch two products. The source is not yet open, but the developer can download its image and the corresponding SDK, so that developers can do the pre-development through the

Hex color data for iOS development converted to Uicolor object

1. If the color string data returned from the server isHexcolor: "B57A"Hexcolor is divided into three parts: 09, B5, 7A respectively corresponding to the tri-color value R, G, B Hexadecimal Decimal 00 0

NIOS II common function finishing-thanks to slam original

IO operation functionFunction prototypes: Iord (BASE, REGNUM)Input parameters: Base for register, Regnum as register offsetFunction Description: Reads the value in the register from the base site-based device with the offset in the Regnum cell. The

Cocos2d-x complete solution from Win32 to Android porting

Introduction: We used the Cocos2d-x engine to create a flying shooting game, which was creatively integrated into the gesture recognition function. But we encountered a lot of problems in the transplant process, but also found that the information

Hot Buzzword-free News API interface for app app

Hot Hot Word-yi18 event billboard   ( " based on the Hotspot keyword two open news event watchlist, System real-time collection of people concerned about the event-based on Baidu search, sogou hot words, Google Trends collected real-

C + + standard I/O library: iostream, FStream, Sstringstream

In the process of writing code, the most common thing we do is IO operations, whether it is the console or the file. But forget to write code for a while, here's a look at the specific classes and operations of the C + + standard I/O library.The

Apple Swift programming language Getting Started Tutorial

1 IntroductionApple has just released the Swift programming language early this morning, extracted from its published book, the Swift programming Language. We hope to help you with your IOS&OSX development.Swift is a new programming language for iOS

iOS development à la carte system using Uipickerview

Use Uipickerview to implement a simple à la carte interface as shown in. Source Address: Https:// has two protocol Uipickerviewdatasource,uipickerviewdelegate, which provide data and proxies for

Xcodebuild and Xcrun enable automated packaging of iOS apps

With the growing number of Apple handheld devices, iOS apps are growing fast, and as the iphone gets more and more apps are being jailbroken, it's a time-consuming task to package each channel, and this article provides a smarter way to pack and

Full embrace of mobile testing, the mobile JSON wire Protocol Specification document translation

SELENIUM3 has announced that it does not support mobile testing. This is to retreat for the veteran test tool selenium, as the standard for mobile automation testing tools is still in the hands of the selenium team.This article mildly translates

What technical details should a programmer of a Web application consider before making the site public?

What things should a programmer implementing the technical details of a Web application consider before making the site Pu Blic? If Jeff Atwood can forget about HttpOnly cookie, sitemaps, and Cross-site request forgeries all in the same Site, what

The difference between #include <iostream> and #include<iostream.h>

                                 reprinted in Shangyang's blog:                                    What's the difference between the two? First, 5 years ago we began to oppose the continuation of

Cocos2d-x 3.0 Android Mk file auto traverse *.cpp file

Do you remember the writing of the previous Android Mk file? Portal ,We need to manually add CPP files, if more than one CPP, it is not to be exhausted?Local_path: = $ (call My-dir) include $ (clear_vars) Local_module: =

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