The difference between strcmp, strncmp and memcmp

function: int memcmp (const void *A1, const void *A2, size_t size)function memcmp is used to compare the first-size characters of string S1 with S2.If the character blocks are the same, MEMCMP returns 0. function: int strcmp (const char *S1, const ch

four ways of MAP traversal

map<string, string> map = new hashmap<string, string> (); Map.put ("Key1", "value1"); Map.put ("Key2", "value2"); Map.put ("Key3", "value3"); The first: universal use, two times value System.out.println ("Through the Map.keyset

A summary of the mysteries of circulation

1. Problem with type conversion Question: Byte B = (byte) 0x90; how much is equal to? -112 Analysis: (1) int occupies 32 digits and byte is 8 bits (2) Whereas 0x90 may appear to be expressed in 8 digits, but Byte is a -128~127 because it is a signed

Ubuntu Change folder and subfolder permissions

How to modify the permissions of documents and folders (including subfolders) under Linux system, let's take a look. One introduction: You can use the command chmod to grant permissions to a file or directory. Linux/unix's file access rights are divi

The system () function uses __ function

one, System () Understanding Function: the system () function calls "/bin/sh-c command" to execute a specific command, blocking the current process until the command command has finished executing Prototype: int system (const char *command); return

Kerberos Basic Installation and configuration

Because of the recent need to use Kerberos authentication for the environment, there is very little understanding of Kerberos before, today, take the time to manually install Kerberos, so as to deepen the understanding of Kerberos. 1 Select a machine

Events in jquery bind bind (), Live (), on (), delegate ()

events in jquery bind bind (), Live (), on (), delegate () When we try to bind some events to the DOM element, I believe these 4 methods are most commonly used. And what is the difference between them? What is the most effective way to do it in any s

Spring MVC 4 viewresolver View Parser

All our MVC frameworks have its own mechanism for parsing views, Spring MVC is no exception, it uses Viewresolver for view parsing, and lets users render the model in the browser. Viewresolver is an out-of-the-box technology that resolves multiple vi

Platform bus led driver based on linux2.6.30.4 and s3c2440 __linux

1 basic In the device driver often see and platform related fields, distributed in many corners of the driver, this is also the 2.6 kernel of a more important mechanism, the principle of its understanding, for later analysis of the driver is very hel

Subnet mask and subnet partitioning--speak clearly

subnet mask and subnet partitioningDirectory: I. Summary The concept and function of subnet mask Third, why do I need to use the subnet mask Four, how to use the subnet mask to get network/host address Five, the classification of subnet mask VI. Subn

Session and cookie differences and connections, session lifecycle, multiple service deployment session Management

The difference between session and Cookie Object Information size Save time Application Range Save location Session Small, simple data User activity time + a delay time (typically 20 minutes) Indiv

Ubuntu uses SH to not execute script file resolution

Just started learning the Linux shell language recently It's the private dish of Brother Bird. There are two ways to execute a shell script: 1. Set execution properties: chmod 755 file Execute (if already in current directory):./file 2. Use: Sh F

Simulation experiment of locating process of EXT2 file file

Http:// EXT2 file Localization Process simulation experiment (no theory version)Copyright:GnuAuthor Information:Alin Fang (Fang Yunlin)Msn:Cst05001@hotmail.comG Talk:[Email=cst05001%ef%bc%a0g

Using QEMU-IMG to manage virtual machine disk mirroring (creating virtual machines, virtual machine snapshots)

The core of a virtual machine is a disk image, which can be understood as a disk of virtual machines with important files such as the operating system and drivers of virtual machines. This article mainly describes the general process of creating virt

Varnish authoritative Guide (Chinese)

Turn from: varnish Documentation (translation) index What is varnish? (we need to know what is varnish before reading the article)            

Analysis of arm B and BL instruction

B or BL directives cause the processor to move to the "subroutine name" to begin execution. The difference between the two is that the BL instruction is transferred to the child Copy the address of the next instruction to R14 (LR, link register) befo

13. Advanced IO and multithreading and thread synchronization

13.1. Blocking and non-blocking io (1) Common blocking functions have wait+pause+sleep functions; Read or write some IO device files (such as serial/mouse/keyboard) can cause blocking The advantage of blocking is that the kernel operating system is


FTP Host name/IP WHERE "hostname/IP" is the host name or IP address of the remote machine to which you want to connect. On the command line, the host name is an option, and if you specify a host name, FTP attempts to connect to the remote computer'

An awesome date control laydate

Learning URL: This date control is based on JavaScript and has a very powerful function. Less gossip, I did a little exercise: <!--date control laydate use. @author iluckysi @since 20150128 URL: Http://

Spring Converter Getting started string into enumerations

Converter is a special feature introduced in Spring3, which is actually a converter that converts a type to another type. Especially in Web projects, you can check the input parameters of the interface, and then convert the type of the input paramete

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