[to] recommended to programmers to read the book _ Programming

Original link Author: Joel Spolsky is the founder of New York, a small software company, Fog Creek Software. He graduated from Yale University and worked as a software designer and manager at Microsoft, Viacom and Juno in the United States.I know thi

There's only one last breath left. Top Ten IT technology _powerbuilder

It technology development is always fast, so it is inevitable that the emergence of new technologies and the elimination of old technology, and today's hot technology to tomorrow may be the sunset industry, there is no iron rice. Of course, a technol

How far are we from artificial intelligence to changing the world? _ Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a scene: when you come home with your tired body, your robot housekeeper has prepared the meals for you, cleaned the room, slipped the dog, and even helped you with your child's homework, and you were very comfortable and looking forward to t

Fp-growth Sequence Frequent pattern mining _ data Mining

1 Algorithm Design Objectives Entering different commands is the basic way for users to use the Linux server, through a long time to collect different users in the use of the server process of the command sequence, mining the frequent occurrence of t

2018 SAP SMB Innovation Summit (first day) | The whole bright spot reveals _sap

Vietnam time March 21 Nine o'clock in the morning, the three-day SAP SMB Innovation Summit held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Beijing Ovio Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ovio) was invited to attend the summit, and then share the hig

Sanic based micro-service infrastructure

Introduced One of the biggest problems with using Python for web development is performance, which is a bit hard to solve c10k problems. Some asynchronous frameworks tornado, Twisted, gevent, etc. are designed to solve performance problems. These fra

ACCESS VBA _vba The cross-database operation table

The article was sorted after reading the online article. Problem: There is a db1.mdb with a table tbl1 with two field IDs and name. There is also a db2.mdb, with one table tbl2, and two field IDs and name in the table. Now you want to use the nam

Nohup:redirecting stderr to Stdout_nohup:

Nohup:redirecting stderr to stdout Turn from: https://blog.csdn.net/educast/article/details/28273301 found that the original good nohup information output to the function of the specified file, suddenly a problem. The phenomenon is the output of th

Block Chain Maturity evaluation Report (4)--maintainability, compatibility comparison, summary _ block chain

maintainability Comparison The maintainability of block chain mainly examines five aspects, such as imprinting management, System management, strategy management, intelligent contract, and ease of deployment. (i) Emergency Management: commercial bloc

Depth-first search and breadth-first search for graph traversal _graph

In this chapter, we introduce the depth first search and breadth first search, and then give the realization of C/c++/java. Directory1. Depth First search graphics and text introduction1.1 Depth First Search introduction1.2 Depth First search diagram

Toward component-oriented (programmer) _ Enterprise applications

This article is from "Programmer" magazine, fourth 2005, "Huangliuqing" column. Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Software has always been a young, technology-driven industry. In the early

Docker error request Error:post Unix://localhost:80/build?t=springio/springboot-demo:500:http Int_docker

First, the error information Request error:post unix://localhost:80/build?t=springio/springboot-demo:500:http Internal Server Error Ii. Solutions Pom.xml file ${docker.image.prefix}/${project.artifactid} to Test/${project.artifactid} Src/main/resour

Keras.utils.visualize_util installation _keras of neural network visualization module in Keras

In Keras, a neural network visualization function plot is provided, and the visualization results can be saved locally. Plot use is as follows: From Keras.utils.visualize_util import plot plot (model, to_file= ' model.png ') Note: The author use

Fifth chapter (1.6) Depth learning--the common eight kinds of neural network performance Tuning Scheme _ Neural network

First, the main method of neural network performance tuning the technique of data augmented image preprocessing network initialization training The selection of activation function different regularization methods from the perspective of data integra

Suffix Array Special _ACM

6 Topic Links: Click to open the link (This is the problem of personal AC for the training questions of the suffix array, and the problems of informal teaching are for reference only.) ) (the suffix array has a specific solution in the introductory C

(SRC) face recognition _opencv/image processing/face recognition based on sparse representation

This paper mainly records its own application in the study of sparse representation in face recognition of the problems encountered in a simple summary.1. Background to the problem The sparse representation of signals is not something new. We have

The famous meeting of artificial intelligence and machine learning-natural language processing

Transfer from Forum Http://www.ieee.org.cn/dispbbs.asp?BoardID=62&replyID=31567&id=29962&star=1&skin=0 The writer seems to be teacher Zhou Zhihua. I know a few AI meetings (first Class) Alphabetical order of the following: IJCAI (

Anaconda environment variable Set _IT Road

sudo gedit ~/.BASHRC Join, note that the quotes here are in English half-width rather than Chinese. Export path= "/home/lishanliao/anaconda3/bin: $PATH" And then SOURCE ~/.BASHRC

Natural Language Processing paper Publishing _ Natural Language processing

Once wrote a small article, beginners how to access Natural language processing (NLP) field of academic materials _zibuyu_ Sina Blog, perhaps for your reference. Yesterday, a group of students in the laboratory sent an e-mail to ask me how to fin

Generate engineering documents from Peach Source code _peach

Several software ' msvc ' in the process of compiling Microsoft Visual C + + (often abbreviated as MSVC or VC + +) is a integrated development environment (IDE) product from Micro Soft for the C, C + +, and C++/CLI programming languages. MSVC is prop

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