Unix's Find command

When running a very resource-intensive f i n d command, many people tend to put it in the background because it can take a long time to traverse a large file system (this refers to a file system with more than 3 0 g bytes).The general form of the F i

NS2 NAM medium node and data stream color settings

NS2 node color settings in the http://hi.baidu.com/jrwen0/item/d105c642f4c3ce36fb89601b description of the comparison detailed, you can see. I want to say here is the data flow color settings, I believe you have tried many times, no effect. Wired I s

Some questions about the "Apache-tomcat-5.5.15/conf/catalina/localhost Configuration virtual directory". (There's more than one way to configure a Web project, a virtual directory is one) __web

When I was working on a Web project recently, it was always the same as the tomcat5.5 directory /conf/catalina/localhost the configuration file about the project in this deal. What is he specifically about? To get information from the Internet,

RABBITMQ Channel parameter detailed

1. Channel 1.1 channel.exchangedeclare (): Type: There are direct, fanout, topic three Durable:true, false true: Server restart will remain exchange. Warning: This option is set only and does not persist on behalf of messages. That is, there is no

SVN use tutorial (verbose)

SVN use tutorial Since 2011-7-10, SAE will fully support SVN code deployment, and users can deploy code not only from any SVN client, but also to the SVN repository of the application, even if they do not use SVN client deployment code, and the code

LIVE555 Overview

The source code for the Livemedia Project (http://www.live555.com/) consists of four basic libraries, a variety of test codes, and media Server. The four basic libraries are: Usageenvironment&taskscheduler, Groupsock, Livemedia and Basicusageenvi

How to build an executable jar package file

It programmer development Essentials-all kinds of resources download list, history of the most IT resources, personal collection summary. I have seen other programs written in Java can run like EXE files, it is envy. Now take a time to study how to

Analysis of why Nam file is not displayed in NS2

Today, I wrote a piece of code--defined a new transport protocol and a common contract application, the results run to the end, always show that Nam, is very distressed. However, after viewing the Nam file has been found, and Nam Out.nam, to be able

The difference and application of dtd,xsd in XML

XML is not unfamiliar to us, it has a wide range of uses in enterprise-class applications. Specifically, no longer said, the following describes the difference between dtd,xsd and XSD as an example to see the definition and use of spring. 1.DTD (do

What are the differences and connections between OAuth and SSO, rest?

When it comes to oauth, many people naturally think of SSO and others think of rest. In fact, OAuth does not have a deep relationship with SSO and rest, and they have different scenarios for each. Next, let's look at the difference between them and w

tex-line break and paragraph commands

line break with paragraph command 1Utf8nsung AbstractDocuments tend to require the same length for each line when they are typeset, and L A T E X will insert the necessary line breaks and empty duties in order to optimize the entire block. If necessa

URL short address compression algorithm-short URL mapping __ algorithm

Microblog short Address principle parsing (Java implementation) one way to do this is to invoke a third-party interface that provides a short-address service to generate. Generally they provide interfaces or call packages. Such as: How to call Baidu

Hibernate one-to-many bidirectional association

There are multiple commodities under one commodity category, and multiple items correspond to the same commodity category, which is a one-to-many bidirectional association. Product Category: Package Com.pojo; /** * Product entity. * * @author myecli

A distributed cache consistency hash algorithm __ algorithm

Basic Scenario For example, if you have n cache server (hereafter referred to as cache), then how to map an object to n cache, you are likely to use a common method like the following to calculate the hash value of object, and then map evenly to the

Truffle webpack can be accessed by localhost, and the IP address cannot be accessed by the workaround __web

Recently learning Ethereum, with truffle webpack encounter a problem, is to start the service can use localhost:8080 access, but can not use ip:8080 access. In this way, the other computer will not be able to access its own applications. Native ip:21

Hive gets today, yesterday, tomorrow's date

topic: Resolving Hive's question of getting today, yesterday, tomorrow's date Note: Due to the hive built-in function, there is no date function available to get yesterday and tomorrow, so you need to write a custom function to implement 1. Get toda

An explanation of FTP commands

The command line format for FTP is: ftp-v-d-i-N-G [hostname], where -V does not display all the response information for the remote server; -N Limit FTP automatic login, that is, do not use;. N etrc File -D using debug mode -G cancels the global file

Implementation of a simple distributed lock based on zookeeper

Zookeeper is a distributed, open-source distributed Application coordination Service. Based on zookeeper, we can implement a simple distributed mutex, which includes reentrant and non-reentrant. The code is as follows: Import java.io.IOException; Im

WebService WSDL file tags explained __web

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF8"?> <wsdl:definitions targetnamespace= "http://www.57market.com.cn/ HelloService "xmlns:soapenc12=" http://www.w3.org/2003/05/soapencoding "xmlns:tns=" http://www.57market.com.cn/ HelloService "xmlns:wsdl=

struts+hibernate+spring version control SVN URL address

It programmer development Essentials-all kinds of resources download list, history of the most IT resources, personal collection summary. are using Subversion version control, can be viewed directly from the browser via the URL, you can also use

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