Are you hungry? Valuation 60 billion: the architecture design and evolution path of daily order quantity exceeding 9 million

Are you hungry? The website was born in 2009, and was founded by the students who were still reading in Tongji University, Zhang Xuhao and their classmates. Like many people, this bunch of students do not like their own major, rather than in the labo

China Yahoo Mail stop before and after the account migration introduction

Background knowledge: (2013-04-24 Author: Maqingxi Source: Tenkine Software channel Zebian: Yang Ling) Yahoo China to stop the service is what suffix of the mailbox. 1, suffix is @yahoo. and yahoo Mail; 2, part of the Chinese Yahoo M

Nginx Log real-time monitoring system based on Storm

Absrtact: Storm is hailed as the most fire flow-style processing framework, making up for many of the shortcomings of Hadoop, Storm is often used in real-time analysis, online machine learning, continuous computing, distributed remote invocation and

Top Ten best rated tools of the 2014

With the enthusiastic participation of the small partners, the 2014 most praised the top ten tool selection results released, Duang~duang~duang #A3v] ' 7B Cloud server environment deployment, security monitoring, acceleration, performance testing, vi

Face Bully's August: Millet interview

Source: Vanilla Technology Blog (@ Ordinary vanilla) The book on the last, today describes Millet interview experience. There may be some technical understanding and technical solutions, welcome to the discussion. The other yesterday total income

Hybrid Strategy Nash equilibrium calculation

In order to understand the motive of introducing the concept of "mixed strategy" into game theory, we look at the result of solving the fairly simple "guessing game" with "Underline method", the result is as shown in Figure 8.3.1. The answer is that

The role of Intitle,inurl,filetype,site and its use in Google

Speaking of Google, no one knows nobody. As the world's first search engine, its powerful search function allows you to find everything you want in an instant. But for ordinary computer users, Google is a powerful search engine, and for hackers, it m

Steam vr-the Lab Renderer Learning Notes

Objective Unity Vision Vr/ar Summit came to China ( 197605), and recently also focused on the unity of VR development.It's probably June. See news: Steam released all the so

Understanding calculations

Understanding calculations Shanning With the increasingly extensive and profound use of computers, the calculation of this original mathematical concept has been generalized to the entire field of human knowledge, and rise to a very universal scie

Young's Matrix

If each row of a matrix is strictly monotonically incremented, we call the matrix the young Tableau. For the young matrix (a[m][N]), it usually involves two questions: (1) How to find an element x in the young matrix. (2) How to find the number of K

Quantum computing

Source: Min Science web Blog Quantum computing and quantum communication are hot in the country. In fact, not only in China, but also in foreign countries. People think supercomputers have come to the bottleneck, and quantum computers may be a way o

Hash tables and methods of dealing with conflicts

One. Basic concepts of hash functions and hash conflicts 1. Hash function: Hash method is also called hashing method, hash method and keyword address calculation method, etc., the corresponding tables become hash table. Basic idea: First, establish a

The solution of hash conflict

In the Java programming language, the most basic structure is two kinds, one is an array, one is the analog pointer (reference), all the data structure can use these two basic structure constructs, HashMap also. When the program tries to put multiple

Common Vulnerabilities

Allow traceroute to detect remote WWW service support trace request Remote WWW Service provides support for WebDAV remote Web server exists/robots.txt file Remote VNC service is running remote HTTP server type and version information disclosure Remot

A detailed explanation of coroutine in Unity3d

This article is too messy, recommended Frankjfwang: Comprehensive analytical coroutine Technology The coroutine of unity is achieved through yield expression. This code is seen everywhere in the official script. Questions: What yield is. What Corouti

jquery source ——— Methods and properties

Not updated for a while, today summarize some of jquery's methods and properties one, JQ methods and properties of the overall structure (91 lines--281 line) Jquery.fn = Jquery.prototype = { jQuery: Version constructor: fix

The implementation principle of AOP is detailed

Reprint Address: One, what is AOP AOP (aspect-orientedprogramming, aspect-oriented programming) can be added and perfected by OOP (object-oriented programing, object-oriented programming). OOP introduces conce

The deconstruction and assignment of variables in ES6

Let's summarize today the structure of the variable that ES6 provides for us. This is useful for declaring variables and traversing arrays in our mass. This method provided by ES6 is also very simple and easy to understand. The assignment and analysi

Deep understanding of jvm--thread safety and lock optimization

Thread Safety When multiple threads access an object, the This object is thread-safe if it does not take into account the scheduling and alternating execution of these threads in the context of execution, the need for additional synchronization, or a

Deep understanding of JVM summarization--Virtual machine class loading mechanism

Virtual machine class loading mechanism The virtual machine loads the descriptive data from the class file into memory, verifies and transforms the data, resolves and initializes it, and eventually forms a Java type that can be used directly by the v

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