joshchen_php Novice Advanced Master indispensable standard introduction _php skills

PHP specification1. Why Coding Specifications• Coding Specifications (Code conventions) are particularly important for programmers for several reasons:1. In the life cycle of a software, 80% of the cost is spent on maintenance. 2. Almost no software

JS Random number code Daquan 1th/2 page _javascript tips

JS Random Number Foundation First, is the JavaScript random number function math.random () Random (Math.random method) public static random (): number Returns a pseudo random number n, where 0 <= n < 1. The number returned is called "pseudo r

API for node operations, api_javascript techniques to subvert native operations HTML DOM nodes

The first time I saw the definition of agile development, I was fascinated by agile development. Generally speaking, agile development can let us use the code can reuse again, because it is reused again, so relatively safe, again debugging is not the

JS Built-in object Learning notes _javascript Tips

Mark's related knowledge points: First, what is JS's built-in object, what does it include? (The following content is transferred from the integration of resources on the Internet) (W3shool JS manual address:

Examples of HTML (), text (), Val () differences in jquery are described in _jquery

1.HTML HTML (): Gets the HTML content of the first matching element. This function is not available for XML documents. But can be used for XHTML documentsHTML (val): Sets the HTML content for each matching element. This function is not available for

Each of the jquery uses return TRUE or false instead of break or continue_jquery

Copy Code code as follows: function MethodOne () { .... $.each (Array,function () { if (condition set) { return true; } }); .... } In a function, there is a each, and in each case a condition is set, the function retu

The JQuery HTML () method does not use a problem that cannot display content _jquery

$ ("#content"). HTML (data.content); $ ("#content") [0].innerhtml = Data.content; Today, I encountered jquery in the HTML method can not use, only to use the most basic innerhtml to show the content. The specific reason has not found, certainly

Convert Word to SWF like Baidu Library reading implementation ideas and code _php skills

Copy Code code as follows: <span style= "font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif" > implementation like Baidu Library similar functions require a series of transformations, the general process to convert Word to PDF format, Then conve

A friend of the selector can try this idea deferred execution merge selection operation _javascript Skill

This looks like four of the 4 selection operations in the same code segment as follows $class ("a"). Color ("green"); $class ("B"). Color ("red"); $class ("C"). Color ("green"); $class ("D"). Color ("red"); Finally, only one traversal can be achieved

JS operation cookies include (read add and delete) _javascript tips

has always been simple to JS to implement some of the cookies operation, today the cookie operating system of the collation of the first time, including: JS read cookie,js add cookie,js delete cookies, examples are as follows: Copy Code code a

Array, array constructor, for in Loop, typeof, Instanceof_javascript tips

Note: The array in JavaScript is not an associative array. Only objects in JavaScript can manage the corresponding relationship of key values. But associative arrays are kept in order, and objects are not. Because the for in loop enumerates all the

JS upload images before the restrictions include (jpg jpg gif and size width) and other _javascript skills

function: 1. Limit extension: jpg only | | JPG and GIF 2. Limit picture size: K is the unit 3. Limit picture width High: PX as unit (either have, or none) 4. Limit damaged pictures (no preview pictures) 5. Limit the pictures that have changed the ext

JS based on the given date of the month to calculate how many days to implement ideas and code _javascript skills

This code is nothing, posted up, I want to express the focus of hiding in the code, look for! Copy Code code as follows: <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http://

Jqurey validation Form verification using the detailed _jquery

is a good plug-in, it can verify the client form, and provides a number of customizable properties and methods, good scalability. This article is to understand the application of validation by explaining this example. The validation that is involv

Set Homepage Favorites compatible with 360/Firefox/Google/ie and other mainstream browser code _javascript tips

No need to find, I tried many times, ie, Firefox, Google browser This code is irreversible compatibility. Here's my simple solution. The way to solve this problem completely is to create an action step help page that adds the homepage as well as othe

JS Close the window or JS close the page several code sharing _javascript tips

The first type: JS timed automatically close the window Copy Code code as follows: <script language= "JavaScript" > <!-- function Closewin () { Self.opener=null; Self.close ();} function Clock () {i=i-1 document.ti

jquery Gets the regular expression of the name of the uploaded file _jquery

Method One: $ (' input[type= ' file '] '). On (' Change ', function () { var reg =/[^\\\/]*[\\\/]+/g;//Match the name and suffix of the file var name = $ (this). Val (). replace (Reg, ' "); var postfix =/\. [^\.] +/.exec (na

Use JS to get uploaded file name is purely to beautify and use _javascript skills

Why to use JS to get uploaded file name? In fact, purely to beautify, friendly, However, it is not the same as the Internet, using path.substring (Path.lastindexof ('/') +1); There are a lot of problems in this kind of work. For example, the valu

The distinction between naming and variables as object attributes when declaring variables _javascript tips

The title is a mouthful, JavaScript. The rules followed by named variables 1. The first character must be a letter, Chinese character, underscore (_) or dollar sign ($) 2, the rest can be underlined, Chinese characters, dollar sign and any letter,

Basic usage of JS array and array removing elements based on subscript (numeric or character) _javascript tips

1. Create an array Copy Code code as follows: var array = new Array (); var array = new Array (size);//Specify the length of the array var array = new Array (item1,item2......itemn);//Create an array and assign a value 2,

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