Convert the M file of MATLAB into P file and EXE executable file to achieve the encryption effect _matlab

In MATLAB If your code is very important, need to encrypt, at present I have found two methods: First, generate P file; two, generate an. exe fileThe method of generating P file in MATLAB is very simple, it is used in command WondowPcode YOURFILE.MTh

Summary of the main recommendation system algorithm and the example of YouTube advanced Learning recommendation algorithm

Summary of main recommendation system algorithm and YouTube Advanced Learning recommendation algorithm example by Zhuzhibosmith July 09, 2017 17:00 Nowadays, many companies use large data to make super related recommendations, and to increase revenue

[NLP] Overview of natural language Understanding _NLP

Language is an important symbol of human being different from other animals. Natural language is an oral language (voice) and written language (writing) that distinguishes interpersonal communication from formal or artificial languages such as logica

"Learning Notes" variational self-encoder (variational auto-encoder,vae) _ Variational self-encoder

In recent years, unsupervised learning has become the focus of research, with little left to be picked with supervised learning of low branches of fruit. The models of VAE (variational auto-encoder, variable-encoder) [1,2] and GAN (generative adversa

Introduction to VR, AR and MR Concepts _VR

In recent years, Vr/ar has been particularly hot, such as the previous E3 game exhibition, saw a clear trend: based on virtual reality or augmented reality of the new form of play, which is what we call the Vr/ar. What is the future of VR/AR/MR? In f

Statistical tests--normality test and variance homogeneity test _r

First, the basic principles of statistics12 Sample t Test Condition: ① Both obey normal distribution, ② two population variance is equal, namely variance homogeneity.2 pairs of T-Test conditions: The difference of the overall normal distribution can

Pearson correlation coefficient and test P-value _ machine learning

It depends on two aspects: the significant level and the correlation coefficient. (1) The significant level is the P value, which is the first, because if it is not significant, the correlation coefficient is no longer useful, may only be caused by a

R language Delete duplicate value _r language

A batch of data has recently been dropped to remove duplicate values, such as: > Data.set gene.biotype gene.start. bp. Gene.end. bp. 1  ensg00000236666    antisense   

A good tool for realizing qq-plot in "machine learning" matlab gqqplot_ machine learning

A good tool to realize qq-plot in MATLAB gqqplot June June 26, 2013 These days looked at Qq-plot as well as in the implementation of MATLAB, but the qqplot function of Matlab can not meet my use, so search on the Internet a good tool: Gqqplot. Gqqplo

Those things about TCP (next) _tcp

This article is next, so if you are not familiar with TCP, but also please take a look at the last part of the "TCP" in the previous chapter, we introduced the TCP protocol header, state machine, data heavy crosses. But TCP to solve a very big thing,

Contour detection and hierarchical image segmentation_ images processing

Most of this article comes from the following reference links, plus some of your own understanding of the source code and the paper. Write it down for later search. First, the principle of the paper Algorithm route: GPB-->OWT-–>UCM function of

WebSphere Stop service, delete profile _websphere

When developing WebSphere applications, it is often necessary to start and stop the server, but the startup and shutdown program hides the path too deep to find a half-day for each use. Here are some shortcuts to Windows start and stop servers, which

Spark on yarn memory allocation _spark

This article mainly understands the memory allocation in the spark on yarn deployment mode, because there is no in-depth study of the spark source code, so only the log to see the relevant source code, so as to understand "why this, why that." Descri

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Toss Little Notes _ essays

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =///Ubuntu solution to heat problem Build Eclipse's Java build environment on Ubuntu The default setting of the Ubuntu/win7 dual system for Eclipse Indigo 0. Preamble Summer leisure to have no

Example of token verification

<div class= "MainContent" > &LT;H1 class= "Page-header" > Token based Authentication </h1> <div id= "node-2834" class= "node Node-blog view-mode-full clearfix" about= "/blog/2834" typeof= "Sioc:item Foaf:D Ocument "> <span

Julia: Use Pyplot to draw arrow and the expression of strategic signals _julia

In the strategy signal, often use the arrows to express the Open warehouse (many, empty) and other information icons. If it can be shown concretely in the picture, it is a very intuitive expression, which is beneficial to the more accurate understand

Julia: An attempt to visualize the back-test based on CTA strategy _ Visualization

Related library: WINSTON,TK. Features: Pure Julia to build, rare, hehe. Basic functions of back-Test visualization: It is easy to see the date of day trading in each transaction point, the day of each profit and loss situation. Do not go to the marke

"AI" course exercises _ AI

Introduction to the first chapter of the "AI" course exercises 1-1. What is AI. Try to explain from two aspects of discipline and ability. 1-2. In the development of artificial intelligence, what thoughts and thoughts played an important role. 1-3. W

A very cow code _c.

Copy the snippet code (starting from E100 to the last Q) and save it as a text document named 1.txtI saved it to D-plate.Using the "debug<d:/1.txt" command under DOSGenerates an executable program.Enter is a 3D game rotation interface, there is a

Learn these 12 frames and your salary and level will be higher.

Focus on the "lab building" and share a project tutorial every day In today's world, the understanding of the various frameworks is very important. They enable you to quickly develop prototypes and actual projects. In this article, we've shared 12 us

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