About the Linode, Digitalocean, vultr three US VPS service user Experience

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Once upon a time, although we in the overseas VPS service providers can also see a variety of large and small businesses, but really can make linode such a high-rich handsome competitive is really not much, this is not at the beginning of the Linode business 512MB memory solution for $20 One months, there are many people scrambling to buy. But since the emergence of Digitalocean, vultr merchants, we see Linode continuous 3 years of change, upgrade configuration, even price reduction, whether it is a coincidence or strategic change, I personally think that the competition between the three are leading to the entire VPS industry price reduction, as well as a great relationship of conscience competition.

In this article, the author in the future to share and talk about personal views, about these three are currently mainstream users use VPS server, in the configuration, price, and cost-effective aspects of our user experience, before writing this article, I also consult the major websites, the major Chinese evaluation site, And my own use of the following views, I hope that useful or necessary, to give insight.

The history of the first to third merchant

Linode (www.linode.com) business is the establishment of three relatively long, has many years of operation of the VPS experience, the original price is higher, the relative profit is also large, and then provide the service is very good, if we have problems through online TK, basically 15 minutes will be answered. It's a lot better than some service providers who have to wait 24 hours. Digitalocean (www.digitalocean.com), vultr (www.vultr.com) business is established in the past two years, not the general new business they have enough background. For example, Vultr is a game server provider with many years and servers all over the world, and it has a background of server qualification, which expands IDC's business with its resources and strength.

The characteristics of a second to third merchant

Just because all three businesses can be the hourly billing method, only to attract me to write this article reasons, the benefits of the hourly renewal is suitable for single project testing, for example, we need to test a project for a few hours, you can open a few hours, and then remove the machine when you do not have to deduct the fee. The only difference is that Linode, Digitalocean are VPS servers that offer Linux systems, VULTR vendors offer Windows and Linux systems, and can customize the iOS installation source.

Price comparison of third to third person

Let's look at the price difference between the three directly from the diagram.

Through the above 3 pictures, you can see the price comparison between the three. And the difference between the traffic and the hard drive. The only difference is, VULTR has 14 data centers, including Japan, Los Angeles, Europe, Linode has Japan, the United States, London and other 6 data centers, do the current data center is less, mainly concentrated in the United States, although there are Singapore center, but are a detour.

Iv. Recommendations on User selection

Three machines have different characteristics, such as we need Chinese site, vultr and linode Japanese machine speed is better, if it is English site or foreign trade needs, all three are OK. Personally think all is good, we all can try. Personal advice When choosing a server should not be limited to one or a few businesses, there are more alternatives or different sites in different businesses or can.

Finally, if we need to have a reference, three of the information can be in the following information in self-comparison, personally feel the best contrast is to buy their own test, anyway VPS lies in their own testing, monthly payment, not satisfied with the deletion or non-renewal fee.

Linode Encyclopedia: http://baike.baidu.com/view/2867125.htm

Digitalocean Encyclopedia: http://baike.baidu.com/view/10670128.htm

Vultr Chinese review: http://ntxen.com/and vultr Japanese computer room evaluation article: http://www.itbulu.com/vultr-jp-review.html

Three VPS Overseas (English) comparison: https://odinsql.com/2014/12/linode-vs-digitalocean-vs-vultr-vs-ramnode/

As an existing user of the word-of-mouth articles, we can refer to, but the actual use of concrete needs to look at our own application situation.

About the Linode, Digitalocean, vultr three US VPS service user Experience

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