is J2ME simple?

A few friends who want to learn J2ME have asked me this question. I think there are two answers to this question. The J2ME is simple. The simple, more important reason is that J2ME development uses

Custom Component UITypeEditor

Using System; Using System.ComponentModel; Using System.Drawing; Using System.Drawing.Design; Using System.Windows.Forms; Using System.Windows.Forms.Design; namespace Mylib {//This uitypeeditor can is

Mastering the debugging Art of CB

The less bugs the program, the higher the end-user's evaluation of the program. And the more developers are dealing with bugs in advance, the more information the end user can provide about bugs, the

Customize a unified set of exception handling mechanisms for your site

People who have written the program know that any good program can be a failure to deal with the exception, because the program running environment and the way people operate can be said to be differe

Keep your data secure with the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

This article assumes that you are familiar with C # and bit operations. Summary AES (the Advanced encryption Standard) is the specification used by the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Merlin's Magic: The new Jformattedtextfield component of Swing

Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE), version 1.4 adds 2 new Swing components to the available GUI element palette: JSpinner and Jformattedtextfield. In the first installment of Merlin's Magic column we int

Integrating the spring framework and data Studio

PureQuery is a new IBM development platform included in Data Studio for developing Java™ database access applications. Its simple API and integration tools not only improve the efficiency of data acce

CLR comprehensive and thorough parsing: using CORECLR to write Silverlight

Silverlight™2 contains a number of changes to the Windows®presentation Foundation (WPF) UI framework: New controls, Rich network APIs, and digital Rights Management (DRM) support. One of the major cha

. NET Deep Learning Notes (4): Deep copy and shallow copy (Deep copy and shallow copy)

Today continue to use the preparation of WSE security development articles free time, perfect. NET Deep Learning Notes series (Basic). NET important points of knowledge, I have done a detailed summary

CLR notes: 11. String

11.1 Characters char,16 bit Unicode code value Two constant fields, Char.minvalue: Defined as ' "; Char. MaxValue: Defined as ' \uffff '; Char.getunicodecategory () method, return character type (c

Create a REST API with WCF

Aaron Sloman and Haider Sabri in MIX08 talk about how to "create a Rest API using WCF", which introduces an example of a rest application named Restchess. Aaron Sloman first talked about some backgro

Implementation of dynamic Role permissions in Spring security 2

The main body of the security framework consists of two parts, namely the right of inspection and authorization. Spring Security2 can be a good implementation of these two processes. The biggest impro

Spring's excellent tool class inventory, part 2nd: Special character escape and method entry detection Tool classes

Not only does Spring provide a full-featured application development framework, but it also has a number of tool classes that you can use directly when you write a program, not only in spring applicat

[JAVA100 example]018, using HTML language

Import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; /** * <p>title: Using HTML language </p> in swing * <p>description: This demonstrates t

Introduction to IBM Workplace Designer V2.6 Application Development

You've heard of IBM Workplace Designer and want to know what it is. This article introduces you to IBM Workplace Designer, describes who should use it, and when to use it, and walks you through buildi

[You must know. NET] The 23rd time: taste details, in-depth. NET's type Builder

1 Introduction Today, Artech on the question of type initializer and beforefieldinit, and see if you can give us the correct explanation, we know an interesting example of the execution of a type con

Flexible and effective Data Warehouse solution, part 3rd: Design and implement warehouse ETL process


Brief introduction Data integration is a key concept in the Data warehouse. The design and implementation of the ETL (data extraction, transformation and loading) process is an extremely important part of the Data Warehouse solution. ETL processes a

Using annotation auxiliary json-lib conversion JavaBean

Overview Today, a large number of WEB sites to apply AJAX technology, with less data communication, the server can be faster feedback user requests, and then through Javascript control, so that users have a better user experience. JSON is a lightwei

Using IBM DB2 Analytics accelerator expedited Batch Processing

Brief introduction IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator is a workload-optimized device that enables companies to integrate business insights into processes to advance the implementation of successful strategies. It combines System Z service quality with th

DB2 NoSQL JSON Feature (ii) using command line processor

How to set up and use the DB2 NoSQL JSON command line interface Before you start DB2 NoSQL JSON is a technology preview version provided in DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows 10.5, which provides the following features, as shown in Figure 1: A comma

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