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In the domain name resolution process, some users like me, always feel that the takeover status from X to √ wait too long.

For example, in the Cloudxns, see the following Red Cross question the Lord always has a thing to do not do always wait to see it turn green impulse.

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In fact, calm down, the emergence of Red fork may not be the domain name parser on the one hand, and even sometimes my own mistakes.

I added a lot of domain names in the Cloudxns, in the beginning did not quite understand the time encountered several pits, is now shared to everyone, I hope to help you.

One, the domain itself hosting error 1, NS Records not modified

An NS server, or domain name server, used to specify which DNS server the domain name is to parse. Only the NS of the corresponding domain name is changed to the dedicated NS server provided by CLOUDXNS in order to complete the CLOUDXNS domain name takeover.

The method to modify the NS server is indicated above in the CLOUDXNS domain background interface:

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Sometimes the domain name of the operation more points, in fact, did not change the NS but they thought changed. Suggest that there may be confusion when multiple warn't going to look again.

2, Domain name filling error

When we are unfamiliar with intelligent parsing, the first attempt tends to add the domain name to www. In fact, if you want the entire domain name to Cloudxns to parse the words is certainly not in the time to add a domain name with www Oh!

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There is, do not hand slip, fill the wrong one or two letters and so on for a long time have not found. For example, the title of the main once a similar to the Lightworld in the T in the wrong to E, still in that silly and so on.

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3, NS server rating no attention

Later, the main self-thought play turn intelligent domain resolution, each time an application to a good meter to the NS modified to Lv3ns1~lv3ns4.ffdns.net, and then hit the Deep pit! Grabbed a edu.gr good rice, changed the NS for a lot of days, and then ran to XNS customer service angry. (This indicates that the 4th technical support point of great, very patient to solve the problem)

Not much to say, originally,cloudxns NS server is classified by Lv3, Lv4 and lv5 , different levels of domain names will correspond to different NS servers. For example:

=>1. First-level domain name Cswligheworld.win corresponds to LV3-level NS server

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=>2. Level two domain name Www.cswlightworld.win ns server corresponding to LV4 level

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=>3. Level three domain name www.cswlight1994.icoc.cc ns server corresponding to LV5 level

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4. Note that NS changes are correct

Some of the foreign domain name registrars, some users will fill the wrong place, this should pay attention to OH; secretly add, alpnames pretty pit, Just launched. Science at that moment, simply did not find the place to modify the NS, and later added to the NS record, Cloudxns this side of the mail to me to say the change in the state of the tube.

Squatting in the foreign domain name, but English and bad children's shoes, tell everyone a trick, in the domain name registrar over there to manage the panel press ctrl+f Search "NameServer" can find the place to modify NS! The main problem

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Second, the domain hosting process is slow 1, check whether CDN is used

If CDN-accelerated domain names are used, the problem of slow state changes can also occur due to the fact that each local DNS node cache has a different expiration time because of the more CDN nodes.

2, the Domain name registrar or the registry changes after NS changes too slow

Sometimes the domain name registrar aspect also will appear the bug, the delay does not change NS. The master has registered a. Host domain name of the Western Digital, after a full day through the tool to view the NS or not modified over. Later dig +trace , through the query, found that the block of the host Registration Board was dead.

Secretly told you that. XYZ's domain name takeover changes are extremely slow , and if you buy. xyz, the domain name relocation requires great patience and so on.

There is a time to help friends to see a problem, the United States Orange Internet registration, the United States orange there is no change over, refresh refreshed on the United States Orange official brush hung, and later prompted "maintenance ... "Laugh at me ...

3, the default TTL of the original NS is too long

The general domain name NS is not a frequently modified place, so most registrars default TTL is very long, many are the default value of 86400, and some children's shoes may not be a registered domain name to move to Cloudxns use, but from other domain name resolver transfer, The original domain host also sets the default TTL to very long. So the domain transfer to Cloudxns after a long time to really take effect, this really no way.

But Cloudxns is very conscientious, the default TTL is only 3,600 seconds, and it only takes 1 hours to turn around. (voice-over: So good and conscience of the parser, will not be transferred away!) )

4. Local DNS hijacking TTL

This is the most helpless point, but also the national operators of the common problem. If I can't curse, I don't want to say anything.

In fact, modify the domain name takeover is also a meticulous work, generally do not need to worry too much, as long as not appear in the first chapter above some of the low-level errors, the evening after the NS to sleep on a nap can be all right. The industry time limit is 2-48 hours , more than 48 hours is not good then you play and customer service game. But usually a few minutes is good ~

But how do you know the NS changes and parsing conditions around the country in the first time after you modify NS?

Third, the domain hosting detection 1, CLOUDXNS Operations Toolbox: http://tools.cloudxns.net/

You can determine whether your domain name is managed successfully across the country by querying the NS records for the partitioned domain name resolution.

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= = Enter the domain name, type select "NS Record", click the partition domain name resolution query

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= Show after submitting the query content

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You can detect the success of the analysis configuration based on the display results.

2. Dig +trace command

Linux systems generally have the installation dig command, execute dig +trace domain name · To detect domain hosting,:

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Iv. Promotion of Cloudxns domain name takeover display

Domain name takeover status can be directly on the CLOUDXNS homepage to see the relevant results. There are two ways to refresh the domain name Status pro-Test effective ~

1. Refresh the page after returning to the Domain Name list page

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2. Log back in after exiting your account

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Perform the above operation and you will normally see the domain name takeover in 2 minutes. The pro-test is effective, because the official did not say, do not know whether this is the correct posture to refresh the takeover, but it is really not an illusion.

[Cloudxns experience sharing] Modify NS, domain name takeover status x not in a hurry

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