Node JS Web Development Simple Demo Learning notes __js

I started in January this year to contact node JS, contact the time is not long, so the technical level has yet to be improved, I hope this simple article can help you learn Nodejs. I. Description of the project 1. Project Summary: The main use of

Windows Node JS Environment Setup and Nodejs simple understanding

One: Installation Download Address:, click to see the following image as shown in the content. As shown in the figure above, I chose the V4.4.7 version to download, and then choose the default installation can be. Second:

Angular JS and node JS related instructions Review __js

Angular JS Custom Instructions Defining an instruction is essentially adding functionality in HTML through elements, attributes, classes, or annotations, Mainmodel.directive ("Mydirective", function () {return { restrict: "A",

Node JS combat: Registered login form with database and encryption

DemoRegistration effect:Landing effect:Database:Database operationsDb.jsThis module encapsulates all the common operations of the database var mongoclient = require (' MongoDB '). Mongoclient;var settings = require (".. /settings.js

Node JS read MySQL

1, the new version of the node comes with NPM 2, download NPM does not need node command 3, lazy with environment variables, directly to the generated NPM copy to the error directory, and then copy the MySQL module backvar mysql = require (' mysql ')

C#socketio4netclient Access Node JS

The WebSocket protocol is not to be missed when it comes to node. It is perfectly matched to node, with two reasons.The 1.WebSocket client time-based programming model is similar to custom events in node.The 2.WebSocket enables long connections

Using node JS to quickly simulate the web API

The Web API is not associated with a specific programming language, even if the API interface is invoked over the network. It is now common to get a response from the server through a standard HTTP Get/post request, a resource or service that

Node JS v0.10.35 Windows XP installation

Node JS v0.10.35 Windows XP installation1, download the installation package;: Http://, click on the installation, the default installation can be;3. Test whether the installation is successful:4. If "'

Use node Js in Windows

1. First download it from nodejs.orgNode.exeWindows Executable; 2. After the download, place the downloaded nodejs file in the C: \ node directory; 3. Press the shortcut key win + R, Enter cmd, and press Enter; 4. Enter: C: Enter 5. Enter "Node"

Install node JS on Mac

I have never liked to pursue new things and finally took the step one year after node JS came out. To put it bluntly, configure the environment first. Google "Mac node" has several results. The methods provided are basically the same, so you can

MD5 encryption and 91 verification for node JS

For http get requests sent back from 91, verification must be performed on the server to ensure that the received parameter verification is consistent with the sign parameter sent from HTTP. The MD5 encryption verification process of node on the

Share a cross-browser node JS

Http://   ncontainer [0] ncontainer [1] ncontainer [2] ncontainer [3] ncontainer [4] ncontainer [5]

Node JS & coffee cup Learning

Document directory What is coffeescirpt? What is node JS? From: Michael abernethy, what is node. js? What is the purpose of node? The goal publicly stated by node is "to provide a simple method for building scalable network programs ". What is

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