Use Analysis service SSAS to solve the ratio, year-on-year and chain issues _BI

This article will introduce the use of Analysis Services SSAS how to solve the ratio, year-on-year and chain three indicators. First, understand the basic concepts of these three indicators: Jambi refers to the ratio of the current member's value to

Comparison of jetty and Tomcat _jetty

The Google application engine was originally based on Apache Tomcat as its webserver/servlet container, but eventually switched to Jetty. The decision has surprised many developers by asking why such a change would be made. What's wrong with Tomcat?

Golang's time. Format of the Pit _golang

Golang's time. Format design and other languages are not the same, other languages are always using some formatting characters to mark, and Golang, check the online some of the pit example of their own check the next Golang source code, found the fol

NetEase has recently learned the concept of a set in mathematics class, the collection has three characteristics: 1. Certainty 2. anisotropy 3. It is necessary to find out how many elements there are in a set based on a given w,x,y,z. _ Programming Train

Import Java.util.HashSet; Import Java.util.Scanner; Import Java.util.Set; /** * Xiao Yi recently learned the concept of a set in math class with three characteristics: 1. Certainty 2. Sex 3. Disorder. Xiao Yi's teacher gave the little Yi such a set:

Inheritance and aggregation between projects in Maven

1. Inheritance Why ① need to inherit. We know that the dependency transitivity between MAVEN projects is actually the transitivity of dependency between jar packages and war packages, but it must be compile-scoped dependencies that are transitive in

Axis2 3 ways to develop WebService clients _web

First RPC method, no client code generated Second, document mode, do not generate client code Third, using the Wsdl2java tool, generate the client way to invoke Java code    package samples.quickstart.client;     

WebSphere Performance Tuning!_websphere

Was configuration overview Describes parameter default setting principles JVM Stack Server > Application Server > Server1 >java virtual machine has no minimum value of total memory 1/8, the maximum is total memory 1/2 to 3/4 connection pool

Query database statistics per 3-minute online number _ database

This writes the code slice $sql = "Select Concat (From_unixtime (record_time), '%H: '), Floor (Date_format (from_unixtime) (re cord_time), '%i ')/3 * 3) as C, SUM (Player_role_num) as n from fa_service_message WHERE

Similarities and differences between TCP, UDP and RTP (RTCP)

Original address: OSI Seven layer modelLayer-Functional TCP/IP protocol family in OSIApplication-layer file transfer, email, file service, virtual terminal tftp,http,snmp,ftp,smtp,dns,telnetPresentation l

Kafka Real Project Use _20171012-20181220

Recently used in the project to Kafka, recorded Kafka role, here do not introduce, please own Baidu. Project Introduction Briefly introduce the purpose of our project: The project simulates the exchange, carries on the securities and so on the transa

Cve-2017-12617_ vulnerability of Apache Tomcat vulnerability

cve-2017-12617 Severe Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability found in Apache Tomcat Affects systems with HTTP put enabled (by setting the default servlet read-only initialization parameter to false). If the default servlet parameter is read-only

"Network knowledge" two layer switch, three layer switch and router principle and difference _ switch

Today, the tutor told me about the company's network topology, related to the switch, the basic concept of routers and principles, I am not very clear, so on the internet to learn the information to learn a bit, and then feel that this article is goo

R language Data type and object type _r language

 Data type: The type of element value within a variable. Mainly includes: numerical type, character type, logical type, plural type. Object Type: R language organizes and manages different ways of internal elements. Mainly include: vectors, matric

Automated test: Is it really silver bullet? _ Automated Testing

Turn from: Brief introduction Frederick p. Brooks, Jr. In 1986, wrote an article entitled "No Silver Bullet: the fundamental and secondary issues of software Engineering" (No Silv

Tableau linkage Screening and global screening _tableau application

1, to a filter applied to the global, as well as the graph of Function block filter applied to other table modules of the instrument board 2, Instrument diagram-> Add Operation--> Select Filter 2, as shown in the following figure,

Turn off the maddening Eslint syntax detection configuration method _vue

Just start the small partner is not a blank error line error errors. Do you feel that you are too limited to lose your freedom of mind. After the torture found a good article to remove the Eslint grammar detection restrictions, as a learning note exc

Logstash notes for distributed log Collection (ii) _logstash

Today is November 06, 2015, get up in the morning, Beijing weather unexpectedly snowed, yes, in recent years has rarely seen snow, think of the winter as a child, memories of the shadow is still vivid. To get to the point, the article introduced th

SAP buys Sybase's true intentions or reinforces bi_sybase

The general view of SAP's acquisition of Sybase is that SAP is meant to strengthen its own database product line of short boards. However, SAP is an application solution provider, with third-party large databases (such as DB2, Oracle, etc.) friendly

A Concise History of computers (i): From the calculation of the multiplication machine _ mathematics

Everything has its history, the modern computer has experienced the addition machine, multiplication machine, analysis machine, Turing machines and other stages. How does today's computer actually develop to this appearance now? I'm sure you'll be in

Sax parsing xml Detailed _xml

Original: JAVA parsing XML is usually in two ways, DOM and SAX. Although DOM is the standard of the consortium, provides a standard parsing method, but its parsing efficiency has been unsatisfactory, because

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