The difference between printf, sprintf and fprintf

1:fprintf ()#include <stdio.h>int fprintf (FILE *stream, const char *format, ...);The fprintf () function sends information (parameters) according to the specified format (format) to the file specified by the stream (stream). Therefore fprintf

W: Unable to download bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/extras.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_trusty_main_source_sources

1 Error description youhaidong@youhaidong:~$ CD Downloadyouhaidong@youhaidong:~/download $ sudo apt-get updateIgnore trusty InreleaseIgnore trusty-updates inreleaseIgnore http://cn.archive.ubu

Ali School Entrance Examination--given a dictionary of string s and valid words D, determine the minimum number of spaces that can be inserted into s, so that the final string is entirely composed of valid words in D and output the solution.

Given a dictionary d of a string s and a valid word, determine the minimum number of spaces that can be inserted into s, so that the final string is completely composed of valid words in D and output the solution. If there is no solution, you should

Sphinx from installation to use

Important three commands in the Sphinx, Splinx installed in the bin directory Indexer CREATE INDEX command, searchd START process command, Search command searching command (no longer exists in new version) Download Sphinx and install ./configure--pre

Properties Read Properties File

When writing a project, we often modify some configuration variables to adapt to different operating environment, but also allows users to leave the program to modify the relevant variable settings.   Usually we define these variables in a file

Do you really know about EOF and feof?

There are two ways to determine the end of a file: EOF and Feof ()To view stdio.h you can see the following definition:#define EOF (-1) #define _IOEOF 0x0010#define FEOF (_stream) (_stream)->_flag & _ioeof) From this we can see that the princi

Ubuntu directory and permissions (create directory, change directory owner, change directory permissions)

1.Ubuntu Create directory Command format: mkdir [options] directory ... Command features: The mkdir command enables you to create a directory named with the specified name at the specified location. The user who created the directory must have wr

mfc+vs2010 Write a calculator

Everyone has their own programming language hobby, each language has its own advantages also have their own shortcomings, can be sure that each language is only to learn the depth of the language after the proficiency of the operation, relatively mor

Fork that thing.

Fork that little thing Fork Summary Fork () Creates a new process by copying the calling process. Under Linux, fork () is implemented by using a write-time copy page, so its only disadvantage is that it replicates the time and memory of the parent pa

Setting up QT Cross-compiling environment in virtual machine under Ubuntu14.04--2014/8/14

First, Ubuntu installation and configuration On Windows download VMware10.0.2 and install, find permanent key activation online. After opening is the Chinese versionDownload ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-i386 on the Ubuntu official web site Open the virtual

ToString (), string,string.valueof

toString (), string,string.valueof Reference: The difference between StringBuffer and string  Common methods are object#tostring (), (String) objects to be converted, string.valueof (object), and so on.

/etc/profile resolution

The files associated with environment variables may also have/ETC/BASHRC, but this is a shell variable, which is local, and is useful for a particular shell. /etc/profile is global and applies to all shells. The profile will tell the shell what langu


1, build LDAP Service, I use the system is Ubuntu14.04, specific can refer to this article: ubuntu14.04 to build LDAP services, follow the steps to no problem. After installation The Access address is: Name:cn=admin,d

Fire Shadow _ bluebird _ Chinese-Japanese Roman sound

Feather (は) ばたいたら Ha ba ta i ta ra "If wings." (戻) もどらないといって Mo do re na i to i~ te "I said I wouldn't come back." (Eye point) めざしたのは Me za shi ta no wa "Target is" (Cang) あおい (Cang) あおいあのそら (empty) A o i a o i a no so RA "The blue Blue sky." (Sa

VLC Framework Analysis

Transfer from function part: The core of VLC media player is LIBVLC, which provides interface, application processing functions such as playlist management, audio and video decoding and output, threading s

UVa 1583 Dighter Generator (generating Element)

If x and X are equal to Y, then x is the generating element of Y. Give n to find the minimum generated meta #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int dightsum (int number) {int sum=0; while (number) {sum+=number%10; numbe

OpenGL Series Tutorial Eight: OpenGL vertex buffer Object (VBO)

Related topics: vertex arrays, display lists, pixel buffer objects Download:, Create VBO to draw VBO Update Vbo ExampleThe Gl_arb_vertex_buffer_object extension improves OpenGL performance by providing the advantages of vertex a

Codeforces 131A CAPS LOCK (simulated water problem)

A. Caps LOCK Click to open the topic Time limit per test 2 seconds memory limit per test megabytes input standard input output standard output What does WE need CAPS LOCK for? Caps Lock is a computer keyboard key. Pressing it sets an input mode in wh

Analysis of large-scale portal website architecture

Tens of thousands of people at the same time to visit the site, generally there are many databases at the same time work, the white point is the database cluster and concurrency control, such a site real-time is also relative. These sites have some c

Deep understanding of Spring transaction Principles

Tags: Scene Word title property dirty Read mysq from will closeFirst, the basic principle of businessThe essence of spring transaction is that the database supports the transaction, and without the transaction support of the database, spring cannot

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