Fourth chapter-File and directory __unix environment advanced programming

1, the file's attribute information: 1. Attribute structure body struct stat; struct Stat { mode_t st_mode; File type and access permission bit ino_t St_ino; File I node number dev_t st_de

DIR: Lists all files under the current directory and subdirectories __attributes

Instance: Lists all files (/s/b) under the current directory and subdirectories, excluding folders (/A:A)Dir/s/b/a:a The following information is for reference only dir--Display Disk Directory command1. Features: Displays the contents of the disk di

How to read the core profile application and customize the properties configuration file in Spring-boot __spring-boot

To understand the spring-boot of this technique, you should know Spring-boot's core profile, and of course you can customize the profile **.properties information through annotations. I. Reading the contents of the core profile

Use Doxygen and Graphviz to generate source function calls graph __ Other

first, the problem arisesThe recent need to analyze a very old project source code, the content of the source code is complex, and can not find more familiar with this code people. Here I first want to analyze the call relationship between the functi

Derivation of formula + Yang Hui's triangle + xor or property + feed representation XOR Matrix hackerrank-xor-matrix__ formula derivation

Do you:1 Knowledge Points: "Formula derivation + Yang Hui's triangle + xor or character + feed representation"2:Define XOR or matrix elements a[i, J]:The first line enters N, M represents the Xor of N row m columns, and the second row enters n elemen

Alibaba Group postponed listing to end of 2015

Beijing Time December 28 news, according to Science and technology website AllThingsD reported that, because Alibaba Group recently bought shares from Yahoo, the IPO time may be postponed to the end of 2015. Alibaba Group postponed listing to end o

GitHub Web version start tutorial __github start tutorial

Hello World Reading time: 10min In computer programming, theHello World Program is a long tradition. It's a simple exercise that lets you start quickly when you're learning something new, and start GitHub it now. you will learn to create and use a li

Lucene query Syntax details (lucene query syntax)-for Kibana search statements __ Highly available architecture

Lucene provides a rich API to mix and customize the queries you need, and you can use the powerful query syntax parsing provided by query parser to construct the query you want. This article introduces the query syntax of Lucene in detail. Parse a qu

MIT Open Course Video Download Method __ Network

MIT Open Course Video Download methodMIT Open Course Video Download method Author bag Description1 All links and screenshots in this article are from an MIT open course, Massachusetts Institute of Technology all2 software that needs to be prepared h

Summary _ Two weeks learning situation brief talk about __ACM training

every time you write a summary, there is a feeling of fleeting time, of course, this time is no exception. But let's talk about the last two weeks of study. I have tried my best to do the assigned task, but I haven't finished it yet. I dare not say h

One of the basics of VS2013/MFC programming (using the MFC Wizard to generate a single document application framework) __MFC

on how to install the VS2013 and MSDN, there are many tutorials on the web, again not to repeat, I believe that everyone has been installed. This MFC programming entire process uses the Simplified Chinese specialized edition VS2013 to carry on the op

On the configuration order of servlet, Filter, and listener in Web.xml

(i) web.xml the loading sequence of different elements The load order is independent of the order in which they are in the Web.xml file. The filter is not loaded first because the filter is written in front of the listener.The loading order of the We

FindBugs error type and corresponding explanation _ tool

 FindBugs error type and corresponding explanation first bomb 1, the Dead store to the local variable variables store unused objectsExample:List accountcolist = new ArrayList ();We created a new object for Accountcolist, but the new object was not

What is FindBugs? _ Tools

The Java Code flaw Automatic analysis tool mainly has: Findbugs, PMD and Checkstyle tool. This article focuses on the use of FindBugs and briefly mentions the use of PMD and Checkstyle tools. 1 FindBugs is what. FindBugs is a Java bytecode static ana

Qt::qmap Use erase usage in the For loop note _QT

After erase in Qmap, the itertator it pointer has been invoked again and will crash. The Erase function returns the address that points to the next data after the deletion. When using a For loop operation, if the internal use of erase operations, the

The best example of hmm learning five: forward algorithm _ forward algorithm

1. Exhaustive searches (exhaustive search for solution) Given the hidden Markov model, where the model parameters (pi, A, B) are known, we want to find the probability of observing the sequence. Or consider the weather example, we have a hidden Mark

Chromium Download Compilation process

For a long time did not sync Google Code, before the agent is not available so the source is also compiled no sln. With the agent, found that the compilation is not imagined complex. Now compile the process to make a summary. ////////////////////////

Hashmap,arraymap,sparsearray Source Analysis and performance comparison _ algorithm

Arraymap and Sparsearray are Android's system APIs that are specifically tailored for mobile devices. For the purpose of saving memory by replacing HashMap in some cases. I. Source analysis (due to space constraints, the source Analysis section will

'-[__nscfarray Insertobject:atindex:]: Mutating method sent to immutable object ' _ Crash tip

Implementation requirements for the most recent browsing features: There is such a requirement in the project, and the user pushed into the homepage to go to the next page to browse the information, and then to the "my" page has a recently browsed fe

Router Reverse analysis------binwalk Tools For detailed instructions _ routers

This blog address: Introduction to the basic usage of binwalk tools 1. Get Help information $ binwalk-h # or $ binwalk--help 2. Firmware Analysis Scan $ binwalk firmware.bin # or $ bin

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