POJ 3544 Journey with Pigs: greed and sort inequalities

Journey with Pigs http://poj.org/problem?id=3544 Time limit:1000ms Memory limit:65536k Description Farmer John has a pig farm near town a. He wants to visit his friend living in town B. During Th

Algorithm series (vi) three methods for the longest common subsequence (LCS) problem (continuous subsequence)

The longest common subsequence (LCS) problem has two ways of defining a subsequence, one is that the subsequence does not require discontinuity, and one is that the subsequence must be sequential. In

Use local variables wisely when calling anonymous functions asynchronously

Problem: Bugs caused by using local variables outside of anonymous functions in multiple threads Executing code static void Main(string[] args) {     for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)     {         Th

"Programming WPF" translation 9th Chapter 3. Custom Features

Once you have selected a base class, you will be designing an API for your control. Most WPF elements provide properties that expose most features, events, and commands as they gain extensive support

Emit Learning Series

Emit Learning-FAQ-the difference between a value type and a reference type when used Emit learning-the difference between-call and callvirt in a question-answering article Emit Learning-advanced-Exc

Emit Learning-FAQ-the difference between a value type and a reference type when used

This afternoon, excitedly write a section of IL code, with reflector into C # code looked, no problem, then reference persisted to the hard disk dynamic assembly, want to try one of the methods, but r

Emit learning-the difference between-call and callvirt in a question-answering article

Earlier in the emit learning process, many times encountered the call to the method, found that sometimes use calls and sometimes the use of callvirt, has been not very understanding of the difference

Emit Learning-advanced-Exception handling

Exception handling is also a more important part of the program, today we will write the exception handling code with IL to explain, first of all, as usual, to implement the C # code of the class, as

Emit learning-Step by step-defining events

Before studying how to add an event to a dynamic class with emit, originally thought would be very simple, but encountered a lot of problems, some of the questions in the previous answer article has b

Emit learning-fundamentals-adding properties, constructors, methods to dynamic classes

We demonstrate how to add attributes to a dynamic class by using a dynamic class that computes a+b, constructors, methods, and the use of properties defined in a class in a method, by convention, we f

Emit Learning-Basic articles-helloworld

In accordance with the industry's practice, we use one of the simplest examples-"Hello world"-to begin our emit journey. The relevant code and comments for the example are as follows: using System;

Emit Learning-fundamentals-Introduction to Basic concepts

The previous Hello World example should have let us have a vague understanding of emit, then what is emit in the end what kind of thing, he can achieve what function? Yesterday to check some informati

Create your own browser extensions: Extend your tentacles to Chrome

Before you start For this article, you will need to download and install Google Chrome V19 or later (this example is based on V19). You also need some tools that you can use to edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It would be helpful if you had the exper


Q: Why use DOS? A: DOS is a powerful and practical operating system with a large number of applications that can perform a variety of functions. DOS is very fast and efficient use, but also do many other operating systems do not do or do bad things,

DOS MD and RD command usage instructions

I wonder if you have any idea where all these directories on the disk come from? In fact, these directories are created by ourselves, we created these directories to classify the organization files, if we have a new category of files, we need to crea

EIGRP MD5 Verification

Attention: 1, in the CCNP Learning Guide P91 Page said key-string the first character can not be a number, but the experimental results can be used as a pure digital password! 2, the name behind the key chain only valid locally, the routers can not

WPS 2007 Table Quick Fill data tips

When you populate the WPS 2007 table with data, you often experience data that needs to be filled in repeatedly. Sometimes it's filled in contiguous cells, sometimes in noncontiguous cells, and contiguous cells are fine, just select the cell with the

Application of XML to custom controls under. NET Platform (1)

XML full name Extensible Markup Language (extensible marked language), which has been popular all over the world in recent years due to its unique advantages in data processing, cross-platform and so on. The XML language system handles any data as "k

. NET4.0 new Features: Tasks (Task)

Used. NET thread pool programmers know that by invoking the QueueUserWorkItem method of the ThreadPool class, the code to be executed is put into the thread pool to execute. Because of the power of the. NET FCL, this operation is extremely easy to ma

Designing a database application using Ado.net

Understanding ADO and Ado.net ActiveX data Object (ADO) is a model of Microsoft's database access, which makes it easy to manipulate databases based on this model. At the same time ADO by Microsoft so development tools support, so whether it is VB,

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