Invalid character found in method name. HTTP method names must is Tokens__tomcat

Info: At least one JAR is scanned for TLDs yet contained no TLDs. Enable Debug logging for this logger for a complete list of JARs that were scanned but no TLDs were found in them. Skipping unneeded JARs during scanning can improve startup time and J

[BZOJ1845] [Cqoi2005] Triangular area and (compute geometry + scan line) __

Topic Description Transmission Door The question is: give n triangles, and ask for their size. Solving Find the intersection point of all the lines and then do the scan lines according to the horizontal axis of these intersectionsTwo adjacent scan

[BZOJ4445] [Scoi2015] small convex want to run (half plane turn) __

Topic Description Transmission Door The main idea: a convex n-shaped, n vertices are numbered counterclockwise from the 0~n-l. Now a small convex random selection of a position in the polygon, marked as P point. The P-point and N-vertices are connec

Socket off close () and shutdown () Difference __ Network programming

For a TCP connection, there are generally 2 ways to turn it off in the C language: Close (SOCK_FD); or shutdown (sock_fd, ...); In most cases the effect of these 2 methods is no different and can be used interchangeably. Except: Close () is an opera

Several situations where a function returns a local variable __c

Reprint In this paper, we discuss several cases of returning local variables in detail, which is worthy of our attention. To be precise, a function cannot return pointers to stack memory (note tha

Bug:error:too few arguments to function ' fopen ' The bug we chased together in those years

 #define FILE_PATH "Cpu_usepercentage_file.txt"; void Open_file () {Cpu_usepercentage_file = fopen (File_path, "AB");if (Cpu_usepercentage_file = = NULL) {printf ("Open cpu_usepercentage_file error.\n");Exit (0);}} Error: Cpuusepercentage.c

[BZOJ1038] [ZJOI2008] The observation tower (half plane intersection) __

Topic Description Transfer Door solving First, the bottom line is made with a half plane, and then a convex shell is formed.Then the answer must be at the turning point at the bottom or at the point on the convex shell.Because... The extremum of pi

The meanings and differences of local, global and static variables __c

(1) local variable          a variable defined within a function is an internal variable that is valid only in the scope of this function, that is, only within this function. These variables cannot be used outside

[BZOJ3550] [ONTAK2010] Vacation (simplex) __

Topic Description Transfer Door solving Simplex nude questionOne thing to keep in mind is to limit the number of choices per number <=1 code #include <algorithm> #include <iostream> #include <cstring> #include <cstdio> #i

CodeIgniter Framework Source Notes (--session) files file driver Implementation __ Framework

The file driver for CI is to meet the following three conditions:1, drive to implement open, read, write, close, Destory, GC six methods. Session_Start (), The Open (), read () method is invoked. And there is a certain probability of triggering the G

PBRT reading: Fourth chapter of the volume and the intersection of Accelerated Section 4.4 __construction

4.4 kd-Tree Accelerator The two-dimensional partition (Binary space partitioning, BSP) tree adaptively divides the space into regions of varying sizes. Compared with homogeneous grids, BSP is a more efficient data structure for scenes with uneven ge

MyBatis Learning 16 Custom Type Processor Typehandlers Introduction __mybatis

This article blog address: (reprint please indicate the source)When we write the configuration file of the Mapper mapper, we inadvertently have used the type conversion, but MyBatis help us to com

Solution to ' has value ' 1.8 ', but ' 1.6 ' is required ' method

When you install more than one version of Java, there may be a mess of errors, this time it is best to see if your Java installation is correct. Run java–version normal output version number, indicating normal, otherwise there is a problem, I have th

Spring boot easy to get started __string

Work needs to build a spring boot, through Baidu to see the micro-framework of some information, the local simple to build a 1.eclips new MAVEN project, not necessarily web engineering, new and then set up the corresponding code controller, service,

Spring uses JUnit's MOCKMVC write test Cases __ Test

Afraid to forget later, casually write 1. Spring configuration file The class that is declared as a bean declares that the project is to be run before the test, so the spring's configuration file problem is not much said, and the following database c command cannot stop Hadoop cluster __hadoop

The mahout algorithm has been studied recently, and the Hadoop cluster has not changed much; today suddenly wanted to stop the Hadoop cluster, but found that it couldn't stop. The./bin/ command always prompts for no stop job, task, Namenod

Ubunntu 12.04 installs Qt 4.5.3 (build for QT 4.5.3 development environment) __ubuntu12.04

windows: Refer to the following documentation ex-continued The following is the establishment of QT development platform, my platform is Ubuntu 12.04, the need for the QT version of two (started onl

JDK ArrayList source code interpretation __arraylist

After reading the copyonwritearraylist in 2017/02/16, I made a comment on some of the code in ArrayList. Found some details that were not noticed for the first time. I hope you will see some gains. ————— Looking at source code is a necessary skill fo

Matrix decomposition QR, householder transform __ matrix decomposition

Using MATLAB, the implementation process of QR was written based on householder change 1, Householder change algorithm function [H, V, beta] = Householder (x) % x:inout param. x is a vector which the size is n*1 % v and beta:is PA Ram which construct

Spring Boot uses Shiro for login authorization authentication

Tags: maven allow XML div require compare www cascade aging1. Shiro is an open source project under Apache, which we call Apache Shiro. It is a very easy-to-use security framework for Java-key purposes, providing authentication, authorization,

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